Full Interview Here:

David Straight Day 1 PM (PART 2)

Unholy Grail: Adrenochrome, the “White Rabbit” Elixir Pursued by Blackhearted Elites:

The Hillary Child-Sex Tape Is Worse Than You Can Imagine

GRAPHIC WARNING: Victim Says He Was Raped as a Young Boy on a Yacht by Bill Clinton; Tonight He Tells His Story:



Sex Trafficking - Child Trafficking - Satanic Ritual Abuse


"Scotch" Freemasonry History and RITUALS!

Proofs of a Conspiracy (1798)

LARGEST FRAUD/RICO in American History!

Worse than Gitmo!

Mrs. Judge Sheriff "Butch" Conway:

Eudite Erucations, "Sheriff Butch is a Sonofabitch":

"Did M & T Bank actually have any interest at all in Howard Graber’s house? Did they or their agent or assignee or successor-in-interest actually hold Graber’s promissory note and/or have the right to enforce that promissory note? That’s a perfectly legitimate question, and one that should damn well be answered before Graber is thrown under the jail for 170 years."

SWAT standoff: Eviction results in 4-hour incident
with Homeowner and WIFE ASSAULTED:


1 month, 2 weeks ago

Iranian airliner landing in Beirut

Fars Air Qeshm, Boeing 747-281F SCD EP-FAB as flight QFZ9962 has landed to Beirut Int'l Airport from Tehran at 10:52 a.m.


7 months, 3 weeks ago

I wonder who would do something like this? Not a accident, not by chance. Planned to harm humanity as always.

What I do when not outing pedophiles and the Elite for their crimes:
I fight criminal courts, bankers and lawyers, stop foreclosures, property theft of all kinds, fight credit bureaus, collectors, improve credit, void and remove judgments and none of this is easy You cannot file a piece of paper in these false courts for profit and expect to win. You must learn they don't follow their own rules, they cheat. I'm not saying you have to cheat back, You have to bring their criminal activity into light and you have to take away their incentive to cheat, there is a way to do this.
When you go into one of our FOR PROFIT criminal court CORPORATIONS here in the United States at the state level for sure they are a PRIVATE corporation. This information is available at Dun and Bradstreet, every court has a Dun and Bradstreet number. Why? Because they are operating for a profit IN COMMERCE. They also have OFFSHORE RETIREMENT ACCOUNTS called the court registry investment system or (CRIS) for short. That's where the court launders money to for their slush funds. Yes they do launder money that's a minor crime for a state court. This means that the attorney, the judge and the staff HAVE A FINANCIAL INCENTIVE TO HARM YOU OR JAIL YOU FOR A PROFIT.
They do this to steal your "money" but It's not money like we think of, IT IS CREDIT. Everything is done in the form of credit you cannot pay for something because there is no such thing as money, Federal Reserve notes are not money At least that is what the courts (SUPREME COURT INCLUDED), Federal Reserve and the United States Treasury plainly have stated. Yes I know we've all been lied to for a long time but it's in black and white if you care to look it up.
So when they ask you in court "do you UNDERSTAND the charges", you cannot possibly understand the charges because you haven't seen them yet. They are asking if you are you willing to pay the bill. If you say YES, you just agreed to a contract you did not know existed. Pay the bill. If you argue, you are crazy because now you want to argue about the bill you just said you would pay. Never agree that you UNDERSTAND.
They are probating your estate They have set up a CONSTRUCTIVE TRUST illegally and APPOINTED YOU AS TRUSTEE and are holding you responsible for a bill you have yet to see. This is how they launder money in the form of credit. It is as criminal as it gets but that is our system. It is hard to comprehend what they're actually doing and the depth of their criminal activity and dishonesty.
This is how they take your children, this is how they put people in jail, repossess homes, steal rights, property anything and everything you can imagine, including your freedom. The key is how do you stop them from doing this or make them not want to do it again that's the journey I'm on, making them stop.
Think they are immune? No cop, judge lawyer or clerk is immune once they violate their oath, the law or the constitution. Do you know how to make them accountable?
I spent several years working with CPA firms, I am a former mortgage lender have finance and accounting experience. I spent ten years in a the credit repair business and more. I've been studying law, commerce, banking and taxes for 28 years.
If you're fighting a judgment in court, have a bad credit report, they're trying to foreclose on you and take your home or car, send me an email I'd like to help you I'm very reasonable. I'm not a law firm I'm not a lawyer but I'll help you fight the system because you can't win in against them alone. If you don't know the game they are playing then you have no chance. I do and file things attorneys won't, I say things they won't say, I ask questions attorneys won't ask and most of all I ask questions that nobody wants to answer about their criminal behavior.
If you would like a free consultation send me an email with a phone number to call you at and I will call you as soon as possible.
Email: [email protected].
The Copyright Laws of the United States recognizes a “fair use” of copyrighted content. Section 107 of the U.S. Copyright Act states:

10 months ago

Exactly what it says

1 year ago

Welcome to Rebellious Voz, enter at your own risk. Unless you dare to think and question...

