Colin Flaherty author of Don't Make the Black Kids Angry commentary news on cell phone camera video footage of a a African american man attacking fireman after they possibly pulled him from a out of control burning car and kept him from trying to go back to vehicle or because the fire fighter couldn't save his car. fellas crime violence assault punch sneak jump from behind stupid dysfunction around black don't turn your back

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Colin Flaherty author of Don't Make the Black Kids Angry commentary news video - When do you let a fella into a condo lobby if he does not have a key? Fellas say ALWAYS. Cops say NEVER. - sneak piggyback into apartment crime the new black entitlement privilege. African american sexual assault attack rape

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Colin Flaherty author of Don't Make the Black Kids White Girl Bleed A Lot Podcast commentary news video -The fellas have declared OPEN SEASON on old white people. And if recent attacks in Tennessee and Pittsburgh are any measure, lots of fellas and others are just fine with that because white people deserve it - African american crime violence assault murder knockout game robbery break in wildly out of proportion and the leftist media denial deceit delusion excuse and condone black community neighborhood dysfunction

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Colin Flaherty author of Don't Make The Black Kids Angry commentary news video "Classroom chaos: Disruptive students force teachers to evacuate classes for safety" and how diversity affect schools and it is not in a good way as the leftist agenda would have you believe. Teachers leaving the profession breaking contracts when working in under served communities

Stories of classrooms getting cleared might surprise parents, but it’s no surprise to teachers and educators.

The Hazelwood School District recently doubled the number of social workers to 13. The district is also training teachers in de-escalation techniques that don’t require physical intervention. Every school building has a crisis intervention team on site. Many of the buildings also have staff wellness rooms where teachers can decompress or take a break when behavior issues become tough. The Parkway School District recently convened a mental health task force to deal with the rising social and emotional needs

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Colin Flaherty author of Don't Make the Black Kids Angry commentary news video "Dayton Ohio High School Football Player Headbutts Referee During Game Dunbar vs Roger Bacon Player should be banned says referee dmtbka black crime violence hostility mayhem fights argy-bargy dysfunction at sporting events



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Colin Flaherty author of Don't Make the Black Kids Angry commentary news video on sneak peak of the movie Why Don't We Kill More White People dmtbka blantant anti white hatred out in the open no ones hiding it it's now mainstream to bash whitey

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Colin Flaherty (Author of Don't Make the Black Kids Angry and Knockout Game) Commentary News Video on violence fights attacks assaults at theme parks like Disney

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Colin Flaherty (Author of Don't Make the Black Kids Angry) Commentary News Video "Aurora man charged with attempted murder in hit-and-run that injured 2 boys" black criminality violence hatred hostility toward white kids
CENTENNIAL, Colo. — An Aurora man is facing 15 charges, including for first-degree attempted murder, in a hit-and-run crash earlier this month that investigators believe was deliberate, leaving two boys injured, the Colorado State Patrol said Thursday.

Oghaleoghene Atunu, 21, was arrested Saturday on charges related to reckless driving and leaving the scene of a crash.

Additional charges were filed after investigators, in conjunction with the Arapahoe County District Attorney’s Office, found evidence that suggests the crash was intentional, the Colorado State Patrol said.

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Colin Flaherty (Author of Don't Make the Black Kids Angry) Commentary News Video "3 teachers hit by students in a week at Ferguson Middle School. At least one teacher had to seek medical treatment for their injuries." "Respecting The Yard: Howard Students Upset Residents Walk Dogs on Campus" black hostility toward whites
Author: Brandon Merano
Published: 6:11 PM CDT April 19, 2019
Updated: 6:11 PM CDT April 19, 2019
In just the last week, at least three teachers at one Middle School have been attacked by their students.

To do that, Ferguson-Florissant district spokesperson Kevin Hampton has helped the district promote a unique online reporting system.

"You can get to it through our app or website and it's a great way for people to share concerns that they have. It's a great way to share information and we receive a lot of information that way and are able to act on it," Hampton said.

By Meagan Fitzgerald
Published Apr 19, 2019 at 9:15 PM
At the heart of Howard University's campus you will find a sacred grassy area known as The Yard.

It's a cultural hub for the 152-year-old institution, where students and members of the historical fraternities and sororities congregate.

But students and staff feel some residents in the neighborhood who walk their dogs on the campus aren't respecting the space.

The Yard is more than just a place where students like to hang out. The trees represent an important part of black history and they honor the black sororities and fraternities that do important work for their community.

News4 spoke to a few dog walkers and dog owners who say they’re respectful of the private university. Others see it as an open space and say they don’t see signs preventing them from walking their dogs.

But many students and surrounding homeowners are hoping people think twice before allowing their animals to relieve themselves on The Yard.

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Colin Flaherty (Author of Don't Make the Black Kids Angry and Knockout Game) Commentary News Video "Hunt for thugs on vicious crime spree" randomly punch people going about their daily activities sometimes rob assault attack kick beat up crime criminality violence hostility
NEW YORK (FOX 5 NY) - Three men are wanted by police for vicious assaults and robberies in Sunnyside, Queens.

The group of thugs has struck at least four times.

In the most recent incident, a 45-year-old man was walking to work at about 1:20 a.m. on Mar. 18 when he was slashed multiple times in the head and back by the men before taking his cell phone, wallet and backpack .

In another incident, a 34-year-old man was walking along Greenpoint Ave. and 48th Ave. when the suspects began to yell at him before kicking, punching him and knocking him to the ground. They stole his wallet which contained about $600, an iPhone x and Apple earpods.

Posted Mar 21 2019 07:24AM EDT

Video Posted Mar 21 2019 07:09AM EDT

Updated Mar 21 2019 07:46AM EDT

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Colin Flaherty (Author of Don't Make the Black Kids Angry) Commentary News Video "Florida school bus aide pulled MAGA hat off teenager's head, surveillance video shows" dmtbka inspiring young Trump supporters
MARTIN COUNTY, Fla. — Surveillance video on a Martin County school bus shows a bus aide yelling at a student to take off a "Make America Great Again" cap, then grabbing it off of his head.

According to Gunnar Johansson, 14, students were allowed to wear a hat to school this week if they made a donation to March of Dimes.

He decided to wear a Make America Great Again hat in support of President Donald Trump and “to show my pride in Trump America,” Johansson said.

Within seconds of boarding a bus to Hidden Oaks Middle School, a bus aide told him to remove the hat and put it in his backpack..

“Boy, if you don’t that hat off this bus… take it off,” an unidentified bus aide said, according to surveillance video.

“I was really confused, I was like ‘I can’t wear this?’ “Johansson said. “She, like, threatened me with a referral and threatened to turn the bus around. I said ‘write me up, I didn’t do anything wrong’, and then she yanked my hat off. It was crazy.”

He continued the bus ride without wearing his hat, though other students wearing hats were allowed to keep wearing them.

Johansson’s mother, Jackie Putt said she decided to file a police report after learning she would not be able to see the video of her son until the investigation by the school district is closed.

The school board does not have a policy that prevents students from wearing political attire. Johansson said other students were wearing MAGA hats during the day, and he was allowed to wear it at school.

Putt said she is proud of how her son handled the incident.

“We all have a right to who we want to vote for, this is America,” Putt said.

“Standup for what you believe in,” Johansson said.

Posted: 3:44 AM, Mar 08, 2019 Updated: 10:10 AM, Mar 08, 2019
By: Meghan McRoberts

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Colin Flaherty (Author of Don't Make the Black Kids Angry) Commentary News Video "TSSAA investigating brawls from three Memphis high school basketball games on same night" large fights riots violence hostility crime argy bargy
Friday was fight night for Memphis high school basketball.

The state's high school athletic association is working with six Memphis high schools involved in three separate brawls on Friday night.

Those three fights left one entire girls varsity team suspended for two games due to ejections with the other girls team down to three players.

The fights involved Sheffield and Overton girls, Wooddale and Melrose boys and Fairley and Westwood boys teams.

Overton's girls led Sheffield 56-39 with 4:20 left when a fight broke out, the report stated. The game was not resumed due to lack of players remaining after ejections.

According to the officials report, the fight involving Wooddale and Melrose came with 1:13 left after a Wooddale player tossed the ball behind him to a player from Melrose, who threw it back at the Wooddale player and hit him in the head. A Wooddale teammate then grabbed the ball and hit the Melrose player with the ball.

The report stated the Melrose and Wooddale players then got involved in a fist fight. Fans stormed the court from both sides and at least one Melrose player ran onto the court from the bench.

The Westwood-Fairley fight happened after the game ended. A Fairley player and Westwood player exchanged words while the teams were coming together to shake hands and began to square up to fight, the report said.

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Colin Flaherty (Author of Don't Make the Black Kids Angry) Commentary News Video "Student Charged After Attacking Teacher At Loch Raven High" "Teacher attacked and beaten, aftermath on camera at Detroit Cody" "McKinley High School teacher: 'I was body slammed'" black mob violence hostility anger hatred assaults fights in schools
By Mike HellgrenJanuary 30, 2019 at 8:00 pm
TOWSON, Md. (WJZ) — A student has been charged as an adult after he assaulted a teacher at Loch Raven High School Tuesday.

Geronimo Pacer Harding Jr., 18, was charged with first-degree felony assault. He faces three additional charges.

If convicted, Harding faces a maximum of 25 years in prison.

According to officials, the teacher was sitting in his chair when Harding approached him after class.

The teacher said that he was punched in excess of six to eight times before being able to grab hold of Harding.

He also said that he pushed his thumb into Harding’s eye in self-defense.

The school resource officer wrote in his report that, “Harding appeared highly agitated and was breathing heavily and shaking.”

POSTED: JAN 10 2019 11:35PM EST
UPDATED: JAN 11 2019 12:28PM EST
DETROIT (FOX 2) - A Detroit High School teacher was attacked and hospitalized Thursday. She is expected to recover and in stable condition - but what happened is nothing short of cringe worthy.

A young man attacked the woman, who's old enough to be his grandmother. Phone video shows the aftermath of what students said was a vicious attack on the substitute teacher at Cody High School.

Author: Claudine Ewing
Published: 6:17 PM EST January 4, 2019
Updated: 9:06 PM EST January 4, 2019
The teacher who asked that we not identify him by name or face said he called the student's mother from his classroom phone as he had done the day before because of the student's bad behavior.

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Colin Flaherty (Author of Don't Make the Black Kids Angry, White Girl Bleed A Lot and Knockout Game) Commentary News Video "Women describe pattern of attacks by man arrested in Fort Worth attack" sucker punched black violence accused over and over again assaults on white woman broken nose bones injuries 10 stitches cereal repeat offender criminal justice reform
David Earl Thomas, 34, is accused of punching a mother in downtown Fort Worth; his past victims are now speaking out.
Published: 6:02 PM CST January 31, 2019

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Colin Flaherty (Author of Don't Make the Black Kids Angrycommentary News video on young black males thug gang members holding guns bragging about killing cops while a cop car is driving right next to them

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Colin Flaherty (Author of Don't Make the Black Kids Angry) Commentary News Video "Suspect Charged with Assault and Robbery in Park Point Attack; Victim Remains in Coma" "'I was terrified’: Lexington police search for man accused of sexually assaulting elderly woman" Leftist academia denial deceit delusion to black violence hostility assault murder
January 9, 2019 Andrew Kirov - 70-year-old Larry Watczak was attacked in his home on January 2nd
Mayhew is accused of striking Watczak over the head with a blunt force object before throwing a blanket over his head and taking about two dollars in change out of his jeans, plus taking his flip phone and tablet.

“So that’s where they initially hit him and blood sprayed all over here and here’s the rag that was on his head that he was trying to stop the bleeding with,” explained Watczak’s son, Erik, who says it was senseless for the burglars to hit his father to get what they wanted because Watczak would not have put up a fight.

By Patrice Clark | January 28, 2019 at 8:07 PM CST - Updated January 28 at 8:07 PM
The 73-year-old says an armed black man broke into her home and was waiting for her when she arrived on Thursday.

“The first thing I did was go to the bathroom, and it was while I was sitting on the commode, he arrived with his knife," the elderly victim recalled. “I was terrified. The knife, it was scary."

The woman says she tried to plead with him, and even made tea hoping he would change his mind, but he didn’t. That is when she claims she was sexually assaulted.

The victim claims the alleged rapist also made her drive him around town with a knife to her back, before eventually getting out of her car and running away.

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Colin Flaherty (Author of Don't Make the Black Kids Angry) Commentary News Video "Hospital spokeswoman: Suspect in attack that killed Froedtert nurse was former valet, fired in October" Knocked Her to the ground, Kicked or Stomped Her Head and Neck "Almost 40 Times," violence murder hostility homicide beat to death
WAUWATOSA -- Charges have been filed in connection with the death of Carlie Beaudin, 33, a Froedtert Hospital nurse practitioner who died at Froedtert Hospital Friday, Jan. 25 after she was found trapped under a vehicle in a parking structure at the hospital. Her death was ruled a homicide.

Kenneth Freeman, 27, of Milwaukee, faces one count of first degree intentional homicide.

According to a criminal complaint, Beaudin was found under her vehicle in Parking Structure #1, with injuries to the head and face. She was taken to the emergency room, where she was pronounced dead. An autopsy revealed she suffered blunt force trauma to the head and neck, "with indica of manual strangulation."

A witness said he drove a skid loader to the top level of the structure to remove snow, and when he got to the top level, he discovered a vehicle "parked in a weird manner," with the front end up against a wall. He saw "a pair of legs" from under it, and attempted to use his intercom system to get help. He then called his boss, who contacted Froedtert security.

The complaint said Freeman was seen standing behind a concrete pillar, as Beaudin walked toward her vehicle. The video showed Freeman stepped out from behind the pillar and briefly spoke with Beaudin, who kept walking toward her vehicle. Freeman followed her, first walking and then running. He knocked her to the ground, and kicked or stomped her head and neck "almost 40 times," prosecutors said. He then dragged her from the camera's view toward her vehicle. The vehicle was then seen leaving the parking structure -- soon entering Parking Structure #1. The vehicle was observed going backwards once and then forwards, out of camera view, to the location where Beaudin was found, on the top level.

