Things are getting medieval out there again on a perfectly natural thing according to Mike but Paxton doesn't see the anti-porn thing as so bad for society...What they do agree on is that people should mind their own gardens and stop asking various forms of "Mommy" & "Daddy" to fix it for them.

Segway about Gab.com targeting Libertarians on Twitter and how we think we'll be responding to it. It's a sad day for them and a good day for Minds.com if you ask us.

(Mike is sorry about losing one of his lines, he's not sure where the darned thing went!)

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Recently, Facebook and Instagram designated Info Wars, Alex Jones, Paul Joseph Watson, and others as being "Dangerous" individuals and organizations, and they announced that they will no longer allow Facebook users to share links to Info Wars videos, articles, and radio segments. Apologist Justin Derby responds.

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