God bless the victims of the blast in Beirut and those affected that were left with nothing. May they have the strength to get through this and the support from their community, family, and friends.
A very strange predicament shook Beirut and it was heard and seen around the world. We all watched in horror. A country already in hardship further in ruin. A total financial hit and one to the food supply as well. However, when the dust settled more testing, a spike in cases, and lock-downs. What's going on?

Song: Uncertain by Unheard Music Concepts (https://www.freemusicarchive.org/music/Unheard_Music_Concepts)

Umbrella Cockatoo in photo - His name is Dundy :) and he gladly participated.

Thank you,


1 year ago

Deep dive discussion. Articles -
Who Nuked Beirut?
4) Esper appears to backtrack on Beirut explosion cause after White House pushback https://www.cnn.com/2020/08/09/politics/mark-esper-beirut-lebanon-explosion-explanation/index.html

5) NETANYAHU ANNOUNCED TO THE WORLD IN 2018 THAT ISRAEL WAS GOING TO MISSILE ATTACK A SUPPOSED HEZBOLLAH ARMS STORE NEXT TO BEIRUT PORT. THIS WEEK, THEY TURNED IT INTO BEIRUTSHIMA. EERILY SIMILAR TO THE 2015 DESTRUCTION OF TIANJIN PORT https://chinarising.puntopress.com/2020/08/12/expose-netanyahu-announced-to-the-world-in-2018-that-israel-was-going-to-missile-attack-a-supposed-hezbollah-arms-store-next-to-beirut-port-this-week-they-turned-it-into-beirutshima-eerily-simila/

China Syndrome
6) China and Russia ditch dollar https://asia.nikkei.com/Politics/International-relations/China-and-Russia-ditch-dollar-in-move-toward-financial-alliance

7) The Panopticon Is Already Here (just in China?!) https://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2020/09/china-ai-surveillance/614197/

911 links
2) 9/11 Film Festival Will be Virtual this Year https://noliesradio.org/truth

3) Geoff Campbell’s Family Seeks to Reopen 9/11 Controlled Demolition Murder Case https://www.ae911truth.org/news/699-british-9-11-family-to-seek-new-inquest-into-son-s-murder-with-your-help

This week's hosts - Kevin Barrett and Cathleen McGuire

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1 year, 1 month ago

They're telling us that this was an accidental explosion 🤔

1 year, 1 month ago

President Donald Trump was rushed out of a press conference and "Peaceful Protesters" destroyed a video game lounge.

1 year, 1 month ago

All desiring to be responsible, that is self-responsibility, and who seek freedom.
The vast majority doesn’t want to hear this; they ‘pass the buck’-give over their Power-of-Attorney by signing up REPRESENTATIVES. And there are some especially who don’t want others to hear.

This lawful NOTICE is especially to the top elite, ThePowersThatBe or soon to be ‘Were.’
Reason for NOTICE: No one has yet presented such, as far as I am aware. Perhaps, it has happened. If so, it doesn’t hurt to hear it again in plainer street-talk. “A tree falls in the forest.” It is not heard unless it is made known by someone reporting or making a record.

ANNOUNCEMENT: The Jig is up… at last ..because it is said in the following ..as simple as it may be stated.
A Foul has been called on the signature to Lucifer’s REPRESENTATIVE contract.

Perhaps only a few of the elite can change the course the World is on, at this late point in Time. For they, should be able to understand better than most what follows.
For the rest, have only our lives and those beneath to choose what we see in life or quest.

Life can either be A Garden or it can be a Hell-hole. It is our choice. And, it is overwhelmingly a choice made on a group or political basis. The purpose of life: is to figure out what in the hell is going on and to never come back to Earth, to try it again, at least not while it is no longer A Garden. This is the greatest game in the Universe. For the Many, it is a prison-planet.

The specific location of Atlantis has never been found; because it occupied the entire One World Earth. The Antediluvian Civilization was an earlier Solar cycle which did not learn its lessons in Time.

In the 1991 movie: ‘City Slickers’ basically The Big question is asked: What is the secret of life? One thing is that secret. “Life is just one thing.” That answer: To find out what that #1 thing is. For each of us, the #1 is different, and we must answer that ourselves.