Freeman himself dialed 911, the complaint said. He reported he was involved in the death at Froedtert. He was taken into custody, and found with Beaudin's purse, the complaint said.

In a statement to investigators, prosecutors indicated Freeman said "he deliberately and purely murdered Ms. Willia" and when asked for more details, he said "there isn't anything I want to talk about."


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Colin Flaherty (Author of Don't Make the Black Kids Angry) Commentary News Video "MPD: Hundreds involved in brawl at Westwood-Fairley basketball game" high school student chocolate city riot inside and outside. cop arrive 400 person large fight. run over hit with stick bleeding black mob violence
MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Four people were arrested after hundreds were involved in a brawl following a basketball game at Westwood High School, according to Memphis Police.

Police confirm they responded to Westwood Friday night for a fight involving 300 to 400 people after a game against Fairley High School. Video shows an officer using a club on someone in the crowd.

“They said police was spraying mace and got their sticks out and was trying to stop it all,” said Wandera Scott, a mother of two students at Westwood.

Three of the people arrested were adults, ages 20, 21 and 22. Police say one was using his car in the parking lot to try to run over an officer, and the others tried to keep officers from detaining the people in the car.

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Colin Flaherty (Author of Don't Make the Black Kids Angry) Commentary News Video "Suspect arrested in brutal beating at NYCHA building streamed on Facebook Live turns himself in." crime violence attacks knock the hell out of always laughing
BEDFORD-STUYVESANT, Brooklyn (WABC) -- Police say the suspect in a vicious attack at a NYCHA building in Brooklyn is under arrest.

The NYPD was searching for 31-year-old Lytee Knox Hundley after an out-of-control verbal argument turned violent.

Hundley turned himself in to police at the 79th Precinct Sunday and was charged with assault.

The attack took place Friday at a building on Tompkins Avenue in Bedford-Stuyvesant, and was streamed on Facebook live, while callous laughter rang out in the background.

On top of the attack, the suspect spit on his helpless victim.

Arce was rushed to Woodhull Hospital, where he was treated for a fractured nose and a fractured orbital bone.

Police say the suspect has two prior arrests, including robbery.
Jan 27, 2019

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Colin Flaherty (Author of Don't Make the Black Kids Angry) Commentary News Video "Police looking for suspect who attacked 14-year-old walking home from school" Black woman punches white lady on the street "Four arrests made in University Park shooting, robbery"
Posted: 4:54 PM, Dec 18, 2018 Updated: 7:00 AM, Dec 19, 2018
By: John Genovese
PHOENIX — Phoenix police are searching for a man who attacked a 14-year-old boy walking home from school Monday after getting off a Valley Metro bus.

That boy, Richard Orona, told ABC15 he’d been talking with the suspect, a stranger, on the bus minutes before the attack near 75th Avenue and Baseline Road.

“[He] started making conversation with me,” Orona said. “I saw he had a Gucci belt … I asked him how much he would sell it to me for, he said $150, I said, ‘Oh, I only got $100,’” he added, believing he was targeted because the suspect knew he had cash.

Orona said after sensing the man was acting strange, he got off the bus two stops early. Moments later, he was attacked.

“I saw someone, like, running toward me and then I didn’t think nothing of it ‘cause he turned into a neighborhood,” the teen said. “I think that he cut into the neighborhood and came out the back and, as I turned around, I just get kneed in the face.”

POSTED: DEC 17 2018 09:40PM CST
UPDATED: DEC 17 2018 09:51PM CST
Police arrested four people they say shot a man in his University Park home and robbed him.

Police say the suspects used the victim's credit cards. The victim is still in critical condition from the attack.

Four suspects are in custody, but there are a lot of unanswered questions in a neighborhood where armed robbery is almost unheard of.

Calvin Johnson's priors include multiple theft charges, larceny and burglary. Quintariah Alexander is another with multiple theft and burglary charges. Abdul Sesay has done jail time for at least three theft charges. Police say they were all captured largely because they used credit cards from the victim's stolen wallet.

"I've lived here for almost four years now and I've never heard of anything like that happening,” said neighbor Sullivan Tankersley.

Police seem certain the victim did not know his attackers but that he let them in the front door.

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Colin Flaherty (Author of Don't Make the Black Kids Angry) Mr. Rogers Visits Restaurant - Subway Sandwich in the Hood

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Colin Flaherty Commentary News Video "Why Do We Silence Black Girls and Women Who are Survivors of Sexual Violence?" grapevine root "The Quiet Crisis Killing Black Women" leftist media denial deceit delusion excuse and condone black behavior while blame systemic white racism that does not exist
Felice León
Jan 11, 2019 Friday 5:41pm
Today, conversations about sexual violence and harassment towards women have infiltrated popular culture, the news and beyond. But despite the prevalence of sexual violence towards black girls and women, we remain almost invisible in these conversations.

You see, the legacy of sexual violence towards black women and our subsequent silencing runs deep. In her seminal text, Arn’t I a Woman: Female Slaves in the Plantation South, Deborah Gray White found that for a period of nearly 100 years after slaves were freed there wasn’t a single Southern white man convicted of raping or attempting to rape a black woman. It’s also pretty well known that black women aren’t just assailed by white men.

“It’s painful to watch black women not be included in the popular narrative,” Tarana Burke said. “It’s painful to see people preference the pain of other people over ours and not give any credence to the trauma, the layers of trauma that happen in our community, particularly around sexual violence.”

By Melissa Jeltsen
12/17/2018 05:45 am ET Updated Dec 17, 2018
Earlier this fall, police say, Rainey shot Delashon inside her bedroom when she was eight months pregnant. She was killed in front of her son.

In death, Delashon became one of the three women killed by their boyfriends, husbands and lovers every day in the United States. Domestic violence does not discriminate, and victims span all races, ages, ethnicities and religions.

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Colin Flaherty Commentary News Video "Man charged in stabbing of teen in South Seattle said he wanted to kill white people, shoot police officers, documents say. Ahmed Awil Abdi-Dahar previously pleaded guilty to fourth-degree assault after attacking a man with a box cutter and attempting to slit his throat in 2009, according to court documents." "Seattle teen remains hospitalized after December attack"
Originally published January 8, 2019 at 6:59 pm Updated January 8, 2019 at 7:59 pm
A 32-year-old man was charged with assault after prosecutors said he stabbed a 17-year-old boy in the neck in South Seattle last month, then told police he wanted to kill white people.

The boy told police he had just gotten off the bus near South Henderson Street and Yukon Avenue South when he saw Abdi-Dahar, who he didn’t know, according to the probable-cause statement. The boy said Abdi-Dahar kicked him, so he tried to shove him away. The boy was in the crosswalk when he said Abdi-Dahar stabbed him and he fell to the ground.

The man stabbed the boy in the neck, narrowly missing his carotid artery, and then kicked him multiple times in the head as he lay on the ground bleeding, according to the prosecutor’s office.

Police said the man told them he was trying to kill the victim, wanted to kill white people and wanted to shoot police officers, according to the probable-cause statement. On the way to King County Jail, Abdi-Dahar offered to take police to the knife. Police said Abdi-Dahar led them to the spot where he said he buried the knife, which they then located.

By: Jessica Oh Updated: Jan 9, 2019 - 1:04 AM

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Colin Flaherty (Author of Don't Make the Black Kids Angry and Knockout Game)Commentary News Video "Video emerges of mob attack near Magnificent Mile" black mob violence crime rioting attack assault beat punch
CWB Chicago tonight has secured cellphone video of Saturday evening’s mob attack in a downtown subway station that left three people injured, including a man who reportedly suffered a broken eye socket.

Surveillance images of six men wanted in connection with the attack were released by Chicago police late on New Year’s Eve. Nearly all of the suspects have been identified, according to a police department source.

The attack at the State-Chicago Red Line station followed two hours of “large group” disruptions along the Magnificent Mile.

On social media, friends of suspected offenders have been cracking racist, anti-Asian jokes about the violent attack, which some are blaming on a group of young men who call themselves “Duhh Boys.” Widespread comments suggest the man in the video was targeted for his Canada Goose jacket, which the attackers failed to get control of.

Others have called the suspects out for their alleged behavior.

“mfkas Saying duhh boys jumped on ppl for a coat. Dt n they gon get arrest,” wrote one Facebook observer.

Following a series of similar violent attacks on Michigan Avenue and Chicago Avenue this spring, Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson chalked the events up to "kids do[ing] goofy things."

Tuesday, January 01, 2019

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Colin Flajhaerty (Author of Don't Make the Black Kids angry) Commentary News Video "Suspect in Stop N Go deadly shooting officially charged with murder, armed robbery - Police and FBI found Antonio McRae Saturday at his home in the Beech Grove Apartments and said they found the gun and clothing seen on surveillance video." black crime murder homicide robbery convenience store
WHAS11) – The man accused of killing a Southern Indiana gas station owner remained silent as he walked into court on Jan. 3.

Antonio McRae is officially charged with murder and armed robbery.

Author: WHAS Staff
Published: 12:19 PM EST January 3, 2019
Updated: 3:17 PM EST January 3, 2019

3 years, 8 months ago

Colin Flaherty (Author of Don't Make the Black Kids Angry) Commentary News Video "NAACP Find No Misconduct in HPD’s Actions after Controversial Tazer Incident" Police body camera hostility chimp out sign summons shut down party noise complaint
HARRISONBURG, Va. (WVIR) - A Harrisonburg woman is recovering after being tazed and arrested last week, when police interrupted a gathering at her apartment.

Police officers were responding to a noise complaint when Melissa Duncan was tazed, as you can see in the Harrisonburg Police Department body camera footage. The incident was also captured by Melissa’s wife on her phone.

Duncan was released from police custody on bail that was posted by Nexus Services.

Nexus says they are funding her legal defense, and that the behavior of the police officers who responded cannot be tolerated.

“That’s just not acceptable and if we allow that to happen in this case it will happen over and over again and all of us will be worse off because our rights won’t be protected. We have to stand up and fight this now because this needs to change so that people in Harrisonburg can be safe from police violence and misconduct,” said CEO of Nexus Mike Donovan. “The reason it’s so serious is because Melissa’s rights were violated, I mean we have a video that shows police officers grabbing her throwing her to the ground, two officers tazing her.”

The Harrisonburg Rockingham NAACP claims to have seen full footage of the incident, provided by Harrisonburg Police Department, and did not find wrongdoing with the actions of the officers.

3 years, 9 months ago

Colin Flaherty (Author of Don't Make the Black Kids Angry) Commentary News Video "NAACP Find No Misconduct in HPD’s Actions after Controversial Tazer Incident" Police body camera hostility chimp out sign summons shut down party noise complaint
HARRISONBURG, Va. (WVIR) - A Harrisonburg woman is recovering after being tazed and arrested last week, when police interrupted a gathering at her apartment.

Police officers were responding to a noise complaint when Melissa Duncan was tazed, as you can see in the Harrisonburg Police Department body camera footage. The incident was also captured by Melissa’s wife on her phone.

Duncan was released from police custody on bail that was posted by Nexus Services.

Nexus says they are funding her legal defense, and that the behavior of the police officers who responded cannot be tolerated.

“That’s just not acceptable and if we allow that to happen in this case it will happen over and over again and all of us will be worse off because our rights won’t be protected. We have to stand up and fight this now because this needs to change so that people in Harrisonburg can be safe from police violence and misconduct,” said CEO of Nexus Mike Donovan. “The reason it’s so serious is because Melissa’s rights were violated, I mean we have a video that shows police officers grabbing her throwing her to the ground, two officers tazing her.”

The Harrisonburg Rockingham NAACP claims to have seen full footage of the incident, provided by Harrisonburg Police Department, and did not find wrongdoing with the actions of the officers.

3 years, 9 months ago

Colin Flaherty (Author of Don't Make the Black Kids Angy) Commentary News video "Driver Caught On Video Trying To Run Down Pedestrians Outside Synagogue Faces Hate Crime Charges" "Orthodox Jewish boy attacked on Brooklyn street"
November 26, 2018 at 10:30 pm
HANCOCK PARK (CBSLA) – A driver is charged with a hate crime after he allegedly tried to run down two people outside a synagogue in Hancock Park Friday night before being involved in a violent wreck.

Thirty-two-year-old Mohamed Abdi Mohamed of Seattle was arrested on charges of assault with a deadly weapon. The case has been classified as a hate crime, Los Angeles Police Department Deputy Chief Horace Frank said at a news conference at LAPD headquarters. On Tuesday, the L.A. County district attorney’s office charged Abdi with two felony counts of assault with a deadly weapon, a vehicle, as well as a hate crime allegation. He was expected to be arraigned Tuesday afternoon.

Security footage provided to CBS2 showed the car in question making a hard U-turn and driving at the men.

“He’s yelling out hateful remarks regarding Jewish heritage and regarding these people of faith,” LAPD Chief Michel Moore said Monday. “They watch him as he then turns his vehicle directly at them.”

Cameras then caught the car reversing course and trying to strike the men again.

The intersection where the alleged attack took place has two synagogues. It also happened on the Sabbath, where many Jewish people are walking in traditional attire.

“Why he chose us?” the victim asked. “Probably because of the yarmulkes on our heads.”

Moments later, home surveillance video captured footage of the same car running a stop sign and careening into another oncoming car.

Mohamed was arrested at the scene. A knife was found in his vehicle, but there was no indication the suspect was driving under the influence, Frank said. A photo snapped by a bystander showed a Koran on the dashboard of his car.

By Tina Moore, Stephanie Pagones and Lorena Mongelli November 29, 2018 | 11:22am
A 9-year-old Orthodox Jewish boy was randomly attacked by a stranger in Brooklyn in what police are investigating as a possible hate crime — the first of two similar incidents that occurred within an hour of each other, authorities said Thursday.

