I'll be putting up movies from time to time, but i'm only going to keep them up for a few days because bit chute will remove them and i don't want to have my channel shut down.

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Interviewer interviewing Keanu Revees asks the wrong question about the new Bill & Ted 3 movie.

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Marshall McLuhan's famously said, "the media is the message." Many studio heads today have chosen to ignore that message in terms of desperation for revenues from projects which, because of CV19, have remained unreleased. The results of these premature theatricals has been disastrous!

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Grega's two cents on the continuing adventures of Bill S. Preston Esquire and Ted Theodore Logan

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Thanks to our patron: The_Flyattractor tis our retrospective on the Batman/Judge Dredd crossovers from the 1990s. From Judgement on Gotham to Die Laughing (including dredd's teamup w/ the main man himself LOBO).

We continue our coverage of the Batman/Judge Dredd crossovers featuring Judge Death, but before we continue this excursion, our fearless leader gives us his thoughts on BILL AND TED FACE THE MUSIC (as well as more roasting of the batman who laughs).

In celebration of my next patreon request: Batman/Judge Dredd crossovers, I decided to do a crossover w/ Lost Anarchy Magazine by doing a short little rant....IS THE BATMAN WHO LAUGHS A RIP OFF OF JUDGE DEATH?

ALSO INSIDE: A very special version of SPF1000's classic tune, WICKED

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Cinema en vivo con Cabeza de VHS!
Vamos a ver "Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure" (1989), conocida como "Bill y Ted" en Argentina, "La magnífica aventura de Bill y Ted" en México y "Las alucinantes aventuras de Bill y Ted" en España, una película que se hizo de culto por mostrar el cliche de los tipicos adolecentes de finales de los 80's, como sus hermanos menores Beavies & Butt-head.
Una comedia de aventuras y ciencia ficción, dirigida por Stephen Herek y protagonizada por Keanu Reeves, Alex Winter y George Carlin.
Y como siempre antes de la película un poco de música y unos adelantos en vhs.

Este Viernes a las 11:45 de la noche. (Arg)
Nos vemos !!! Uuiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!. (Revovinando)
23:45 hs Comienzo de transmision
24:00 hs "Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure"
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Here are my thoughts on the second Bill and Ted Face the Music trailer (and it's not pretty).
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The second trailer of the feature film sequel available On Demand and in theaters September 01, 2020.

9 months, 2 weeks ago

The teaser trailer of the feature film sequel in theaters August 21, 2020.

11 months ago

The trailer of the 1991 film sequel.

11 months ago

The trailer of the 1989 feature film.

11 months ago

Just touching base on the current events around the USA and world.
Covering the 1 year passing of Chris Cornell from SoundGarden
The Bill and Ted 3 movie being considered "Questionable"
Americans suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome

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