How to spot Weasel Language in mail-in voting ballot requests, and stop it by voting in person at the election site!

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GLOBALISM, the TPP, George Soros's "Open Society Foundation," The Massive Ground & Internet Campain drive to get as many "New" Naive Voters to come on board to usher in Globalism- NOTING BUT A WORLDWIDE COMMUNISTIC/SOCIALISTIC ONE WORLD ORDER. Diversity is no more as this "New World Order" like Mao's China and Soviet Russia, there is only one race, NO religions and the Dictator as well as the communist/socialist Government - IS GOD. None but those who are apprised on the novel 1984 and Animal Farm by George Orwell, intelligent enough to know the lie of the left - THAT IT ISN'T ABOUT THE EVILS OF CAPITALISM OR TRUMP'S FREE AMERICA - That is exactly what Orwell was warning us about. Ballot stuffing is the old-fashioned way to go about it. No one thought the Globalists, like Soros, would have found this way of taking over the world, - SO SIMPLE! We know it happened under Soros's well-funded organizations in 2008 bu SEIU (now renamed). Now he is at it again over the net - a place we will never know if these are citizens, real people or real people voting many times and the "Get Out The Vote" to felons. Are these felons voting themselves or, are Soros's minions filling out fake ballots for them.

A world where there is NO voting, NO free and fair elections and a dictatorship in the fashion of a high tech Russia or China as it marches forward to a 1984 Orwell never dreamed. America has it's NSA, yet naively, we still believe we are free.

What are we to do about it? Can we stop it? It will take a MASSIVE effort of Freedom, America- Loving Patriots to STOP THIS as it is underway. The Democrats have taken the House and they are poised with lies and theft to take SO much more.

If Freedom is to survive, if Free Speech and our Rights are Humans are to survive - we MUST take effective action now!

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Wicked Felina Twitter: https://twitter.com/FelinaOfficial

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