Without saying a word, the passerby approached and punched him repeatedly in the face before rushing off, police said

3 years, 9 months ago

Colin Flaherty Commentary Video "'I'm sick of this little bitch: Daycare worker admits killing eight-month-old girl by suffocating her with a blanket after complaining she wouldn't sleep as CCTV shows dying child thrashing her legs to escape"
Walden (left) was said to have been frustrated at Bowman (right) because the baby wouldn't go to sleep

Leah Walden, 24, admitted the murder of little Reese Bowman, at Rocket Tiers Learning Center, Baltimore in May 2017, at a court hearing on Tuesday, wbaltv reports.

In heartbreaking scenes, Reese's father Justin Bowman wept as he told the court: 'I will never see my girl take her first steps, hold her, kiss her, comfort her when she's scared, hear her say "I love you". I am devastated.'

Turning to Walden and pointing he said: 'Reese Annette Bowman accomplished more in her short life than this woman ever will.'

Walden tried to explain her actions by saying she had snapped and had not been given appropriate training or assistance for her job.

The court heard that Walden returned from lunch and became frustrated that baby Reese would not sleep.

She then slapped her and pinned her down before piling blankets over her face and suffocating her.

Walden initially claimed she had fed the baby and put her in a crib for a nap before coming back 45 minutes later to find the girl unresponsive.

But her argument unraveled after the center's CCTV revealed the truth.

Walden was seen covering the baby with 'excessive blankets for long periods of time'.

She was also filmed covering the child's face with a pillow, violently snatching the baby and slapping her.

November 28, 2018

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Colin Flaherty (Author of Don't Make the Black Kids Angry) Commentary Video "Someone hung nooses at the Mississippi Capitol on eve of racially charged U.S. Senate runoff" "Seven nooses, signs found at Mississippi State Capitol" racial hoax political corruption voter fraud rally black vote
By Cleve R. Wootson Jr.
Cleve R. Wootson Jr. November 26
Authorities removed two nooses and six hate signs found on the grounds of the Mississippi State Capitol on the eve of a U.S. Senate runoff election featuring a black Democrat — and a white incumbent criticized for pro-Confederacy stances and remarks about a “public hanging.”

State Capitol police took down the nooses and the signs and said they are investigating, according to Jackson, Miss., NBC affiliate WLBT. Authorities have not released images of the signs or surveillance video, which they are reviewing to determine who is responsible. They also haven’t released details about any suspect.

The signs appeared on the same day that President Trump was scheduled to campaign in the Magnolia State for Republican Cindy Hyde-Smith. She was appointed to the Senate in March to fill the seat of an ailing Thad Cochran and was widely expected to win the race to fill the remaining two years of the term in the Republican-leaning state.

Voters will cast ballots on Tuesday for the last U.S. Senate seat still up for grabs in this election cycle. If Hyde-Smith wins, Republicans would hold 53 seats in the 100-member Senate.

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Colin Flaherty (Author of Don't Make the Black Kids Angry, White Girl Bleed A Lot and Knockout Game) Commentary Video "Police: Video shows 'brutal' attack on store clerk" convenience store CCTV camera - black hostility crime criminality attack assault punch hit knock down
North College Hill police are searching for a man they say punched a store clerk after his card was declined.

The attack happened Tuesday just before 6 p.m.

"The victim ... attempted to calm the suspect down," police said. "As she was assisting another customer, the suspect began yelling at her and at one moment struck and punched her in the face."

Surveillance footage shows she got back on her feet and the man continued to follow her.

Anyone who can identify the man is asked to call North College Hill police at 513-521-7171.

Cameron Knight, Cincinnati Enquirer Published 10:21 a.m. ET Nov. 23, 2018 | Updated 10:24 a.m. ET Nov. 23, 2018

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Colin Flaherty (Author of Don't Make the Black Kids angry and Knockout Game) Cell phone Video: Fellas Don't Seem To Like The Cops In England Either. Black hostility crime attacks assaults

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Colin Flaherty (Author of Don;t Make the black Kids Angry, White girl bleed A Lot and Knockout Game) Commentary Video "Woman charged with assault after scuffle with police caught on video"
A woman who had a tight grip on a Jersey City police officer's hair and refused to let go was charged with aggravated assault on a police officer and other offenses Thursday, authorities said.

Police were responding to a car crash in which three people were injured on Armstrong Avenue near Martin Luther King Drive at 1:54 p.m. when they encountered a large crowd at the accident scene, Jersey City spokeswoman Ashley Manz said.

Police were still dispersing the crowd about 30 minutes later when Kimberly Sanders, 35, of Jersey City, got into a dispute with one of the officers, Manz said.

A video of the incident, posted on The Hood Report Facebook page, shows Sanders and a woman police officer entangled and both of them swinging wildly at each other. The video also shows two other female officers intercede with punches in an attempt to loosen Sanders' grip on the other officer's hair.

Updated Nov 9; Posted Nov 9

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Colin Flaherty Commentary Video "Police video of black GOP campaigner's arrest in Iowa made public"
A black campaign worker canvassing in West Des Moines for Rep. David Young was arrested after he refused to identify himself or answer questions from officers who had received a complaint. West Des Moines Police Department, Special to the Register

West Des Moines police released an officer’s body-camera video Wednesday of the controversial arrest of a black campaign worker who said he was racially profiled.

“People need to see for a second the world from a cop’s eyes and that’s what we’re going to do today,” West Des Moines Police Chief Chris Scott said just moments before releasing the video.

West Des Moines Police Officer Clint Ray responded to a call to the department’s non-emergency line Oct. 29 of a black man in the 5700 block of Aspen Drive who had fliers in his hand, was leaning on a mailbox and taking pictures of houses.

That man — Keilon Hill, 24, of Baton Rouge, Louisiana — was campaigning for U.S. Rep. David Young as part of a contract with “Defending Main Street,” a Republican political action committee based in Washington, D.C.

Hill — who swore at the officer — was arrested on a charge of harassment of a public official after he refused to identify himself or answer Ray’s questions.

Hill and Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement contend he was racially profiled, that officers did not describe what they were investigating, and there was no reason for the detainment.

The nearly 13-minute police video released Wednesday is not drastically different in content than the video posted by CCI except that it shows the minutes leading up to Hill being questioned.

The videos show Ray telling Hill on multiple occasions that’s he’s investigating a “suspicious person,” which he said was a result of a neighbor’s call. It also shows Ray telling Hill that West Des Moines has a solicitation ordinance.

A key question is whether the arresting officers had the authority — or the responsibility — to require Hill to identify himself, a point of law sometimes referenced as the "reasonable suspicion standard."

It generally requires that officers have a reasonable suspicion before they stop a person.

“Tell me what laws I’ve broken, sir,” Hill says on the video to the officer.

Jason Clayworth, Des Moines Register Published 6:29 p.m. CT Nov. 14, 2018 | Updated 7:17 a.m. CT Nov. 15, 2018

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Author Colin Flaherty Commentary Video "Racist note left on CMU dorm door, students unite to denounce hate" "Black man fined $2,000 for racist graffiti that rocked ‘quiet’ Michigan community" "For second time in two years, racist slur at Kansas State was a hoax, police say"

By Amy Hybels | Posted: Fri 12:02 AM, Nov 09, 2018 | Updated: Fri 1:08 AM, Nov 09, 2018
MOUNT PLEASANT (WJRT) (11/08/18) - Students at Central Michigan University gathered for a peaceful protest Thursday evening after a racist message was written on a whiteboard outside the door of three African American students who live on campus.

Clark Mindock New York @ClarkMindock
Tuesday 22 May 2018 14:57
A black man who spray painted racist messages against African Americans at a Michigan college has been fined $2,000 for the action, which he admitted to doing.

Eddie Curlin, a 29-year-old former student of Eastern Michigan University, found out about his punishment after pleading guilty to malicious destruction of property. The incidents occurred late last year and into the spring, when the three messages of hate shocked the otherwise quiet campus in Ypsilanti.

The first of those three messages came in September, when students were shocked to find “KKK” written in red, white, and blue paint on the side of a dormitory alongside a threat that told African Americans to “leave” the school.

The second came on Halloween when a similar message was scrawled on a different building near a monument to Reverend Martin Luther King Jr, this time using the n-word to tell black students to leave.

The final ugly message was left in a men’s restroom stall.

“It really has rocked our community,” Judith Kullberg, a political scientist at the school, told The Washington Post. “In this whole context of a very tense presidential election, it has raised anxiety here considerably.

Campus police have said that the over 1,000 hours of investigation have revealed that the incidents weren’t motivated by politics, or even race.

“It was an individual item done by one individual, Robert Heighes, the campus chief of police, told the student newspaper the Eastern Echo.

The United States saw a disturbing increase in hate crimes during President Donald Trump political ascension in 2016, after years of decline in the number of reported cases.

The number of those crimes jumped by nearly 300 incidents in 2016 compared to 2015, according to data from the FBI released in November. All told, there were 6,121 reported incidents that year, compared to 5,850 the year before.

BY JASON TIDD November 08, 2018 04:50 PM Updated November 08, 2018 07:55 PM
For the second time in two years, the person who reported a written racist slur found on or near Kansas State University has admitted that it was a hoax, police said.

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Colin Flaherty Commentary video "Controversial “Metro Gang Anthem” rap video goes viral, sparks concerns for St. Louis residents | News Headlines"
ST. LOUIS (KMOV.com) – A rap video filmed on the MetroLink has gone viral and has many locals concerned as the group’s lyrics resembles crimes that actually happened on the public transit system.

A rap video called “Metro Gang Anthem” has over 15,000 views and has been shared on Facebook almost 1,000 times. The video feature local rapper Laa Moe and takes place on a metro train and shows the rappers down the track, rapping lyrics like “this is a stick up [expletives] move and I’ll shoot.”

A concerning lyric given the robberies, shootings and even homicides that have happened on or near the metro property.

READ: Man beaten on MetroLink, dragged back onto train as he tried to crawl to safety

But the video creator, Mike Lowery, of Bad Guy Productions, says it’s just a parody.

“It’s not meant to hurt anybody or cause any kind of harm or gang activity people commonly use the MetroLink,” said Lowery.

The video kicks off with the Metro logo along with the word ‘gang’.

“Facebook, Youtube, Instagram. Everybody’s heard it,” said Amonica Johnson, a Metro passenger.

Johnson said in the 48 hours it’s been released, she and her friends already know the words. and her friends all know the words.

“It’s just a fun video that they’re being silly about,” she said.

But for those concerned about security on the Metro say it’s not a laughing matter. One man in town for a conference said law enforcement presence has been scarce.

“I’ve used it four days this week and one night there was [security] but the other three,” said Jeffrey Bolden, who is in town from San Francisco. “Obviously the later it gets, the less safe you feel.”

A security officer is featured in the rap video but appears to do nothing about the group rapping on the train.

“They were just like stop, they didn’t make us stop, in the video it shows they were just staring around watching,” said Lowrey.

Lowery says the group purchased tickets but did not have any permission to film be on Metro property.

Metro spokesperson Patti Beck said the recording and related activity is strictly prohibited.

Friday, November 16, 2018

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Colin Flaherty Commentary Video "Mom Beaten on Subway Over Son's Costume Question Speaks Out in Exclusive Interview"
A mother who was beaten on a train after her 8-year-old son asked her why another child on the train was wearing a costume said her attacker hit her so hard that her "feet lifted off the floor."

Margaret Nielson, 50, was on an E train at 74th Street and Roosevelt Avenue with her son two days after Halloween when her son noticed another child wearing a costume, she told NBC 4 New York in an exclusive interview.

The costume caught her son's eye because he enjoys wearing costumes and often dresses up as different superheroes, Nielson said.

"... [H]e looked over and he saw a little boy about six wearing a bumblebee costume," Nielson said. "To see somebody his age wearing stuff that he wears, and especially out on the train... he thought that was the coolest thing."

Police say the two women with the bumblebee costume-clad child were upset by Nielson's son's comment.

"She got up, and she was screaming at me, screaming at me," Nielson recalled. "She started cursing at me, telling me to tell my kid to show some respect, and have some respect."

"I was like, 'He wasn't speaking to you, he was speaking to me. And it was an innocent comment from an 8-year-old kid,'" Nielson said.

That's when one of the women attacked Nielson, she recalled.

By Marc Santia
Published Nov 14, 2018 at 4:51 PM | Updated at 7:09 PM EST on Nov 14, 2018

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Colin Flaherty 9Authr of Don't Make the Black kids Angry) Commentary Video "Hollywood Hysteria: Jada Pinkett Smith Says ‘Blonde Hair On White Women Triggers Me’" Black hostility toward white. Nobody is hiddint it.
Hollywood actress Jada Pinkett Smith made some highly prejudiced comments on Monday against white people, and even said that “blonde hair on white women triggers me.”

While appearing on an episode of “Red Table Talk,” Pinkett Smith said she has found herself prejudging women based on race, and once thought “twice” about doing an interview because the interviewer was a white woman with blonde hair.

“I have to admit I’m guilty to that to a certain degree because I do have my own biases, specifically to blonde women,” Pinkett Smith said.

“Blonde hair on white women just triggers me,” said the 47-year-old who is married to actor Will Smith. “I’ve had to catch myself.”

Ironically enough, her comments came in response to a discussion on racial divides in America.

And, rather than speak about ideas to bring more people together, the actress instead made incredibly divisive and racial comments about white women.

November 13, 2018 Martin

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Colin Flaherty (Author of don't Make the Black Kids Angry) Commentary Video "Black teen arrested for violating mall's 'no hoodie' dress code; man who defended him also detained" "Large MPD presence at Wolfchase Mall; large fight avoided"
A former journalist is accusing police of racial profiling after an incident caught on video shows a black teen being arrested for violating a mall’s “no hoodie” dress code policy.

The video was posted to Facebook on Sunday by Peggy D. McKenzie, the wife of the accuser, Kevin McKenzie, who is also black. In a caption, Peggy shares her husband’s account of the confrontation and reveals that Kevin was later arrested too, allegedly for defending the teen and arguing that the dress code rule was discriminatory. The post is now going viral, with many commenters thanking Kevin for publicizing the incident.