The few who figure out the better understanding of what the ‘one thing’ is going on regarding life, have an advantage over all others. There are 3 basic types of people: Builders, maintainers, and destroyers. What happens before each civilization Falls, is that the best destroyers figure out how to get ‘the builders’ to work for them through enslavement. This secret is maintained by stating it openly once and then side-tracking all issues via lies---twists/scams/swindles.

Those who practice the old ways always welcome strangers-aliens in for a meal. That way they have a leg up on the new.
As civilization degenerates this is changed/lowered into getting a population in debt so they are up to their legs, nose, and at last foreheads in owing everything to their then elite controllers-owners. The top of the pecking order elite, own with claims on all property “of” the World. ..Humans are property at this point.
This process devolves to the point that the elite have built a System, an Empire, or corporation which operates automatically (or A.I.) and cannot be turned off, as no one can dictate control over it: The BEAST/Satan/this prison-planet.

Lucifer, Noah, Moses, Enlil, and their followers each went against The Boss, by offering or taking on more than they could handle. Do not judge nor condemn them, as this is to walk the Tree of Good and Evil.
Historically, that is what happened when there came The [cyclic] Fall, from The Garden, and hu-mans were imprisoned here on Time Station Earth, after The Flood. To accept this is to walk-return again to The Tree of Life.

Perhaps, this is more than I or any of us can chew-on or ‘can handle.’ My “one thing in life” has been to get to the truth. Having tasted that, perhaps I should have kept it secret, as some have told me, and maintained the cover-up like the numerous have done. If a series of buttons are pressed for the big bomb---bigger than nuclear Beirut---will that be due to “dumb mistakes by professionals” at this degenerating Time? Or is this a button I am sounding that stops that process and causes an elite to turn over the hieroglyphically depicted strategically Hand Held Man-bag [handbag/purse https://www.ancient-origins.net/artifacts-other-artifacts/what-mysterious-handbag-seen-ancient-carvings-across-cultures-and-021191 ]/the Tablet of Destinies---because their Cycle has ended. I thus state: “You won, but for a prior call of foul?” Or, should anyone ever dare call foul on a side-track judgmental Tree of Good AND Evil? (the “good” vs. evil war [inciting brother against brother] is due to claims---pandemic-plandemic-scamdemic or otherwise)? Besides, do you not recall? The Tablet cannot be won; it has to be ..willingly… realized and surrendered due to the dimensionality of Time!
Anna Von Reitz, Paul Stramer and people have recorded their re-establishment of a Constitutional land-base...

1 year, 2 months ago

Roger Stone & Alex Jones

Well known Lebanese journalist Mr Sarkis Abou Zeid is keen to expose the issue of Israel and high technology domination in the Middle East. He is highly connected, completely unafraid, and admits this is a highly important issue. This is an excellent development. I discuss the development with Sufyan.

He appears in few English language searches.

*FACEBOOK: Sarkis Abou Zeid, Journalist Lebanon*

*FRANCE 24 ARABIC - Lebanese political analyst Sarkis Abu Zaid: "What happened in Lebanon is a disaster as a result of this corrupt political class."*

*Abu Zeid: Turkey To Continue To Support Islamic Radical Groups Against SDF*


*Intel CEO: We think of ourselves as an Israeli company as much as a US company*

*Intel launches new processors that bring AI to the PC, sired by Haifa team*

*FBI source in Russia probe called Israelis ‘f***ing spies’ who should be killed*

*10 great reasons why Microsoft loves Israeli ingenuity*
Microsoft Israel has long been credited for contributing significantly to the development of major parts of the Windows software as well as its IT security and telecommunications technologies.
Development of the Microsoft Security Essentials anti-virus suite began in December 2008 at the R&D center in Herzliya.
Numerous reports suggest that the multinational company is transforming its Israeli R&D centers into the nucleus for global development of cyber-tech for Windows and Microsoft cloud services.

*What The World's Top 10 Tech Firms Have In Common*
The world's top ten tech companies --Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, Google, Facebook, Alibaba, Intel, Oracle, Samsung and Baidu--increasingly have something in common: they're doing mission-critical work in Israel that's core to their businesses back at HQ.
Earlier this year, Microsoft hired a 34-year-old cyber-security prodigy --a hacker essentially--as its new head of R&D in Israel. The young man, a veteran of the country’s elite Unit 8200 (Israel’s version of the NSA), will be responsible for future-proofing Microsoft’s defense of its crown jewels in the cloud. Microsoft is a cloud-first company now, everything is there: Azure, Cortana, Office, even Minecraft. In other words, Microsoft’s cloud has to be an absolutely critical part of the company’s core business going forward, and the Redmond-based company is entrusting its security to a 34-year-old Israeli.
To be sure, Israel is a complicated place, but it is also undoubtedly becoming the world’s innovation accelerator, a global beta site and test hub for new ideas in everything from life sciences to autonomous vehicles.

