(world orders review) feat. Jane Stanley, BBC 9-11 - WTC7 Collapse

(a GL1TCH in the MATRIX)


'and now, on the latest building collapse in New York city. We are talking about the Salomon Brothers Building 'COLLAPSING". And INDEED IT HAS! It was not the result of a new attack. It was because the building had been weakened... em... during this mornings attacks. We'll probably find out more about that now, from our 'correspondent', Jane Stanley....

So Jane, what can you tell us about the Salomon Brothers Building... which has collapsed!

'...they don't know which way to turn, and i think that is going to be the thing... there is going to be a lot of very very traumatized people and this has hit them so really really hard.'

Well Jane, 'we were flabbergasted by it, an an, just couldn't comprehend it, i mean, 'IT ALMOST SOUNDED TOO FAR FETCHED'!!!

awe awe well, it seems we have lost the line, to Jane Stanley, in in Manhattan....'


(Babylon Brainwashing Cabal)


9 months ago