The incident started when the McKenzies were headed to a cell phone store at Wolfchase Galleria in Memphis and spotted an “older white male security guard following a group of young black men not far from a mall entrance,” according to Kevin, 59, who said his “antenna went up” when he saw the young black men being targeted.

Kevin claims that as soon as the teens began to outpace the guard, the guard pulled out his radio to call in reinforcements. That’s when a black law enforcement officer appeared and escorted the young men out of the shopping center. When Kevin asked authorities what was going on, he said he was told the boys’ hoodie sweatshirts had violated a mall policy. “Hoodie profiling was news to me,” Kevin wrote.

A “code of conduct” posted at Wolfchase Galleria makes no mention of hoodie sweatshirts and only touches on its dress code by stating “Wear appropriate clothing.” McKenzie acknowleged to Yahoo Lifestyle that the mall has seen its share of crime, and that he understands “they don’t want people to come in and not be able to be identified through the cameras,” but he didn’t see any kids with their hoods up that day. He added, “To make the leap from having a crime problems to a hoodie profiling policy that ends up with a young man in hadcuuffeds is not the way to go.”
Kristine Solomon November 6, 2018

By WMCActionNews5.com Staff | March 19, 2015 at 9:23 PM CDT - Updated July 2 at 9:10 AM
Large MPD presence at Wolfchase Mall; large fight avoided

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Colin Flaherty Commentary Video "Racist sign posted on door of Jardine residence" "Racist note on K-State apartment door was a hoax" "Racist graffiti painted on car near K-State was a fraud"
By Kaylie Mclaughlin - Nov 6, 2018
When Brodrick Burse returned to his home from campus Monday night, he found a sign with a racial slur clipped to the doorframe of his second-floor Jardine Apartments residence.

“Beware N*****s Live Here!!! Knock at your own risk,” the sign read.

At about 8 p.m., Burse, junior in mass communications, posted an image on his Twitter. The tweet, which generated more than 300 retweets in less than 24 hours, included the sign in an attached photo.

“It’s 2018 and this was posted on my apartment door. This is still happening here at @KState,” Burse wrote. “I refuse to let this blatant racism stop me from moving onward and upward.”

By Ann Olamiju and Nick Viviani | Posted: Wed 10:27 PM, Nov 07, 2018 | Updated: Thu 4:03 PM, Nov 08, 2018
MANHATTAN, Kan. (WIBW) -- The racist note reportedly left on the door of a Kansas State student was actually put there by the student himself, University officials said Thursday.

Campus police began investigating the note Monday after the student posted a picture of it on the door frame of his home at Jardine Apartments. The note read, "Beware n***ers live here! Knock at your own risk."

Investigators say the student admitted making the sign and hanging it.

The school says they will handle the situation “in accordance with applicable disciplinary procedures.” Officials did not define what that entailed.

November 06, 2017 03:48 PM
Updated November 08, 2017 10:51 AM
An incident in which racist slurs were painted on a car near the Kansas State University campus last week was a hoax, and the man who painted the slurs has apologized.

Riley County Police reported Monday afternoon that the owner of the car, Dauntarius Williams, 21, of Manhattan, admitted to investigators he was responsible for the graffiti.

Law enforcement officials, however, decided not to file charges against Williams.

The two law enforcement agencies concluded that despite having filed a false report, criminal charges against Williams would not be in the best interests of the citizens of Manhattan.

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Colin Flaherty (Author of Don't Make the Black Kids Angry) Commentary on Cell Phone Video of Student Punching a Teacher that just fought cancer. black violence attacks assaults hits kicks smacks at Fredrick Douglass school in the classroom

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Colin Flaherty (Author of Don't Make the Black Kids Angry) Commentary Video "Louis Farrakhan Chants ‘Death to America’ During Visit to Iran" "LOUIS FARRAKHAN REFERS TO THE U.S. AS "GREAT SATAN" DURING A TEHRAN UNIVERSITY SPEECH; SAYS TO IRANIANS: IF YOU PERSEVERE IN YOUR REVOLUTION DESPITE THE SANCTIONS, "VICTORY WILL BE YOURS."" black hostility criminality
Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan led chants of “death to America” on Sunday and derided American conceptions of democracy and freedom during a visit to Iran, planned as a show of support for the regime ahead of the re-implementation of U.S. sanctions.

Farrakhan, a notorious anti-Semite who has been embraced by prominent liberal activists and lawmakers, railed against American policymakers for harassing the Iranian people and siding with Saudi Arabia in its proxy war with Iran in Yemen.

“I understand how the enemies have plotted against the Iranian people and I would like to stay alongside you to stop their plots,” he said during a meeting with the secretary of Iran’s Expediency Council, Mohsen Rezaei, according to state-owned news agency Mehr. “Satan seeks to divide Muslims and wants them to kill each other, while God tells us in the Quran to be united.”

“America has never been a democracy and has always leaned towards the wealthy and powerful class,” he said before leading the law students in chanting “Death to Israel” and “Death to America.”

Asked about his relationship with Farrakhan, Representative Danny Davis (D., Ill.) said “I don’t regard Louis Farrakhan as an aberration or anything, I regard him as an outstanding human being who commands a following of individuals who are learned and articulate and he plays a big role in the lives of thousands and thousands and thousands and thousands of people.”

Representative Keith Ellison(D., Minn.), who is now running to be Minnesota’s attorney general, has met privately with Farrakhan on multiple occasions. Then-senator Barack Obama’s 2005 meeting with Farrakhan was captured in a recently released photograph.

November 5, 2018 11:40 AM


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Colin Flaherty Commentary Video "Cousins brutally beaten while trick-or-treating in Atlantic County" Christie Ileto Egg Harbor City New Jersey Halloween
Assault. Black mob violence hostility criminality crime punched hit in face broken jaw bone and stitches knocked unconscious
EGG HARBOR CITY, N.J. (WPVI) -- A South Jersey man says he and his teenage cousin were assaulted Wednesday night over a bag of candy while they were trick-or-treating.

Daniel Peterson's face shows the result of the Halloween attack in Egg Harbor City, Atlantic County. He suffered a broken jaw and needed 28 stitches

"I probably got hit in the face 20 times within two seconds," said Peterson.

Peterson says they were approached by a group of teens just a couple of blocks away from their home. Peterson and his cousin Ethan Drey tried to ignore the jeers, but it quickly got violent.

Drey, who has autism, said the attackers were armed with knives, bats, glass bottles, and metal poles.

Peterson recalled the group saying, 'Hit him, hit him, take his candy, get the white boy's candy.'

Drey said the attack was fast. He was knocked unconscious, while Peterson bore the brunt of the beating.

"I thought they killed him. It was so gruesome that if you had been there, you would have thought he would have been dead," said Drey.

The attack itself happened on Arago Street, a dark, side-street near Philadelphia Avenue.

By Christie Ileto
Friday, November 02, 2018 05:15AM

Link to gofundme https://www.gofundme.com/please-help-danny-amp-ethan

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Colin Flaherty Commentary: "Video: Maywood Academy Teacher Arrested After Punching Student In Class" Media Leaves Out Key Elements Of The Whole Story. Black hostility violence attacks assault hitting throw punch hit with object threatens teacher defends fights back
MAYWOOD (CBSLA) — A teacher at Maywood Academy High School was arrested Friday after a violent altercation with a student inside a classroom.

In the video, the teacher, identified as 64-year-old Marston Riley, can be seen decking the student after a confrontation. The two then go at it in a horribly disturbing fist fight, reports CBS2’s Tom Wait, all of this unfolding in a band class full of stunned students, some who recorded the incident with their cell phones.

The beating is nonstop, with the teacher wailing on the student, even using an object, perhaps his phone, to pummel the boy to the ground. Students and an adult try to pull the student away, but the teacher is relentless — the student struggled to escape.

“It was just back and forth, back and forth, and then the teacher just decided to throw a punch and that’s when everything happened,” the student said.

The fallout from the video is just beginning. Parents are furious.

November 2, 2018 at 11:59 pm

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Colin Flaherty (Author of White Girl Bleed A Lot, knockout Game and Don't Make the Black Kids Angry) Podcast Commentary Video: Cop Killer's Family and Community - Black mob violence assaults murder. Police Duty. we will always get out of our car.

Cop killer’s wife: He should have killed more cops. Reporter gets fired for not liking it. source http://whitegirlbleedalot.com/cop-killers-wife-killed-cops/ Date July 15, 2014

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Author Colin Flaherty Commentary "VIDEO: Students facing expulsion after Lorain High School fight leaves at least three teachers injured" "Black students are punished twice as often as white students in Lexington schools" black mob violence, attacks, criminality, out of control, dangerous, hostile
LORAIN, Ohio -- More violence in the halls of Lorain High School, leaving three teachers hurt and three students facing expulsion. And now, the school board president is speaking out once again about the escalating situation in the Lorain City Schools.

There is cell phone video of a fight inside Lorain High School Wednesday that injured at least three teachers trying to break it up.

According to the Lorain City School District, the fight broke out right after a fire drill on the second floor.

“This is absolutely disturbing. This is something that has been going on for months now,” said school board president Tony Dimacchia.

According to Dimacchia, the recent outbreak of violence and incidents at the high school is the result of change in the state’s takeover and lack of leadership from CEO David Hardy.

[email protected]
October 29, 2017 02:45 PM
Updated October 30, 2017 09:55 AM
There are roughly twice as many white students as black students enrolled in Fayette County public schools. But last school year, nearly twice as many black students were given in-school suspensions compared to white students.

The same held for out-of-school suspensions, with twice as many black students being disciplined as white students.

That striking disparity in disciplinary rates compared to the district’s overall demographics is leading to new questions for district leaders. The fact that black students are punished twice as often as white students means the district needs new practices and policies, said NAACP education chair Shambra Mulder.

▪ In 2016-17, 22.4 percent or 9,042 students in the district were black; 52.2 percent or 21,074 were white. Almost 16 percent, or 6, 405 were Hispanic and 1, 826 Asian. The total number of students in the district for 2016-17 in the district was 40,404.

▪ Black students in Fayette County accounted for 10,758 in-school suspensions in 2016-17, compared with 5,358 in-school suspensions for whites.

▪ There were 2,312 out-of-school suspensions for blacks in the school district compared with 1,185 out-of-school suspensions for white students in 2016-17, according to data on the district’s Kentucky Department of Education Report Card.

▪ The data in the district report card for 2016-17 showed that black students were involved in 12,649 incidents ranging from assault to tobacco offenses compared with 6,525 white students.

▪ Hispanic students were involved in 477 out-of-school suspensions in 2016-17 and 2,292 in-school suspensions.

▪ District officials reported to the state that black students were found in violation in 817 bullying and harassment incidents, compared to 444 incidents in which white students were found in violation.

▪ The district reported that black students were found in violation in 94 drug incidents, compared to 74 incidents for whites. Black students were expelled and received services from the district in four incidents as opposed to one white student. There were seven arrests of black students reported in 2016-17. One white student was arrested.

▪ One area in which white students committed more offenses was in tobacco: 96 incidents for whites, 23 for blacks.

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Colin Flaherty (Author of Don't Make the Black Kids Angry and Knockout Game) Commentary Video: What Violence Against Jews Really Looks Like In America. Hint It's not Trumps Fault. Black mob hostility criminality anti jew attacks assaults punched kicked beat up but not robbed

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Author Colin Flaherty Commentary Video "Bullied in school, a Northeast Philly woman won a $500,000 judgment. Her case could ripple." black school violence fights attacks beatings. assaults on playground, schoolyard and bathroom
by Kristen A. Graham, Posted: October 27, 2018
The harassment began when Amanda Wible was in elementary school in Northeast Philadelphia: Classmates called her names and ostracized her for being different, the kind of kid who dressed in loose clothes and didn't conform to society's idea of what a little girl should look or act like.

It started with name-calling — "A-man-duh" — and escalated to physical attacks over nearly a decade at four different Philadelphia public schools. Wible was punched, shoved, spit on, even beaten by as many as 10 students at once, according to court records.

Wible eventually fled the district, enrolling in cyber school to escape the bullies who tormented her and the adults who let it happen. In May, a Philadelphia Common Pleas Court judge ordered the Philadelphia School District to pay Wible $500,000 in damages.

It was the first time a court has held a Pennsylvania school district liable for student-on-student harassment under the state's Human Relations Act, in what experts call a "landmark" decision that could have broad implications for other bullied children and the systems that educate them.

The district has challenged the ruling, arguing that Amanda was not the victim of systemic bullying, that what she experienced wasn't discriminatory or gender-based, and that it shouldn't be held liable under the Pennsylvania Human Relations Act.

Most states have bullying laws on the books, but their content and enforcement varies. And the legal ground is still uneven. In 1999, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that schools could be held liable for failing to stop peer-to-peer sexual harassment. In 2007, New Jersey's Supreme Court held the Toms River School District responsible in the case of a student who was bullied because he was gay. Five years later, a Missouri appellate court made a similar ruling in the case of a Kansas City student who was sexually harassed at school.

But before Wible's case, there were no such protections in Pennsylvania. In the past, school districts have successfully argued that the Pennsylvania Human Relations Act, typically invoked in employment situations, does not protect children from student-on-student bullying based on race, gender, or any other "protected class" status. In fact, before Wible's case was decided, a trial court said the law did not protect a gender-nonconforming boy who was bullied and eventually sexually assaulted at Bryant Elementary in West Philadelphia. (That decision is being appealed.)

At Pollock Elementary, where Wible enrolled in 2003, the problems began with schoolyard taunts. She could shake them off at first — she was smart, a gifted writer who loved to learn and devoured books.

"It was mostly name-calling; kids would talk about how I looked, and the fact that I dressed like a boy," said Wible. "But it got worse. School got horrible; I never wanted to go. The classroom situation was too stressful to be in."

By the time Wible was in fifth grade, the harassment turned physical, she said. Both Wible and her mother, Juanita Jones-Wible, alerted school officials, who once suspended an older male student who terrorized Amanda. But his behavior persisted, according to court records, and the authorities failed to act beyond the single suspension.