*From Jerusalem shall come forth cyber-security, says cyber guru*

*As hackers gain strength, Israeli cyber firms raise more money than ever*

*HP using Israeli cybersecurity technology on its new computers*

*Israel's former Soviet immigrants transform adopted country*

*Why Russia Needs Israel*

*Why Russia should take over Israel's defense from America*

*Israel and Iran both set to join Russia-led free trade zone*
After two rounds of negotiations, Jerusalem close to agreement with Eurasian Economic Union; separately, Tehran also set to sign deal ‘in the near future’

*TSMC weighs new US plant to respond to Trump pressure*
Taiwan chip maker faces scrutiny from Washington over security concerns

1 year, 2 months ago

A man who witnessed the Beirut, Lebanon explosion and filmed the aftermath, claims that TWO PLANES hit the warehouse where ammonium nitrate and fireworks were stored; leading to the possibility that an airstrike was launched from two fighter jets. Although it is unconfirmed where the origin of the planes came from, it is strongly implied to be Mediterranean in origin.

This has also led to widespread protests against the Lebanese government concerning the explosion and the current economic, political, and humanitarian crisis caused by the Covid-19 outbreak, which has further devastated the embattled nation already on the brink of total political and economic collapse.

But questions concerning the explosion continue to be raised by residents in Beirut; unfortunately, there isn't any easy answers.

Stay tuned for updates to this latest story.

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1 year, 2 months ago

You don't have to believe me, just do your own research and form your own opinions - while they're still legal to have.

1 year, 2 months ago

Survival Year Day 1157

Because You Looked

Despite a 99% chance of being wrong, I still predict the future. I thought Beirut would knock Covid off of the headlines, but I don't read (fake)newspapers. I have an idea I'll share. Even if I don't execute it.

Be inspired. Be indestructible.
[email protected]

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Living is the best part of life.

1 year, 2 months ago

Survival Year Day 1156


A day after the bombing in Beirut the typical fare emerges. One side says accident the other says attack. Dramatic pix you must have seen already. The true concerns about growing population isn't about sustainability, or resources... it's about... well what do you think? My thoughts in this episode.

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1 year, 2 months ago

Survival Year Day 1155

Covid-1984... (kaboom!)

Certainly you've heard this virus referred to as Covid-1984 by now, right? You've heard words like "Orwellian" or "dystopian" But have you read Orwell's book? Watch... Segue right into a rant about the economic pyramid. Beirut blew up this morning, but not enough details for me to comment. Someone mentioned it was Obama's birthday.

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Keep watching. And imagine a BETTER normal.


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1 year, 2 months ago

Beirut explosion looks suspiciously similar to a mysterious explosion in Syria 7 months ago.

1 year, 2 months ago

Die Explosion am Hafen der libanesischen Hauptstadt gehört zu den fünf schwersten weltweit der letzten hundert Jahre. Mindestens 171 Personen kamen ums Leben, über 6000 wurden verletzt.

Eine Woche nach der verheerenden Explosion in Beirut haben gestern mehrere tausend Menschen an einem Trauermarsch zum Gedenken an die Opfer teilgenommen. Sie zogen in der libanesischen Hauptstadt schweigend in Richtung Hafen, wie Augenzeugen berichteten. Bei einer Gedenkveranstaltung wurden die Namen der Todesopfer verlesen.

Durch die Explosion wurden mindestens 165 Menschen getötet und 6.000 weitere verletzt. Bis zu 300.000 Menschen verloren ihr Zuhause. Das libanesische Gesundheitsministerium meldete, es würden weiterhin rund 20 Menschen vermisst.

1 year, 2 months ago

You don't have to believe me, just do your own research and form your own opinions - while they're still legal to have.

1 year, 2 months ago

Why so "SIRIUS" ?

