Matt and the Team join the Ultimate Lady to fish in one of the world’s most prestigious big game fishing tournaments in Australia. In search of a big marlin the team hook a giant marlin….this encounter can only be described as ‘epic’

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Beavis And Butt-Head Start Acting Like Black People

22 hours ago

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⁣Feral black invaders steal a phone from a smaller white Irish kid. The Irish lads got together and decide to take the phone back

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These never get old...

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The highly offensive 'Blackface' has raised it's ugly head again, though in a different guise, still offensive to black people but now equally offensive to white people, and in this video I explore this disturbing topic. (For my less contentious videos you might look on YouTube, also called 'Denton's Tales'.)

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This is the first out of 5 horrible cases of the mysterious disappearance of one NPC (Negroid Punishable Character) - as one of antagonists for the team of CoonBusters with which they will have to deal in the nearest future on the streets of our cities and they will be able to catch and lynch it with the help of the gamers according to the crimes it has committed 20x times multiplying its sufferings that its victims experienced to make example of it, which is one of 17 ideas of DRAGCOONBUSTERS THE GAME☝🏻👱🏻

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Welcome to the wonderful world of ASMR.
Sit back.
Relax... enjoy the tingles.
(You can find me on YT & Instagram @thepalettewhisperer ASMR
If you want to hear me talk politics, try Rumble, Let's Fix Things)

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re upload cuz the other one messed up
i tried to not mess up to bad its hard to find them all sometimes tho wkwk

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An excerpt from one of his latest streams.
Link to his content ☝️and latest uploads. He doesn't appear to be uploading here much any more.
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None of these facts and statistics here should be used to attack the individual. Governments and elites love to confuse the two, but there's a difference between analyzing and taking measures against a group and doing so against an individual. Everyone who deserves it, no matter what race, should be treated with dignity and respect. They, in turn, should respect statistics and people's right to their own cultural living space.

Colin Flaherty

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In Black and White, Part 1 - https://www.bitchute.com/video/MriH3EF5HiiE/ (Introduction)

In Black and White, Part 2 - https://www.bitchute.com/video/3BAZpPELmyVi/ (Finance)

In Black and White, Part 3 - https://www.bitchute.com/video/jMXoMQpTNV2b/ (Politics)

In Black and White, Part 4 - https://www.bitchute.com/video/8q69uCK2SJvb/ (Media)

In Black and White, Part 5 - https://www.bitchute.com/video/K8qNAYIcDuUi/ (God & Morality)

I'll upload part 6 to this channel soon. It can be viewed immediately on the links below.

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White Supremacy isn't holding back our community. Black ignorance is holding us back. Many of you fools think when ZOG gets rid of whites think racism will be over and everything will nice. WRONG!!! Right now honestly the black community will be back in chains once ZOG destroys whites. Mexicans,Arabs,Asians will not care about you

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Hollywood police said a fugitives task force took one man in custody on Saturday.
CBS Miami 06/03/2023

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Judge John Hurley don't play dat chit.

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Surveillance video captured a violent robbery and assault at a party store on Detroit’s west side.
WDIV 06/02/2023

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Black Label Society - A Spoke in the Wheel (Unplugged

5 days, 3 hours ago

This is the official video, I just applied some aftereffects to it.
This song is from Serbia 1992.

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Officials have released the 911 calls from an incident at an Oviedo mall where a mother allegedly went to shoplift while she left her two small children in the car which ignited on fire FOX35 Orlando 06/02/2023
Woman was shoplifting at Florida mall when her car burst into flames with 2 children inside: police

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Black eyed children, seem to be dimensional entities, who can appear and disappear at will. They have nefarious agendas, ominous presence, deep, voices, they are demonic entities masquerading as kids. They should never be entertained, or let into your house. There is testimony from people, whose lives have been negatively effected by interactions with these entities. Rebuke in Jesus name. Repent, brothers and sisters, ask God to reveal is son, Jesus, believe he is Lord and God and died and shed his blood for our sins and is risen.

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After seeing all of the Cleopatra, Little Mermaid, and Spiderman nonsense, also inspired by a certain satire on Battlefield 1, I decided to make this. If you get it, you get it.

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