"It started almost right away — name-calling, pushing, shoving. I'd be hit; I'd have things stolen from me," Wible said. "I'd report things all the time, and they'd tell me: 'Ignore them. It will stop. We'll talk to them.' "

Once, a large group of students physically attacked Wible, according to court records; administrators blamed the attack on Wible and suspended her. She began having panic attacks.

"If those things had happened in an office, the people who harassed my daughter would be arrested," said Jones-Wible. "The school district should not be exempt from following the laws that govern our society. Nobody should have to send their kids into that situation."

3 years, 11 months ago

Colin Flaherty (Author of White Girl Bleed A Lot) Commentary Video "Police: Man punched after game of pool at Queen Village restaurant" "Police Searching For Man Who Punched Female Temple University Student In Face On SEPTA Train" mass transit knockout game. black hostility attacks assaults violence
POSTED: OCT 24 2018 05:01PM EDT
UPDATED: OCT 24 2018 05:18PM EDT
QUEEN VILLAGE (WTXF) - Police say a man is recovering after a brutal punch outside a Queen Village restaurant.

The incident happened on October 5. What happened started out as a dispute over pool that turned a little rough with pushing and punches. Police say when the aggressor was kicked out of the restaurant, he waited outside and delivered a brutal punch.

"To lay in wait outside the bar and catch the victim coming out and cold-cock him basically it's not legal," Philadelphia Police Captain Sekou Kinebrew.

The victim suffered injuries to his face and is trying to help police, but investigators say it was a pick-up game of pool and he doesn't know his attacker.

By Cleve BryanOctober 23, 2018 at 6:20 pm
RENTON, N.J. (CBS) — Authorities are searching for a man who punched a female Temple University student in the face on a SEPTA train in Trenton.

Wintemberg says a man seated behind her was looking for information about how soon to get off the train. She gave him a time estimate and reassured him he would know it was time to get off because it was the end of the line.

“And I said this in a very polite tone,” said Wintemberg.

She says the man gave her a long stare and when the train stopped at the Trenton station, he came up and punched her in the face.

“He just wailed on me and he hit pretty hard. In the moments after, I really had no idea what was happening,” she said. “I just felt a lot of blood, a lot of blood.”

3 years, 11 months ago

Colin Flaherty (Author of Don't Make the Black kids Angry) Commentary Video "Panthers' Eric Reid angrily confronts the Eagles' Malcolm Jenkins before labeling him a 'sellout' and 'neo-colonialist' for not kneeling during the national anthem... sparking praise from Colin Kaepernick" Gibs Me Dat or I Burn It Down
Safeties for Eagles and Panthers met for a tense exchange before game started
Reid needed to be restrained by teammates as he yelled at Jenkins
Two men have been feuding since Players Coalition struck deal with NFL
Coalition was promised by owners almost $100million to tackle social issues
In exchange, owners wanted players to refrain from protesting during anthem
Reid was angry because Jenkins intentionally left Kaepernick out
Reid was one of first NFL players along with Kaepernick to kneel in protest
Kaepernick posted a tweet saying: '#ImwithReid'
PUBLISHED: 18:31 EDT, 21 October 2018 | UPDATED: 07:20 EDT, 22 October 2018

3 years, 11 months ago

Author Colin Flaherty Commentary Video "Son of California police chief is arrested for brutal attack on Sikh man, 71, kicked and spat upon during morning walk - Sahib Singh tried to fight off his attackers but was kicked to the ground and repeatedly stomped in Manteca, California" Black teen hostility criminality violence dysfunction attacks assaults
PUBLISHED : Friday, 10 August, 2018, 8:10am
UPDATED : Friday, 10 August, 2018, 10:49pm
A San Francisco Bay Area police chief said his family is “shaken to the core” after his son was arrested in the beating of a 71-year-old Sikh man.

McAllister is the son of Union City Police Chief Darryl McAllister, who wrote Wednesday on Facebook that “words can barely describe how embarrassed, dejected, and hurt my wife, daughters, and I feel right now.”

The chief said his son began running away and getting into trouble about two years ago, committed several theft-related crimes and spent several months in juvenile detention. Later, as an adult, the younger McAllister spent another three months in jail, his father said.

3 years, 11 months ago

Author Colin Flaherty Commentary "Video shows man gets sliced in unprovoked pizzeria attack in the Bronx" "NYPD: Man's Eye Socket Cracked in Possible Hate-Crime Punch at Bronx Pizzeria" Wanted To Enjoy a Slice of Pizza. Got a Slice of anti white racially provoked Black Hostility Violence attack assault punched cut
By Tina Moore, Lorena Mongelli and Aaron Feis
October 17, 2018 | 2:35pm | Updated
A Bronx man trying to enjoy lunch at his favorite pizza joint had his face slashed and his eye socket broken with what he described as “a Mike Tyson punch” in an unprovoked bias attack, the victim told The Post.

“He starts rambling about ‘f–king white people,’ then he turns around and starts gesturing towards me about the evils of the white man, talking about how they’re the devils of the world,” said Bilcik, who is white. “And he’s pointing at me.”

The assailant, who is black, then tried to sit down at Bilcik’s table, despite the Mott Haven slice-shop being practically empty.

“You’re not a white man, you’re a white boy,” the suspect allegedly sneered, but rather than escalate the confrontation, Bilcik just got up and moved to another table, he said.

But the run-in wasn’t over. When Bilcik got up to throw out his trash and leave, the guy was waiting by the door.

When Bilcik tried to maneuver around the thug to the door, he smacked Bilcik in the face.

“I threw coffee at him, and then he punched me,” recalled Bilcik. “It’s a Mike Tyson punch. I’m lucky he didn’t keep hitting me.”

The brute also cut Bilcik across the face with a sharp object during the scrum, captured in brutal detail on surveillance video posted to YouTube by Bilcik.

“When I got hit, I felt very dizzy. My eye was mostly closed, and I had severe double vision,” he said. “I could’ve been knocked out. Blood was gushing from it.”

By Checkey Beckford
Published at 9:23 PM EDT on Oct 17, 2018 | Updated at 8:08 AM EDT on Oct 18, 2018
A man leaving a pizzeria in the Bronx was punched so hard in the face that his eye socket cracked and a vessel in his eye burst, and police say they are investigating it as a possible hate crime.

A man was punched in the face by a stranger inside a Bronx pizzeria, damaging his eye socket and retina, police say

Police are investigating it as a hate crime because the suspect allegedly made anti-white remarks to the victim before he attacked

The victim, who's lived in the neighborhood for nearly two decades, says he won't let the attack stop him from returning

3 years, 11 months ago

Colin Flaherty (Author of Don't Make the Black kids Angry Commentary Video: Brass Knuckles Beat Down For Honky Honking. Black on White Hostility Violence Attacks Assaults Dysfunction

3 years, 11 months ago

Colin Flaherty Commentary Video "Mayor of Brookhaven, other officials react to Forest Hill band performance at Brookhaven High School" "4th person charged with attacking officers, locking them inside Englewood home" "Bail reduced to $20K for man charged with trying to kill Alsip cop with car" Black mob violence hostility criminality and the denial deceit delusion and excuses that follow
By Waverly McCarthy and ShaCamree Gowdy | October 5, 2018 at 11:19 PM CDT - Updated October 8 at 6:48 PM
Many are saying the performance depicted students dressed as doctors and nurses holding SWAT team members at gunpoint.

Two Brookhaven police officers were killed in the line of duty responding to a shots fired call last week.

Jackson Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Errick L. Greene released a statement on Saturday.

"On behalf of the Jackson Public School (JPS) District, I want to offer my deep and sincere apologies for the performance by the Forest Hill High School band during Friday’s football half-time show in Brookhaven. Based loosely on the movie, “John Q,” the band’s performance depicted a hostage scene that included toy guns.

JPS has a great deal of respect and appreciation for our law enforcement partners. The band’s performance does not depict the values and people in our community, and was incredibly insensitive to the students, families, law enforcement officials and the entire Brookhaven community. For this we sincerely apologize to all, and we pledge to do better in the future.

We have taken some initial actions in response to this matter, and you have my commitment that we will investigate it fully and take additional appropriate action with respect to procedures and personnel."

10/10/2018, 01:27pm
About 2:30 p.m., police were arresting a person for spitting into an officer’s face in the 7000 block of South Throop when another person came up and threw a piece of wood at the back of an officer’s head, police said.

When the officers chased the person into a nearby home, other residents locked them inside, police said. The officers eventually got out and took three suspects into custody.

All four suspects live in Englewood, according to police.

They all appeared in court for bail hearings Tuesday before Judge Stephanie K. Miller, according to Cook County court records. Traylor and Williams were ordered held without bail, while bond was set at $10,000 for Lewis and Booker. All four of them were scheduled to appear in court again Oct. 15.

10/09/2018, 09:41pm
Bail was reduced on Tuesday for a 25-year-old man charged with trying to kill a suburban police office with his car during a traffic stop last week on the Far South Side.

At a hearing to review his bail on Tuesday, Campbell’s attorney Michael Oppenheimer said the police-involved shooting might have been racially motivated and questioned whether Chicago police were covering up for the suburban officer.

“Although this was an Alsip officer [who shot Campbell], this happened in Chicago and there is a history of cover-ups, as we saw last week,” Oppenheimer said in reference to the conviction of Chicago Police Officer Jason Van Dyke on Friday.

3 years, 11 months ago

Author, Colin Flaherty, White Girl Bleed a Lot, Podcast Video: Master Chim a.k.a. Justin Garcia Interview Discussion - Black mob violence hostility racial tension. Defending against black teens school years. Leftist media denial deceit delusion excusing black community hatred and violence toward white people Source http://whitegirlbleedalot.com/white-girl-bleed-lot-meets-master-chim-bronx/ Date July 08, 2018

3 years, 11 months ago

Colin Flaherty Commentary Video "Man accused of slugging 90-year-old woman is released from jail due to overcrowding"
By Stephen Sorace, | Fox News
Sept 30, 2018
An Oregon man arrested last week for allegedly punching a 90-year-old woman in the face was later released -- because the jail was too crowded.

Filbert Mwezi Gacinya, 34, was taken into custody shortly after the unprovoked attack and charged with indecent exposure, public indecency and assault in the fourth degree, FOX12 Oregon reported.

“He was out there dropping his pants, and displaying himself, oh yes, he was an exhibitionist," the victim, who was not identified to protect her safety, told FOX12. "And he was shouting. But I was trying very hard not to pay attention to that and just walk along."

The victim told the station that she can’t remember what happened next.

"I was out cold and when I woke up I was on the curb in the cement and this woman was helping me up and I said, 'What happened, did I fall?' And she said, ‘No, you were punched.'"

3 years, 11 months ago

Colin Flaherty Commentary Video "Family of murdered 19-year-old Ypsilanti woman says she had 'heart of gold'" "Argument over breakfast food led to woman being stabbed 49 times" around black watch your back

WXYZ-TV Detroit | Channel 7
Published on Jun 19, 2018
The family of a murdered 19-year-old is opening up about the life of the young woman that was taken away at the hands of a knife-wielding killer in Ypsilanti.

Updated Sep 27; Posted Sep 26
By Nathan Clark [email protected]
YPSILANTI, MI - What started as an argument about sharing a plate of sausage and eggs ended with a woman being stabbed to death by her housemate.

Washtenaw County Deputy Medical Examiner Dr. Allecia Wilson testified in court Wednesday that 19-year-old Jamie Barsegian died three months ago in her Ypsilanti apartment from 49 stab wounds to her chest, neck, abdomen and appendages.

Officers found Sims-Scott standing in the street, covered in blood with two knives raised above his head and yelling at the officers to shoot him and that "he had nothing to live for," Kofahl said.

3 years, 11 months ago

Colin Flaherty ( Author of Don't Make the Black Kids Angry )Commentary Video "Broken Arrow teacher killed trying to protect wife, daughters from armed teen" "Prosecutors: Woman's grandkids mistakenly kill helpful neighbor" black violence hostility murder homicide
BROKEN ARROW, Okla. – Students are paying tribute to an Oklahoma middle school teacher who was shot and killed in his Tulsa home.

Tulsa police say 44-year-old Shane Anderson was shot and killed by 16-year-old Deonte Green in front of his wife and children inside their home.

Investigators say Green had already robbed and sexually assaulted a woman in the hours before he found Anderson’s wife and two daughters outside their house.

Author: KARE Staff
Published: 7:32 AM CDT October 2, 2018
Updated: 11:53 AM CDT October 2, 2018
ROCHESTER, Minn. - Prosecutors allege a Minnesota man fatally shot in the face as he opened his door last month was targeted by grandchildren of his elderly woman neighbor who mistakenly thought he had harmed her.

Twenty-seven-year-old Malcolm Jammal Woods and 34-year-old Kielah Shanae Parsons, both of Rochester, Minnesota, appeared in court Monday on second-degree murder charges.

Police say 38-year-old Brandon Arndt was shot Sept. 10 when he answered a knock on his door. According to court documents, Arndt had checked on his disabled neighbor and given her water and her prescription pack.

The woman later was taken to a hospital, and six men confronted Arndt and accused him of giving his neighbor illegal drugs.

Police tell the Post Bulletin there's no evidence of any wrongdoing by Arndt.

3 years, 11 months ago

Colin Flaherty Commentary Video "Suspect in Deputy’s Killing Has Lengthy Criminal Record, Documents Show" "6 Months after Stephon Clark’s Death, Protesters Gather Outside Law Enforcement Convention" black mob violence stabbing hostility murder and the anti cop rally
RANCHO CORDOVA -- A day after a Sacramento County sheriff's deputy was killed and another deputy and a bystander were injured in a shooting, investigators were still at the Pep Boys store on Folsom Boulevard in Rancho Cordova.

Deputy Mark Stasyuk was killed Monday after responding to a disturbance call at that Pep Boys. Stasyuk was a four-and-a-half-year veteran of the sheriff's department.

Investigators identified the suspect Tuesday as 38-year-old Anton Lemon Moore. Court records show Moore has a lengthy criminal history.

"He is no stranger to law enforcement," Hampton said.