1 year, 2 months ago


1 year, 2 months ago

❶ ❼ ❽ ❹ ❶ ❷ ❶
Jay Jordan Sather:
B̲i̲t̲t̲e̲: 🇦​bonnieren✅ • 🇧ewerten👍 • 🇭​onorieren☕ • 🇰ommentieren​💬 • 🇻​erbreiten​➥
US-Autor, Redner und YouTuber
Übersetzung: QlobalChange
Was wäre, wenn Jordan als eine Art Agent Provokateur ein falsches Spiel spielt, indem er uns einerseits vertrauenswürdig informiert, um uns auf der anderen Seite zu desinformieren und hinzuhalten, was Verwirrung stiften und dem Tiefen Staat natürlich zuguten kommen soll. Also vorsichtig sein und selbst recherchieren ;·) NUR SO EIN GEDANKE...
Ich will niemanden verleugnen.
ШΞG mit Eurer Denkbetreuung (TV, Zeitung usw.) und mit Familie, Nachbarn und Freunden auf die Straße!
D̲̲i̲̲e̲̲s̲̲e̲̲n̲̲ Aufklärungs-Link gegen Fake-News je̲̲t̲̲z̲̲t̲̲ weitergeben: [https://bridgeurl.com/aufwachen]
Zuerst ignorieren sie Dich, dann lachen sie über Dich, dann bekämpfen sie Dich, und dann gewinnst Du!
Sicherungskopie in Kürze auf: https://www.brighteon.com/channels/awaker

1 year, 2 months ago

The leaderless protests reignite in Lebanon in the wake of the massive explosion in Beirut that killed at least 160 people, injured about 6,000 others, and left 300,000 homeless. This comes in the midst of a financial crisis orchestrated by the central bank of Lebanon in a joint effort with prominent Lebanese politicians and with the full collaboration of the corrupt Lebanese government. Knowing that their own government and politicians betrayed them and sold them out to the international Zionist bankers, the Lebanese people are left with nothing but absolute fury against Lebanon's political/banking class. Leaderless protests began to rock Lebanon since October 17, 2019, with citizens from all religious backgrounds demanding the ouster of the ruling class that includes civil war warlords and corrupt bankers. The central bank of Lebanon is THE root cause of the political and economic crises in Lebanon today because the banking class of Lebanon decided to ban the USD from the country on the orders of the international Zionist bankers who control almost all central banks on Earth. The decision obviously had one and only one purpose: to allow the international Zionist bankers to efficiently cripple the Lebanese economy like they're doing now to Venezuela and Iran and Cuba. Riad Salameh (the governor of the central bank of Lebanon) intentionally made this decision to deliberately destroy the livelihood and steal the savings of the already impoverished working-class of Lebanon. The only thing that was protecting the Lebanese people from the international Zionist bankers is the ability to use the USD to exchange goods and services within Lebanon. Thanks to banning the dollar and sucking it out of the Lebanese economy, the international Zionist bankers could finally devalue the local currency (the Lira) into oblivion for the benefit of Israel. Unsurprisingly, the Lira has lost most of its value while ruining the local economy. Meanwhile, Lebanon's banks have imposed capital controls, limiting the withdrawal of dollars and foreign transfers. No wonder the leaderless protesters continue to trash and burn banks. It's ALWAYS the banks who control governments.

#BeirutBlast #Beirut #Lebanon #BanqueLibanoFrancaise #BLF #LebaneseSecurityForces #BanqueDuLiban #CentralBankOfLebanon #RiadSalameh #Lira #LebaneseLira #Lebanon #Beirut #BankOfLebanon #LebaneseEconomy #CentralBank #CentralBanks #FractionalReserveBanking #EconomicCrises #LebaneseEconomicCrises #USD #USdollar #LeaderlessProtest #LeaderlessProtests


1 year, 2 months ago

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Source: "LIVE: Protesters, police clash in Beirut as Lebanon's prime minister resigns government" by Reuters https://youtu.be/ew_r1b9EVCs

1 year, 2 months ago

3 years ago Israeli PM Nethenyaru(or whatever his name is) held up photos of the Beirut explosion site and claimed it was a Hezbohla missile factory.

1 year, 2 months ago

Audio #mp3 can be found here: https://archive.org/details/theparanormiespresent-season5/S5E20+-+Imminent+Destiny.mp3
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The Summer of Hate (TM) continues, and lots of happenings happened this week. From blasts in Beirut and Iraq, to fires in North Korea, Iran, and Minneapolis, to Disney's newest black magic inversion ritual, to controlled opposition conspiracy theorists on Twitter, to strange groupings of words exiting the president's mouth. Is all of it fake and gay? Why did Alan Dershowitz bring his grandchildren to Jeffrey Epstein's pedophile island? Was the Beirut explosion an Israeli missile, a mini-nuke, or an explosion at a fireworks factory? Trump bans TikTok, wishes GMax well, and goes on to say that, much like John Cena, he won't be seen. Is this some Q-level code that we aren't privy to, or just setting the stage for his defeat in the mail in election? More Covid humiliation rituals, cardboard cutouts wearing masks, and virtue signaling, societal shaming, and possibly exclusion over vaccines. We've got it all this week, some /comfy/, some not, definitely all Paranormies, all the time!
Music break: The Covidiot Anthem, by: idk, Johnny found it on Telegram
Creepypasta: Porcelain, read by Bradshaw Wilson

