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My assessment of disproportionate Black crime:

Due to lower IQ and higher testosterone,
Blacks are more vulnerable to the family destruction started by LBJ, and continued today by the Left.

No disrespect intended to Black people, who are fellow human beings.
They are no more responsible for their 85 average IQ, than any person is for their IQ, height, or a hair color.

Government dependency, victimhood, and non-accountability for poor life choices, equates to more Democratic Party votes.
So, the Left continues to enable and promote bastardy.

Prior to LBJ, Black unwed parenthood was lower, and so was Black crime.

2 years, 4 months ago

There is no causal connection between poverty and homicide.

If not poverty, what is the cause of disproportionate murder?
Disproportionate unwed parenthood.

Blacks and Hispanics are victims of government destruction of their families via generational Welfare, unwed parenthood apologists, and Affirmative Action/lower standards.

The government is not a substitute for a marriage partner.
Over 50 National Crime Victim Surveys/NCVS conducted over decades, prove that police arrest criminals.

The NCVS, administered by the Bureau of Justice Statistics, is a national survey of approximately 50,000 randomly selected households at least once per year in the United States, on the frequency of crime victimization, as well as characteristics and consequences of victimization.

Arrest statistics submitted by police departments from across the United States, match perfectly with replies to survey questions, such as:

Were you the victim of a crime?
What crime?
What is your race/ethnicity?
What was the race/ethnicity of the perpetrator?

"Systematic racism", debunked.

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The full YouTube video is live on ElVaquero555, as of June 2019.

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