Moore is currently on probation for carrying a loaded firearm in 2016.

His social media accounts suggest he was a rapper in Sacramento with the stage name Mista Flow. An Instagram account that appears to belong to Moore shows automatic weapons.

Investigators searched Moore's home Tuesday, less than two miles from the scene. Neighbors say they weren't surprised to hear Moore is suspected of killing a sheriff's deputy. They say he has been aggressive in the past, even threatening them.

SACRAMENTO -- Protesters gathered outside a law enforcement convention Tuesday in downtown Sacramento, six months after Stephon Clark was killed by two Sacramento police officers.

Several dozen demonstrators from Black Lives Matter and allied groups faced off against a smaller group of counter-protesters.

Stevante Clark says the convention just felt like bad timing.

"It does feel like a slap in the face because I was actually planning to be at the gravesite all day," Stevante Clark said. "But now I can’t do that because we have to stand in solidarity."

But he says he understands why the protest also felt like bad timing after what happened to Sacramento County Sheriff's Deputy Mark Stasyuk, who died after an armed suspect began firing at officers in Rancho Cordova.

4 years ago

Colin Flaherty (Author of Don't Make the Black Kids Angry) Commentary Video on smash and grab car break ins. The break car windows and grab all valuable and run. Inside Edition Lisa Guerrero did a bait vehicle with hidden videos on it. The robbed that and later their actual vehicle with $10,000 worth of camera equipment. Inside Edition Source https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=254&v=cqYQTjDfDxg

4 years ago

Colin Flaherty (Author of Don't Make the Black Kids Angry) Commentary Video "Third Apple Store Robbery This Week In Roseville Leads To Crash, Arrests" Black mob violence crime theft mayhem murder statistics
By Steve LargeSeptember 12, 2018 at 11:59 pm
ROSEVILLE (CSB13) — Three suspects are under arrest for a grab-and-go robbery at the Apple store in the Roseville Galleria, following a high-speed police chase and crash.

The robbery Wednesday afternoon at 2 p.m. was the third in just the past four days at that particular Apple store.

The chase started at the Galleria and continued westbound on Interstate 80, then came to a crashing end at the Riverside Avenue off ramp.

Roseville investigators could be seen pulling Apple laptop computers from inside the suspects’ vehicle and bagging up evidence from the banged up getaway car that plowed into Holli NcNeils’s SUV.

“I just got off and I was at the red light for like 10 seconds,” McNeil said. “And I heard a really big crash behind me and it was this big truck they had hit and bounced off them and hit my car super hard and went into the middle of the intersection.”

Before hitting McNeil, the suspects rear-ended a big rig. The impact was strong enough to leave its massive wheels mangled.

Police took all three suspects who were wanted in the robbery into custody. Wednesday’s robbery targeted $15,000 in Apple Store merchandise. The same store was robbed of $5,000 of merchandise Monday, and $15,000 on Sunday.

Combined, that’s $37,000 in stolen Apple items in four days

And Roseville’s not alone. There has been a rash of grab and go style Apple store robberies across California.

4 years ago

Colin Flaherty (Author of Don't Make the Black Kids Angry) Commentary Video "94-year-old Cleveland woman beaten to death during home invasion, police say" "94-year-old woman dies after violent home invasion, police provide description of suspect" black crime hostility assault murder home invasion and leftist media denial deceit delusion
Updated Sep 17, 2:42 PM; Posted Sep 17, 10:24 AM
CLEVELAND, Ohio -- A burglar beat a 94-year-old woman to death during a home invasion in the city's Broadway-Slavic Village neighborhood, police said.

A 94-year-old woman visiting Cleveland from Honduras was killed during a home invasion inside this Slavic Village home.

CLEVELAND, Ohio -- A 94-year-old woman died after a violent home invasion early Monday.

According to police, the suspect entered the home through a window and confronted the 94-year-old woman and a 74-year-old woman who were sleeping in a bedroom.

He then physically assaulted both women and took property from their home.

The women were taken to the hospital. The 94-year-old, identified as Eusevia Garcia, was pronounced dead at the hospital. The 74-year-old woman, Marina Garcia, is in the hospital being treated for head trauma.

The suspect is described as being a tall, skinny black male around 25 years of age.

4 years ago

Colin Flaherty (Author of Don't Make the Black Kids Angry) Commentary Video "NAACP SAYS STUDENTS OF COLOR STARTED WATERMELON INCIDENT AT FOOTBALL
GAME at Ballard High School" and "Woman Made Up Story About Confrontation With Trump Supporters"
Thursday, September 13th 2018, 5:24 pm EDT by Fallon Glick
Updated: Thursday, September 13th 2018, 9:36 pm EDT

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Louisville's NAACP says an incident involving a watermelon at a football game was started by students of color.

The watermelon was passed around the student section at last Friday's Ballard High School football game vs. Central High School. Central's principal spoke out on the taunt, which many called racist, for the first time.

For the students of color who started it, Louisville NAACP President Raoul Cunningham said it came as a surprise.

"Does it make it better or worse? For me, personally, it was very shocking," Cunningham said.

He added that while an older generation understands the connotation, a younger generation might not.

"Because if someone would have given me a watermelon in high school, I would have thrown it at them," Cunningham said. "Therefore, we have a different perspective of what segregation was."

Central High School Principal Raymond Green does not think there will be retaliation from Central students. He said he's been in constant talks with Ballard's principal on the appropriate ways to help students learn and grow from last week's display.

"I would call it inappropriate and insensitive, because to call it racist meant I would know their intent, and I didn't know their intent," said Central Principal Raymond Green. "But the best I could say right now is it was inappropriate and insensitive."

here was outrage on social media after the incident. Nearly 80 percent of Central's students are black, compared to about 30 percent of Ballard's.

"My message to my school is that we do not live in a post-racial America," Green said. "We have to be cognizant of the implication of race in all settings and be wise in how we deal with one another and ourselves."

By Alex Costello, Patch Staff | Sep 15, 2018 10:32 am ET
A Baldwin woman was arrested on Friday after police say she made up a story about Trump supporters harassing her.

According to police, Adwoa Lewis, 19, gave detectives a written statement saying that she was driving home on Sept. 2 at 11:15 p.m. when she was confronted by four teenagers. Her statement said that they yelled "Trump 2016!" and told her that she didn't belong here. She said she parked in front of her house, and when she woke up, she found one of her tires was slashed and there was a note on her car reading "Go Home."

Police say that an extensive investigation showed that the incident never happened, and that Lewis made it up. When questioned about holes in her story, police say that Lewis admitted she was the one who wrote the note on her car. She was arrested without incident.

4 years ago

Colin Flaherty (Author of Don't Make the Black Kids Angry) Commentary Video "Fort Worth police officer shot in the head in firefight with armed robbery suspects dies: Police"
By CHRIS FRANCESCANI Sep 15, 2018, 3:14 AM ET
An undercover Fort Worth, Texas, police officer shot in the head in a firefight with a group of armed robbers died late Friday evening, officials said at a midnight press conference, which was posted to the police department’s Facebook page.

Hull, a 17-year veteran of the force, was pronounced dead at 9:40 p.m. Friday at John Peter Smith Hospital, where hundreds of his fellow officers had gathered to keep vigil and show their support, ABC News affiliate WFAA reported.

Hull was conducting surveillance on a trio of armed robbery suspects near midnight when they entered a sports bar.

The three men entered the bar with guns drawn, authorities said, and Hull and other officers were waiting outside and confronted them as they ran from the establishment and tried to jump into an SUV.

The trio are suspected in a string of as many as 17 armed robberies of mostly Latino bars, in which three people have been shot, according to police officials.

4 years ago

Colin Flaherty Commentary Video "A woman married a paroled murderer. Years later, he killed all her children." Black crime hostility murder assault after out of jail on parole
By Kristine Phillips March 8, 2017
In 1991, Michigan man Gregory Green stabbed his wife in the face and chest, killing her and their unborn child. Then, he called 911 and waited for police to come.

After serving about 16 years in prison for murder, Green was released on parole with the support of family and friends, including a pastor who lobbied on his behalf and whose daughter Green would marry.

“Gregory and I were friends before his mishap and he was incarcerated,” Fred Harris, a pastor in Detroit, wrote to the Michigan parole board in August 2005. “He was a member of our church … I feel he has paid for his unfortunate lack of self control and the damage he has caused as much as possible and is sorry.”

“If he was to be released he would be welcomed as a part of our church community and whatever we could do to help him adjust, we would,” Harris wrote again a year later.

Green was released in 2008 and later married Faith Harris. They had two daughters, Koi, 5, and Kaliegh, 4.

Early in the morning of Sept. 21, 2016, Faith Harris-Green found herself bound with duct tape and zip ties in the basement of their home in Dearborn Heights, Mich., just outside of Detroit. Her foot had been shot and her face slashed with a box cutter, prosecutors say.

Her two teenage children — Gregory Green’s stepchildren — were with her, dead of gunshot wounds. She had watched them die. Her two younger children were dead upstairs, poisoned with carbon monoxide.

The killer was Harris-Green’s husband, the same man whose freedom her father advocated for more than a decade ago.

As Green did when he killed his first wife, he called 911 and waited for police to come, authorities said. He had just shot his family and they were inside the house, he told officers.

During the sentencing hearing, Harris-Green, wearing a white turtleneck, spoke to her children’s killer, perhaps for the last time. “You are a con artist. You are a monster. You are a devil in disguise. You are now forever exposed,” she said as she stood behind a podium in a Wayne County courtroom. Her ex-husband, in a dark green jail uniform, sat stoically a few feet away, his back toward her.

No punishment will be enough for her children’s deaths, Harris-Green said. “Not even torture and death would be justice,” she said. “Your justice will come when you burn in Hell for all eternity for murdering four innocent children, all because you’re insecure.”

4 years ago

Colin Flaherty Commentary News Video "Police: Convicted sex offender on violent crime spree pistol-whips man during Dearborn carjacking
Christopher Pinkard charged with multiple felonies" Three Most Dangerous Lies of Criminal Justice Reform. Black hostility crime violence assaults attacks
By Shawn Ley - Reporter, Derick Hutchinson
Posted: 6:18 PM, September 06, 2018
Updated: 6:18 PM, September 06, 2018
DEARBORN, Mich. - A convicted sex offender who police say went on a violent crime spree this weekend was caught on video pistol-whipping a man during a carjacking in Dearborn.

Police call Christopher Pinkard a "threat to society." He laughed in court Thursday as he was charged with multiple felonies.

Pinkard, 33, of Detroit, violated his ankle monitoring system, officials said. He was out of prison as a convicted sex offender of a minor.

"Mr. Pinkard is a suspect in a strangulation where shots were fired a day before this incident in the city of Dearborn, and also, the day after, the city of Detroit on an additional carjacking," Dearborn police Detective Matthew Wilson said.

A security camera appeared to capture video of Pinkard dressed in a worker vest and hard hat while hitting a man with a gun and stealing his car on Warren Avenue in Dearborn.

Moments before the incident, Kalil McHaimech, of the Cedar food market, said Pinkard walked past and said hi to him.

"The officers came back, asking, 'Did you guys see a man wearing a DTE Energy shirt?'" McHaimech said. "I'm like, 'Yeah, he just passed by. He said hi.' He's like, 'Well, he just robbed your neighbors at gunpoint.'"

The carjacking victims were two brothers. They were stunned that they would be carjacked in the heart of Dearborn on a Sunday morning.

Dearborn police caught Pinkard because he left his identification in a running car around the corner from the carjacking scene, officials said.

"He left it running, came down, walked around the building, robbed their car, took off and left his car on the side of the building," McHaimech said. "Officers knew who he was by finding his ID in the car."

4 years ago

Colin Flaherty Commentary Video "Store owners fed up with group of teens they say is terrorizing businesses" The black teens in Atlanta Georgia are accused of stealing food, vandalizing their" businesses and threatening employees. shoplifting black crime hostility violence criminal justice reform
By: Michael Seiden Updated: Sep 8, 2018 - 4:38 PM
ATLANTA - Several business owners along Peachtree Street in midtown say they are fed up with a group of teens they say are terrorizing their stores.

Seiden had just finished his interview Friday night with the general manager of a Jimmy John's when Channel 2 photojournalist Brandon Bryant recognized the kids from the smartphone video.

“They were saying that you guys go in there and knock stuff over. I mean that's their story," Seiden asked one of the teens.

“That's stereotyping," he replied.

“I just come down here to chill. I’m a grown man and I drink. There’s a lot of places you can go and have fun at in Midtown,” one of the teens said.

According to several witnesses Seiden spoke with, the teens have been riding around town on electric scooters, terrorizing numerous businesses along Peachtree Street in midtown Atlanta for weeks.

“They knocked gift cards on the floor. They’re splattered all over the floor. I don’t think my managers and employees should have to deal with that,” said Romel Nilus, who is the general manager of a Jimmy Johns sandwich restaurant. “Doesn’t matter what we say. If we say anything, they start yelling, cursing or knock stuff off the counter."

4 years ago

Colin Flaherty Commentary News Video "14-Year-Old Arrested For Murder, Rape Of 83-Year-Old" teen black sexual assault crime hostility violence murder rape and left to die
September 7, 2018 at 11:27 am
BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Police have arrested a 14-year-old accused of murdering and sexually assaulting an 83-year-old woman.

Tyrone Harvin has been charged with first-degree murder, first-degree rape, and other related charges in the death of Dorothy Mae Neal.

Investigators said it was last week when neighbors at the Rosemont Garden Apartments were concerned after not seeing Neal for days. When police arrived, they found Neal inside her apartment, unresponsive and the victim of an apparent result.

She died at the hospital hours later.

Police said it was 14-year-old Harvin who was doing chores for 83-year-old Neal when he beat her, raped her and left her to die.

“We can tell you without even checking our records this is the youngest person we’ve charged in Baltimore this year and probably the last couple of years with murder,” said T.J. Smith, spokesperson for Baltimore City Police.