With: Johnny Monoxide, Dogbot, Jack the Intern

Beirut vaccine Covid

1 year, 2 months ago

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1 year, 2 months ago

Was Beirut Port Attack Directed Energy Beam? Part 5

Hydra IDF Zionist Attack on Lebanon because of Hezbollah which is proxy for Iran which has now been bought by China for $400 Billion Dollar. The Attack was an Attack on China;s investment in the Middle East Region and also to affect Russia's Oil Pipeline ambitions in the Area. IDF Hydra Nazi Fingerprints and Code all over this crime scene.

Was Beirut Port Attack Directed Energy Beam? Part 3

Looks like an advanced Space Based Weapons was unveiled and introduced to the battle field and now the game is on. China and Russia have the same or better technology and now the game is on. The predictive programming was in the Economist Cover 2020, Agents of Shield S7E11 and Geostorm. These Films combined with Divine Dreams and a Code of 7 47 711 11 are now manifesting into our Timeline Timestreams of Reality.

Hydra IDF Zionist Attack on Lebanon because of Hezbollah which is proxy for Iran which has now been bought by China for $400 Billion Dollar. The Attack was an Attack on China;s investment in the Middle East Region and also to affect Russia's Oil Pipeline ambitions in the Area. IDF Hydra Nazi Fingerprints and Code all over this crime scene.

US exasperated over Iran-China $400 billion pact

The US is fuming with China over a possible $400 billion deal with Iran. China and Iran are negotiating a 25-year pact which would get China a substantial discount on the Iranian oil. In return, Beijing will invest a whopping $400 billion in the Islamic nation over a period of 25 years.



Rockefeller “Scenarios for Future Tech” LockStep Program
MIRROR Harry Vox 2010 Rockefeller “Scenarios for Future Tech ” And Dead Zone 2003 Ep Hydroxychloroquine

idf, hydra, directed energy beam, economist 2020 cover, 2020, timeline, timeline wars, timestream, tyler, sibyl, sirisys, qanon, map, bro, iron
bro, pk, 2pak, china, iran, war, russia, putin, trump, trumpanzee, code, 47, code of 47, game, war games, nazi agents, double agents,

Clip from Mike 444 Channel

ZT Dream Interpretation: The 2 Rivers represent TimeStreams and TimeLines that are being manipulated by the Dark Fleet and their Ai Sentient Machines, but Great Changes are coming when a new Force moves through those Rivers to Wash Cleanse and Heal the Lands. An Empire or 1 River will be overtaken by a New River when Power Rests upon the Foundations of Faith.

Prophetic Word: "The Big WASH!" - Missy Sue Gordon Channel

ZT Dream Interpretation: The Washing is the Cleansing of the Old System and the Dark Fleet Elites who will now be Defeated and Replaced, but not by the People we were Expecting, but rather the Persians the Medes Now Rule. A Godless Empire will now be replaced by a New Power when Power Rests upon the Foundations of Faith in the Future TimeLine. Great Changes are Coming in Power and Leadership.

Clip from Dana Coverstone July 2020

ZT Dream Interpretation: During the JASON months of 2020, America had two Choices; Repent or be Judged and America the Godless, choose Judgement. Civil War by the Hydra IDF Agent Captain America Double Agent will JASON Wash the Lands with his Wickedness. A Godless Empire will now be replaced by a New Power when Power Rests upon the Foundations of Faith in the Future TimeLine. The Meek shall Now Inherit the Earth.

#tyler release the funds or else...


QAnon Is Running Amok, and the Time Has Come for Interventions

Read more at: https://www.bloombergquint.com/businessweek/qanon-is-running-amok-and-the-time-has-come-for-interventions
Copyright © BloombergQuint

1 year, 2 months ago

Dopamine Drip: Driving To Lebanon , Got A Job In Beirut // 4.8.2020 ♧

check genre mods :


1 year, 2 months ago

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The speaker in this video is Dr. Gene Kim (UC Berkeley & PBI) and you can visit his ministries website directly at https://www.realbiblebelievers.com

Romans 10:9-10 King James Version (KJV)

9 That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved.

10 For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation.

1 year, 2 months ago

Where the explosion happened in Beirut, there was apparently a labyrinth of subterranean chambers beneath the warehouse.

At sea level...

1 year, 2 months ago

Beirut blows up, Reddit meets the real Big Floyd, Cuomo cooks more than books, and simple addition triggers the intellectually insular.
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Beirut, ¿accidente o sabotaje?

