Mads Wedel-Ibsen writes:

Here Judy Mikovitz talks about how Dr. Anthony Fauci and Dr. Robert Gallo stole her work and ignored the warnings about HIV / AIDS for months so the virus could spread and money could be made on medication.

Fauci got Mikovits arrested, got her home searched without court order. Subsequently imposed on her a duty of confidentiality for 5 years.

The same Fauci forbidded hydroxychloroquine for the treatment of CV. Doctors are about to lose their jobs if they use this effective and cheap drug to cure patients.

We see the same thing back home where the authorities and the media have something so damn busy telling the people that you can't do anything besides waiting for Bill Gates vaccine.

Here is the movie that reveals the entire plot in 26 minutes.
Once you have seen it you know how much Judy Mikovitz is at risk but also why NO ONE can sit this knowledge out loud any longer.

Everyone who knows how corrupt this industry is and how many crimes it commits and how many lives it has on conscience are obliged to future generations to say massively and apply their knowledge.

This is deadly seriousness. The people who propagate this pandemic worldwide are some of the most criminal. They need to be stopped and if you have just a tiny opportunity to make the slightest difference to stop these psychopaths, you do it NOW.

Thank you - on behalf of the future population of the earth! 🙏❤️

1 year, 1 month ago