Artyom is one of many witnesses of fighter jets' presence in the sky the day Malaysian Boeing MH17 was shot down and fell on the rebel territory in the East of Ukraine. His testimony to a journalist Graham Phillips was shown by the defense lawyers at the MH17 court last June. After that he became Bellingcat's target. Christo Grozev wrote an article where he claimed the witness admitted he lied. We found Artyom, showed him the article. He was quite surprised to say the least. The details are in this video:
Bellingcat never retracted their lies. The court ruled Artyom and other warplane witnesses would not be heard. Artyom is determined to seek justice.

3 months ago

Wie westliche Regierungen und Geheimdienste die Fäden ziehen

Bellingcat wird in den Medien immer wieder als “unabhängiges Rechercheportal” bezeichnet, das genau weiß, was hinter dem Tiergartenmord, der angeblichen Vergiftung von Navalny, Giftgas-Angriffen in Syrien oder MH17 steckt. Da lohnt sich ein näherer Blick auf die Frage, woher Bellingcat das alles weiß und vor allem, wer Bellingcat finanziert.


Anti Spiegel

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8 months, 1 week ago

Despite having no background in weapons analysis beyond that supposedly derived from computer gaming and, in Higgins’ own words, “what I'd learned from Arnold Schwarzenegger and Rambo [films],” he was quickly identified by the international media as a ready source of quotes that could be palmed off as “independent,” while hewing to the anti-Russian line of the US and its NATO allies.



1 year, 5 months ago

any organisation that takes funds from the likes of the US government or George Soros simply CANNOT be regarded as objective


3 years ago