1 year, 2 months ago

Was Beirut Port Attack Directed Energy Beam? Summary

Looks like an advanced Space Based Weapons was unveiled and introduced to the battle field and now the game is on. China and Russia have the same or better technology and now the game is on. The predictive programming was in the Economist Cover 2020, Agents of Shield S7E11 and Geostorm. These Films combined with Divine Dreams and a Code of 7 47 711 11 are now manifesting into our Timeline Timestreams of Reality.

Hydra IDF Zionist Attack on Lebanon because of Hezbollah which is proxy for Iran which has now been bought by China for $400 Billion Dollar. The Attack was an Attack on China;s investment in the Middle East Region and also to affect Russia's Oil Pipeline ambitions in the Area. IDF Hydra Nazi Fingerprints and Code all over this crime scene.

1 year, 2 months ago

Was Beirut Port Attack Directed Energy Beam? Part 4

Hydra IDF Zionist Attack on Lebanon because of Hezbollah which is proxy for Iran which has now been bought by China for $400 Billion Dollar. The Attack was an Attack on China;s investment in the Middle East Region and also to affect Russia's Oil Pipeline ambitions in the Area. IDF Hydra Nazi Fingerprints and Code all over this crime scene.

1 year, 2 months ago

Investigators on the site of the Beirut explosions have discovered what looks like the start of a series of underground panic rooms.

Debris and rubble are currently being removed in order to access and search the underground labyrinth which has birthed new hope for the relatives of missing victims.

The panic rooms were found situated beneath giant silo stores which collapsed in the explosions.

Approximately 5,000 or more were injured during the ammonium nitrate explosion on the port of Lebanon’s capital.

1 year, 2 months ago

A Russian search and rescue team in Beirut has unearthed three bodies under the rubble near the city's port, three days after the deadly explosion that killed more than 150 people.

1 year, 2 months ago

Shop workers have a lucky escape in Beirut blast.

1 year, 2 months ago

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There's A NEW MOON IN LEO coming up on AUGUST 18, 2020. - https://symbolicliving.com/2020/08/05/new-moon-in-leo/

August 2020 is a super intense period
Mars Squares Jupiter - August 4, 2020
Mars Squares Pluto - August 13, 2020
Mars Squares Saturn - August 24, 2020

Expansion - Mars in Aries (the warrior) went into square to Jupiter in Capricorn (expansion) on August 4, 2020 at 9:07 am ET.

Destruction - Mars in Aries squares to Pluto in Capricorn (destructive, physical, material world, politics, economy, hidden, conspiracies) on August 13, 2020 at 3:14 am ET.

Contraction - Mars in Aries in square to Saturn in Capricorn (contraction) on August 24, 2020 at 2:19 pm ET.

There is a lot of major tension and conflict indicated during this period. Explosive, violent, aggressiv energy.

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They Claim The Image Is Fake, But The President Has Questions

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Mum and kids have a lucky escape from Beirut blast.

1 year, 2 months ago

Old lady plays piano amidst the destruction caused by the beirut explosion

1 year, 2 months ago

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Beirut FAKE VIDEO Is a BAD FAKED FAKE See EVIDENCE Investigated COMPARE ORIGINAL v Faked Version. https://www.slaveplanet.net/index.php/earth-monitors/535-by-request-quick-easy-wake-the-sheeple-video-page-links -- https://www.slaveplanet.net http://www.nibiru-elenin.com http://nibiru-elenin.co.uk . Exclusive videos and articles and content on our 3 websites not available elsewhere.

#NWO #WorldEnslavement #Beirut

1 year, 2 months ago

𝟭 𝟳 𝟴 𝟰 𝟭 𝟮 𝟭
Wir sehen uns die von unserer Denkbetreuung sogenannten Feuerwerkskörper mit Ammoniumnitrat in Zeitlupe und als Negativ an.
Wir sehen: Der Tiefe Staat schlägt verzweifelt um sich. Massenmord wird in diesen Fällen liebevoll False Flag genannt.
We look at what we call fireworks with ammonium nitrate in slow motion and as a negative.
We see: The Deep State is struggling desperately. Mass murder is lovingly called False Flag in these cases.
نحن ننظر إلى ما يسمى بالألعاب النارية مع نترات الأمونيوم من فريق دعم الفكر لدينا بالحركة البطيئة والسلبية.
نرى: الدولة العميقة تكافح بشدة. القتل الجماعي في هذه الحالات يسمى بمودة العلم الكاذب.
Atomwaffen sind unter anderem in der Lage einen elektromagnetischen Impuls zu erzeugen, der möglicherweise für den Ausfall des Telefonnetzes in Beirut verantwortlich sein könnte.
Jeff Smith von der IAEO bestätigte, dass es sich definitiv um eine nukleare Explosion gehandelt hat und nicht um eine Nitratexplosion, weil es nicht viel Landwirtschaft in und um Beirut gibt und auch der 4. Juli nicht gefeiert wird, wo man Pyrotechnik hätte einsetzen wollen
Es wird erwartet, dass sich die Hisbollah an Israel rächen wird und möglicherweise auch Syrien mit einbezogen wird, was eine weitere Eskalation zur Folge haben wird. Die Situation ist aktuell also mehr als brandgefährlich.