4 years ago

Colin Flaherty Commentary News Video "Man Fatally Shot By Neighbor After Alleged Dog Pee Argument, Witnesses Say" and "Animal Rescue Says Pit Bull Dumped in South L.A. Died After Suffering Physical, Sexual Abuse" and "Man Fatally Shot After He Steps in to Help Puppy Being Held by the Throat, Fiancée Says"
By Charlie De MarAugust 7, 2018 at 10:25 pm
One of the victims of gun violence this past weekend died, allegedly, over something as small as a dog relieving itself on someone else’s property.

Police say the fatal shooting happened in the 7700 block of South Shore on August 3 around 8:45 p.m. The victim was struck in the left arm and chest and pronounced dead on the scene.

“The puppies were peeing on the porch. The pee ran down the porch to the neighbor’s,” he explained.

Despite several witnesses, police say no arrest have been made in this case.

An animal rescue group is calling for an investigation after a pit bull who was adopted two weeks ago died from what animal advocates believe was physical and sexual abuse after being found injured in South Los Angeles on Monday.

The 5-year-old dog, Cargo, was dumped in front of a house on the 200 block of West 85th Street in the Florence neighborhood, according to Dianty Marquez of Ghetto Rescue Ffoundation, an Anaheim Hills-based animal nonprofit associated with police in the great L.A. area.

A resident who wished to remain anonymous said neighbors reported seeing two African-American men who "dropped it off there and just left." The woman said she couldn't get ahold of any city or county animal control officials to respond, so she reached out to Ghetto Rescue.

"That's when we got word that there had been some trauma in her vaginal area," Marquez said, "and they made her as comfy as they could."

But by Tuesday morning, the pit bull had taken a turn for the worse. "She passed because she had some type of blunt force trauma and it caused her aorta to rupture," Marquez said.

The dog was microchipped, and Ghetto Rescue took that information and began investigating.

JEFF TRUESDELL August 06, 2018 04:40 PM
Robert “Rob” Wilson, 37, intervened after he saw 35-year-old Donavous Jerome Drennon allegedly holding a Yorkshire Terrier puppy by the throat, Wilson’s fiancée, Sue Hoskins, told the Mufreesboro Daily News Journal.

“Mr. Wilson said something to Mr. Drennon about how he was carrying his dog, and as a result, somehow it ended up with Drennon pulling a gun and shooting Mr. Wilson,” Smyrna Police Sgt. Bobby Gibson tells PEOPLE.

“I dropped my phone and went running out there to see Rob saying, ‘Why are you doing that?’ ” she recalled, “and the guy said it was his puppy, and he just shot him.”

4 years ago

Colin Flaherty Podcast Commentary Video: Black Mob Racial Violence in Babylon. Man attacked, takes knife from one of his attackers and kills the attacker. He gets arrested. Black crime mayhem murder assault hostility. Leftist legacy media denial deceit delusion. Twice the victim; once from perpetrator and then from the politically correct mob if you describe the race, Source = http://whitegirlbleedalot.com/damn-made-mistake-published-wrong-podcast-one-technical-problems-heres-new-one/

4 years ago

At least 3 Blacks Knock Drunk White Dude Unconscious and Kick Him On the Ground - Colin Flaherty Commentary Video "Man beaten unconscious near Radford University campus, police say"

By Tommy Lopez - Weekend Anchor / Reporter
Posted: 10:38 AM, August 27, 2018
Updated: 6:06 PM, August 27, 2018
RADFORD, Va. - Radford police said Monday they’re searching for at least four people who they say beat a man unconscious early Sunday morning, a few blocks from the Radford University campus.

Police said video taken during the incident shows the victim lying motionless on the ground. It shows people kicking him, while others try to push them away.

Police said the man was unconscious when they arrived and is in “critical but stable condition” at Carilion Roanoke Memorial Hospital.

He said the victim looked like he was drunk as he told a group of people that he could beat anyone in a fight. The man said the conversation escalated from there before someone punched the victim.

“One of them walked around and just knocked him straight in the face - from the side, so like from a diagonal angle behind him. He got hit pretty hard and then went down after that,” the man said.

He said people then rushed toward the fight, and 30 to 50 people were in the parking lot.

“From the video you can tell there are people standing around and witnessing this happen,” she said. “Right now (police) are asking any witnesses or any potential suspects to come forward.”

There's a security camera nearby. Employees with leasing company that owns the apartment complex said they’re working with police.

Radford police ask anyone with information to reach out to them by calling Lt. P.J. Rutzinski at 540-267-3207, or through email at [email protected]ordva.gov.

4 years ago

Colin Flaherty Commentary Video on Black on White Hoax while pointing out the Fake Leftist Government News Media Denial Deceit Delusion "Police: Man urinated on black girl, called her racial slur""Children made up story about white man urinating on black child" and "Three women plead guilty to fatal beating of homeless man in Philadelphia" and "Expelled UAlbany students get probation in bogus hate crime case"
Aug. 23, 2018
GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (AP) — A man has been arrested after police say he urinated on a 5-year-old black girl in an alley in western Michigan and called her a racial slur.

The girl’s parents called Grand Rapids police on Wednesday evening and reported that a roughly 60-year-old white man had urinated on her about 20 minutes earlier. Police say they canvased the neighborhood and identified as suspect, who was taken into custody after he arrived at his home.

Police say another 5-year-old and two 7-year-old children witnessed what happened. No injuries were reported.

Chelsea Robinson Updated: 9:24 AM PDT Aug 27, 2018
Prosecutors said charges have been dropped against a man accused of urinating on a 5-year-old black girl in western Michigan because children made up the story.

The Kent County Prosecutor’s Office said Friday the charges were dropped after authorities determined the children made up the story “to avoid trouble.” It says one child urinated on another child and they concocted the story.

It was more than two years after her brother Robert – a 51-year-old homeless man – died of complications from blunt-force impact suffered during a brutal attack outside a Philadelphia gas station seven months earlier.

The charges – voluntary manslaughter, conspiracy and possession of an instrument of crime – will land them behind bars for a maximum of 22.5 to 45 years in prison, though they won't likely face the max when they return to court for sentencing on April 20.

The attack came about after Gillard's 10-year-old son claimed that Barnes had hit him and used a racial slur. There was no evidence of this, or any interaction, seen on surveillance footage, Rebstock said.

Still, the group of six returned to the gas station to punch, kick and strike Barnes with the aforementioned objects before fleeing the scene quickly.

"Witnesses yelled at them to stop, but they were ignored," she said. "The video shows no physical or verbal altercation (between the 10-year-old or homeless man) that afternoon or evening."

By Bethany Bump Updated 3:48 pm EDT, Friday, June 16, 2017
The possibility of jail time for Ariel Agudio and Asha Burwell loomed large. The former University at Albany students who were convicted of falsely reporting a hate crime on a CDTA bus last year avoided jail time Friday, and instead received a sentence of probation, community service and a fine.

Black Baby Doll Video https://www.bitchute.com/video/5Rwmj2zRj9T4/

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Colin Flaherty Commentary video on cell phone camera video of police interaction with blacks: Cops Missed the Memo that Crime is the New Black Entitlement. Black mob violence hostility crime large fights chimpouts

4 years, 1 month ago

Colin Flaherty Podcast Commentary Video: NPR Racial Hostility - Black Mob Violence Crime Murder Home Invasion on White People. Media denial deceit delusion. Black are not hiding their hatred and resentment toward whites. It's all out in the open with a compliant media. Published May 19, 2014
Source = http://whitegirlbleedalot.com/racial-hostility-game-npr-new-podcast-whitegirl-bleed-lot/

4 years, 1 month ago

Colin Flaherty Podcast Commentary Video: Savannah Georgia Black Mob Violence (BMV) Beat Attack Assault Family - Blame the Victim of Black Hostility Crime Murder. Leftist media denial deceit delusion. White Girl Bleed a Lot. Racial tensions differences. Published May 14, 2014
Source = http://whitegirlbleedalot.com/new-podcast-savannah-mothers-day-episodes-race-consciousness-answer/

4 years, 1 month ago

Colin Flaherty Podcast Commentary Video Black Mob Hostility Violence Crime Murder Attack Cops Leftist Control Schools Media denial deceit delusion - Published May 2, 2014
Source = http://whitegirlbleedalot.com/new-normal-black-mobs-attack-cops-new-podcast-white-girl-bleed-lot/

4 years, 1 month ago

Colin Flaherty White Girl Bleed a Lot Podcast Commentary Video - Black on White violence crime murder and the leftist media denial deceit delusion. Publish date April 23, 2014
Source = http://whitegirlbleedalot.com/white-girl-bleed-podcast-howard-stern-victim-racial-violence/

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Colin Flaherty Podcast commentary Video: Africans Around the Globe. South Africa land grab, Black thugs violent criminal behavior around the world, Racial differences, March 22, 2018 was the date of podcast. Seemed like a good time to upload it to BitChute since the land confiscation has begun

4 years, 1 month ago

Colin Flaherty Podcast Commentary: White People Are Coming from March 09, 2018 discussing black hostility toward whites. Anti White, South Africa, Gentrification, Black move in and ruin neighborhoods then blame it on white flight, Black demand more resources aka gibs me dat. are other topics touched

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Colin Flaherty commentary video "Police: Northern Delaware Greenway Trail robbery, posted on Nextdoor, was not as bad as people feared" and "Man knocked unconscious, robbed at Wellington CTA station" and "North Philadelphia Drive-by Shooting Leaves 2 Dead, 4 Hurt" and "Suspected shooter who fired on crowd in Far Rockaway charged" and "Teen charged with attempted murder in Queens police-involved shooting"

Josephine Peterson, Delaware News Journal Published 5:20 p.m. ET Aug. 10, 2018 | Updated 8:25 p.m. ET Aug. 10, 2018
A social media post detailing a "savage attack" on a cyclist by three men has sparked outrage from Bellevue-area residents who said they were not told about it by police

New Castle County police handled the incident and said they responded to the robbery, but said the robbery wasn't as bad as the post described.

Police said what actually happened was far less violent. One of the perpetrators struck the victim in the face with something, causing him to fall off the bike. Hitting the ground injured his hand, police said.

One of the perpetrators got on the bike and rode off, and the other two walked away. Police described the robbers as black teenagers in dark clothing.

The message posted on a Nextdoor neighborhood site said the cyclist was riding Sunday morning from Wilmington to Bellevue Park on the Northern Delaware Greenway Trail. He was near the Shipley Road crossing when he was "savagely attacked" by three African-American men, the post said.

The men beat his face and head with a rock and stole his bike, the post said.

Nancy Beury, a resident of the area, said she was upset police hadn't released information on the incident. People who use the trail should know whether it is safe, she said.

Saturday, August 11, 2018
Chicago: Police said a man who was found unresponsive on the Wellington Brown Line station platform early Saturday had been robbed by a group of people as he waited for a train. No one is in custody.

The victim later told officers that a group of people approached him on the platform and punched him, causing him to fall down and rendering him unconscious. The offenders took the victim’s valuables and left the area before police arrived, authorities said.

By David Chang and Dan Stamm
Published at 10:41 PM EDT on Aug 8, 2018 | Updated at 3:24 PM EDT on Aug 9, 2018
The six victims were standing on the southeast corner of 12th and Huntingdon streets around 9:50 p.m. when a gray or silver minivan drove by. At least one gunman inside the van then fired at least 11 shots before the vehicle fled the scene.

"From the evidence out here it appears to be a large caliber weapon, possibly a high-powered rifle," Philadelphia Police Commissioner Richard Ross said.

By Ben Feuerherd and Tina Moore August 11, 2018 | 5:06pm
The teenager who was shot by cops after he opened fire on a Far Rockaway crowd was hit with attempted murder charges Saturday, authorities said.

The 15-year-old, identified by sources as Rashid Zahid-Abeurra, allegedly sent bullets flying into a group of people after a fight at a house party spilled onto the street near the intersection of Redfern Avenue and Nameoke Avenue at about 11 p.m., cops said.

Saturday, August 11, 2018 06:40PM
FAR ROCKAWAY, Queens (WABC) -- A teenager has been charged with attempted murder and various other charges after a police-involved shooting in Queens on Friday night.

About 30 minutes later, a 15-year-old boy with a gun began firing into that crowd. Police said they asked the teen to drop the gun, and then police opened fire, striking the teenager several times.

4 years, 1 month ago

Colin Flaherty Commentary: Random Unprovoked Punches to the Face in Chicago. Some Call That the Knockout Game. Rev. Jennifer Harvey book how to raise white kids critique. Leftism brings down societies - racism white supremacy - the problem is white people - It's ok to be white

4 years, 1 month ago

Colin Flaherty: Fellas Harass Cops Because Crime is the New Black Entitlement - Bait Truck

4 years, 1 month ago

Colin Flaherty reviews and gives commentary on news with headlines "Thief chokes victim unconscious before robbing him, disturbing video shows" and "
[links and excerpts below]
By Reuven Fenton, Lorena Mongelli and Stephanie Pagones
August 13, 2018 | 12:43pm
A gun-toting thief stalked a Harlem man before choking him into unconsciousness and robbing him, according to startling video released by police.

The 23-year-old man is seen in the lobby of his building on West 147th Street and Amsterdam Avenue about 10 p.m. Friday when the stranger begins stalking him as they ascend the stairs.

The assailant was described as a dark-skinned male with a beard, mustache, black sunglasses and a black backpack.

As the victim stops in front of his apartment door and searches his backpack, the stranger continues up the stairs to the next floor — where he reaches into his knapsack and pulls out a dark gun, the video shows.

The crook then returns and approaches the man from behind. He places the victim in a chokehold, causing him to fall limp moments later.

As the resident lies unconscious at the top of the stairwell, the brute grabs his phone and reaches into the victim’s pants pockets for his belongings, the video shows.

The thief fled the building with the victim’s cellphone, backpack and wallet containing $1,000 in cash, police said.

The victim was treated at the scene for bruising to his neck.