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1 year, 2 months ago

Drones that look like birds or other animals being used in false flags and terrorism, would not surprise me


1 year, 2 months ago

More evidence of a potential missle strike on Beirut.

1 year, 2 months ago

Possible missle strike on Beirut port?

1 year, 2 months ago

Infra-red video showing incoming nuclear missile strike (from a fighter jet).

1 year, 2 months ago

Beirut Lebanon Massive Explosions Compression Wave & Combustion Cloud

1 year, 2 months ago

With fake accusations against Hezbollah and unanimous criticism of the Lebanese government for negligence, a number of false claims have been made about the blast. From bionic pigeons to photoshopped missiles, this very politically charged issue has already sparked protests and dissent against the Lebanese authorities, calling for a return to the French mandate and an international court's assessment of the incident. Amidst all of this at least one thing is certain - rival nations such as Israel will inevitably benefit massively from the ordeal and the subsequent destabilisation of power.

Telegram: https://t.me/whitemakesright

1 year, 2 months ago

this video is most likely fake see this video for deep analysis https://www.bitchute.com/video/RLJbZaHZ16f9/
I call scam

sorry for audio, bad rip it seems!

1 year, 2 months ago

Former intelligence asset and now Orthodox priest, Fr. John Claypool, joins me to discuss the explosion in Beirut, COVID 19 government abuse, the Portland riots, and the Mayor of Los Angeles threatening to shut off power and water to homes and businesses who refuse to bend the knee to his demands.

Our Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/TruthAloud

Our website: http://www.paleoorthodoxy.org/

1 year, 2 months ago

Many camera angles of a big damn explosion.

1 year, 2 months ago

A new weekly news segment where we discuss the major stories of the week. This week we look at Sally Yates' testimony, the Beirut explosion, Maxwell docs unsealed, and more. WARNING: Opinions will be expressed.

#Beirut #Yates #Maxwell

Twitter - https://twitter.com/boop_not

Thanks for watching 😎

1 year, 2 months ago


1 year, 2 months ago

Blatantly the jews

1 year, 2 months ago

BEIRUT The Hidden DATA The Eve of Destruction as Planned maybe. https://www.slaveplanet.net/index.php/earth-monitors/535-by-request-quick-easy-wake-the-sheeple-video-page-links -- https://www.slaveplanet.net http://www.nibiru-elenin.com http://nibiru-elenin.co.uk . Exclusive videos and articles and content on our 3 websites not available elsewhere.

#NWO #WorldEnslavement #Beirut

1 year, 2 months ago

A video which has allegedly been recovered from one of the victims mobile phone shows the two minutes leading up to the devastating explosion in Beirut.
The footage appears to have what sounds like Jets flying overhead just seconds before the secondary and fatal blast.
This is a speculative analysis of this single video, the noise could be the initial sound created from the explosive materials and close-by firework factory.

1 year, 2 months ago

5:05 mark onward if you want to skip the rest....
update 08 - 08 - 2020
According to the NY times, CNN, BBC and other MSM the last part of this video is all fake. They are trying to say that the missile was edited in.

You may take a look at this...

The destruction in Beirut is far larger than you can ever imagine. The city seems like it has been hit by a small scale nuclear weapon.

This is the radiation signature of the explosion received from a source in Italy, submitted to VT by the International Atomic Energy Agency (UN) https://www.veteranstoday.com/wp-content/uploads/ScreenHunter-445.jpg

The explosion could be felt in Cyprus.... = 234 km away!

You also may take a look at this source

Original footage of the last section (5:05 - end):

1 year, 2 months ago

Filmed in Iraq a couple of years ago. Mushroom cloud + reddish smoke.

1 year, 2 months ago

people hear noise from above, at ca. 13 seconds the detonation and power went down ( EMP ?? ), 5 seconds later the shockwave arrives.

don't know the source, if someone has a higher resolution please leave a comment.

1 year, 2 months ago