4 years, 1 month ago

Colin Flaherty reviews and gives commentary on news with headlines "BART OKs safety measures after recent violence, but not everyone’s happy" and "Jenice Armstrong: Stop trying to make Temple attacks about race" and "When a white woman from Old City wears a Black Lives Matter T-shirt in Cherry Hill" and "2 charged in killing of California man in North City" and "Coroner: Man shot dead, woman injured when armed intruders reportedly broke into an Upstate home" and "Suspects Pistol-Whip Worker During South LA Taco Truck Holdup"
[links and excerpts below]
Rachel Swan Aug. 9, 2018 Updated: Aug. 9, 2018 5:53 p.m.
Stung by criticism after a string of violent crimes, BART’s Board of Directors voted Thursday to update the transit system’s surveillance cameras and install emergency call boxes.

The two measures, approved in a 6-3 vote, were part of a $28 million public safety package announced this week by General Manager Grace Crunican. It also included proposals to build barriers to deter fare evasion and install a large screen at Civic Center Station to remind riders that they are under surveillance.

Her most controversial idea was a ban on panhandling, which prompted vigorous opposition from civil rights activists. Some said it would unfairly target the mostly African American youth who break-dance on BART for money.

“The answer is not a rushed surveillance proposal that poses a unique threat to Latinos and African Americans,” said Mike Chase of the American Civil Liberties Union, arguing that technology could enable racial profiling.

Although most speakers at the meeting objected to BART’s reform effort, some applauded the extra police patrols. One woman dangled a sign that said, “More Police = Rider Safety.”

Board Director Rebecca Saltzman raised questions about the $28 million cost of the reforms, which include $25 million in recommended capital improvements, and $3 million annually for labor and other costs. She noted that Crunican’s list of proposals lacked a financing plan.

But Keller argued that the cost of inaction “is far greater.”

Jenice Armstrong Updated: OCT 26, 2016 10:49 PM EDT
THE TEMPLE attacks were about troublemaking teens - not race.

Jenice Armstrong Updated: AUG 9, 2018 4:14 PM EDT
As she dressed for her mother-daughter day of brunch, shopping, and a movie, weighing heavily on her mind was President Trump’s racist tweet questioning the intelligence of both NBA superstar LeBron James and CNN’s Don Lemon. It was also former President Barack Obama’s 57th birthday, so she decided to put on her Black Lives Matter shirt and promptly forgot about it. Until she entered a Target store across Route 38 from Cherry Hill Mall and noticed a white female shopper shooting her a dirty look.

Gasman continued shopping. As she waited for her daughter to exit a dressing room, an older black woman approached and said, “I love your T-shirt.” The stranger walked away, only to return and say, “I want you to know that your life matters to me as well.” She also took Gasman’s photo.

ticket seller flashed her a smile and said, “Nice shirt.” But an older white male rolled his eyes and shot her a dirty look. A black woman in a parking lot with two young boys in tow smiled.

By Stephanie Baumer Posted: Jul 30, 2018 6:48 AM CDT
Updated: Aug 02, 2018 4:22 PM CDT
They are accused of killing Nathan Owen, 31, of Hayward, California. He was found shot multiple times

By Dal Kalsi Posted: Aug 09, 2018 5:15 AM CDT
Updated: Aug 09, 2018 3:06 PM CDT
According to the sheriff's office, three male suspects busted through the home's door while the victims were sleeping. Deputies said the suspects began shouting, asking where the dog was and where was the money and marijuana.

After the suspects began to flee the home, deputies said one of the suspects with a pistol fired at least two rounds, striking both victims.

August 9, 2018 at 10:50 pm
SOUTH LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) – Police are looking for three men who forced their way into a taco truck in South Los Angeles and pistol-whipped an employee during a robbery.

4 years, 1 month ago

Colin Flaherty reviews and gives commentary on news with headlines "Lincoln Police release surveillance of suspects in deadly home invasion" and "Two teen beating suspects reportedly watched their victim crawl into traffic. Now they’re charged with murder." and "2 arrested for beating, robbing man just before he was killed in Montgomery County hit-and-run crash" and "Police: Man admits to sexually assaulting woman before, after her death" and "2 Persons Of Interest Sought In Shooting Of Camden Detectives"
[links and excerpts below]
By 6 News | Posted: Tue 9:57 AM, Aug 07, 2018 | Updated: Tue 9:17 PM, Aug 07, 2018
LINCOLN, Neb. (WOWT) -- Lincoln Police released surveillance footage Tuesday of the suspects they believe are responsible for killing 36-year-old Jessica Brandon.

Brandon was shot during a home invasion on July 31st. Medics rushed Brandon to the hospital where she later died. No arrests have been made in the shooting.

Video shows the suspects forced their way into a home in the 1900 Block of Fairfield Street. Lincoln Police Chief Jeff Bliemeister said the crime was not a random act, and there is no ongoing threat to the public.

LPD said the video was shot in infrared, so some of the colors are off.

By Dan Morse August 8
One moment, the friendly 40-year-old — with a walking stick in his hand and cans of beer in his backpack — ambled along a darkened street just before 3 a.m. The next moment, he was accosted, robbed of his backpack and beaten so badly he seemingly tried to escape by crawling across a six-lane road before collapsing midway.

Now, in new filings and court presentations, Montgomery County authorities are laying out why they think the actions of at least two of the three suspects — a 15-year-old girl and a 17-year-old boy both charged as adults — amount to murder.

“The suspects watched the victim lay motionless in the travel lanes of Georgia Avenue,” detectives wrote in a recent arrest warrant. “Approximately a minute later, the suspects watched a vehicle run over the victim.”

By: Evan Lambert POSTED: JUN 22 2018 11:56PM EDT
ASPEN HILL, Md. - Montgomery County Police have arrested two people who they say beat and robbed a man before he was killed in a deadly hit-and-run crash on June 8.

Police say surveillance video in the area of Georgia Avenue and Hewitt Avenue revealed that the victim, 40-year-old Gregory Atwood, was robbed and beaten before he crawled into the road and was struck by two cars.

Barry Simms Updated: 5:24 PM EDT Sep 18, 2017
Investigators believe a man sexually assaulted a woman before and after she died, Baltimore police said Monday.

"Our victim was sexually assaulted in a most brutal way," Baltimore Police Commissioner Kevin Davis said.

By Cleve Bryan August 8, 2018 at 8:20 pm
The detectives were sitting at a red light when the gunmen unloaded a barrage of bullets.

4 years, 1 month ago

Colin Flaherty reviews and gives commentary on news with headlines "Cleveland pastor wants to include everyone on talks about how to make the city safer" and "Man charged with killing couple at Cleveland car lot"
[links and excerpts below]
By: Frank Wiley Posted: 8:54 AM, Aug 8, 2018
CLEVELAND - In February, an organization called the Indy Ten Point Coalition wanted to expand its Indianapolis efforts in Cleveland to reduce violence and keep the streets safer. Since then, some residents said they’d like to step away and try another solution.

"People that have a voice, but really haven't been invited to the table,” said Kim Snyder. “Build relationship between all of us."

Snyder is a pastor in Cleveland. She said she wants to invite pastors, politicians, community activists, police, and ex-gang members to have regular conversations about how to make Cleveland safer, and how to erase racism.

"I would like to see more white people on the streets, more pastors on the streets,” said Snyder. "I think the city is missing love, and we need to build these bridges. It’s our job to be on the streets, and the streets are bad because we haven't been there. If every church got together, one weekend and rose up… we could change our city in a weekend."

Updated Jun 14, 2017; Posted Jun 13, 2017
CLEVELAND, Ohio -- A man who served nine years in prison for an aggravated robbery is now charged in connection with slaying of a couple at their car lot during another robbery.

Joseph McAlpine, 29, is accused of being one of two people who killed Michael Kuznik, 47, and Trina Tomola, 46, on April 14 at the couple's car dealership, Mr. Car's on East 185th Street.

DNA from the car lot connected McAlpine to the slayings, court records say.

The assailants also killed the couple's dog. They stole surveillance equipment and computers that contained records of purchases from the store.

Investigators previously said it appeared the assailants were familiar with the business. Police scoured the neighborhood looking for surveillance videos from other businesses but came up empty.

At least two cars were stolen from the lot, a 2006 BMW 528I, which was later found abandoned in the 3300 block of West 48th Street.

A second car, a blue 2006 Mercedes SL, was not found. Police also tested a bag of keys found in a nearby park, and had the Cuyahoga County Medical Examiner swab the couple's dead dog to see if he bit the assailants and had their DNA in his mouth.

McAlpine was released from prison in August 2016, according to state prison records.

4 years, 1 month ago

Australia Melbourne Black Teen Gangs Terrorize - Colin Flaherty reviews and gives commentary on news with headlines "'Police can't touch us': 100 African youths gather for 'war' as terrified Melbourne residents are told to lock their doors before cops claimed there was 'no threat to safety'
[links and excerpts below]
PUBLISHED: 17:31 EDT, 8 August 2018 | UPDATED: 22:48 EDT, 8 August 2018
Terrified Melbourne residents have accused police of having their heads in the sand after two African gangs who bragged 'police can't touch us' wreaked havoc through the city's north-west.

Locals were told to 'stay inside and lock their doors' shortly after 100 youths gathered in Taylors Hill at about 5.30pm on Wednesday.

Heavily-armed riot police wearing bullet-proof vests were pelted with rocks when they attempted to move the crowd on, while roads were closed and traffic was diverted.

Residents were told rival gangs had arranged to meet 'for war' at Lonzo Park.

Despite the warnings, Victoria Police insisted there was 'no threat to community safety'.

'Don't tell me that this country is safe, because I don't recall ever feeling as frightened as my kids did today. Enough is enough.'

Another said: 'Residents told to stay indoors, but nah no threat to community safety,' while a third noted: 'Seriously, don't insult our intelligence.'

Residents reported seeing children as young as 12, while some were wearing school uniforms and carrying backpacks.

One local told the Nine Network youths running past their home yelled 'police can't touch us'.

'The [police] dogs were out there, that was a bit later on, it just got full on. My neighbour on the corner said they were throwing rocks at her fence.'

The woman's husband said the once peaceful area had been troublesome for the past two years.

'We've been here nine years and this is the worst yet... You build a nice house in a nice area... you don't want to start seeing things like that, where is it coming from?' he questioned.

'In one area, there is a massive group the police said were Sudanese... there was another really large group of Sudanese and they basically said they don't have it under control but there is a strong police presence,' they told the Herald Sun.

4 years, 1 month ago

Racial Slurs and Fist Flying Swimming Pool Argy Bargy - Colin Flaherty reviews and gives commentary on news with headlines "Brawl involving 40 people at Nashville water park allegedly sparked over racial slurs"
[links and excerpts below]
by Harriet Wallace Monday, July 9th 2018
NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WZTV) — It’s not how you’d imagine your typical family gathering but an all-out brawl between two families, one white and one black, broke out over the weekend at Wave Country.

Holt’s hand and eye socket are broken. Doctors are implanting a metal plate in his face Monday afternoon.

All after Holt says white men yelled racial slurs at his family and beat them up.

“I wasn’t scared. I was just in pain. I wanted the police to press charges, but for some reason they didn’t,” said Holt.

They didn’t because police tell FOX 17 News there’s no clear way to identify who is the victim and who is the villain. The white family involved says they were the ones racially insulted and defended themselves.

“They had their kids throwing stuff at us calling us white trash this and that and all kind of craziness,” Jonathan Sellers said.

Both families agree, saying this all started when a man from the white family bumped into the floats of three black girls.

The girls accused him of yelling racial slurs and told their parents — something Sellers disagrees with.

Holt’s family says they approached the white men.

But this is where the family’s stories split.

“With us approaching them, that’s when all the aggression from them started and that’s when we were called the ‘N’ word,” Amanda Holt said.

“As soon as I got over there, I said 'what happened? What happened? Then I see fists start flying,” Sellars said.

Police say they had to separate 40 people involved in the fight and have interviewed several people. Meanwhile, both families also accuse Wave Country of not having security to keep the fight from starting.

4 years, 1 month ago

Sioux Empire Fair Carnival Knockout Game Fights Attacks by Black Teens - Colin Flaherty reviews and gives commentary on news with headlines "Investigators Say Video of Teen Fight Doesn't Tell Whole Story"
[links and excerpts below]
By: Brady Mallory Posted: Aug 07, 2018 06:12 PM CDT
Updated: Aug 07, 2018 06:37 PM CDT
SIOUX FALLS, SD - It's caught on camera, but investigators say a video of an attack at the Sioux Empire Fair doesn't tell the whole story. One clip shows what appears to be a teen attacking another person. Another fight, later, shows a teen punching someone else in the head.

KELOLAND News received a few calls about these videos. One caller says someone even posted them on social media for Likes and Shares. Some are saying it looks like it could be part of what's called the Knockout game. CBS This Morning reported on this five years ago. A person sneaks up on a random victim to try to knock them out, typically with a punch. A captain with the Minnehaha County Sheriff's Office says, based on the investigation, that's not what happened at the fair. As for other families, they're not letting it ruin their time.

"We have received a report on it. Investigators are already working on it," Capt. Mike Walsh, Minnehaha County Sheriff's Office, said.

Walsh can't say much, but says these videos only show a portion of what happened.

"Our understanding is there was a verbal and physical altercation just prior to that and then the video happens and afterwards law enforcement was contacted," Walsh said.

Walsh says it's not unusual to see fights like that at the fair, but says it's pretty uncommon for them to be a random, unprovoked attack.

4 years, 1 month ago

Colin Flaherty reviews and gives commentary on news with headlines " Extended video of racially divisive nail salon brawl in Brooklyn offers another angle" and "Protesters swarm nail salon after employee beats down customer"
[links and excerpts below]
AUG 06, 2018 | 1:45 PM
Angry protesters called for a boycott of a Brooklyn nail salon Monday days after a botched eyebrow treatment led to a violent indoor melee complete with pushing, shoving and a worker swinging a broken broomstick.

Tensions were so high between the mostly-black protesters and the Chinese employees of New Red Apple Nails salon that cops, shortly before 3 p.m., had to escort the workers out of the shop into a van for their protection.

Outside, demonstrators, who backed the black woman and her grandmother whose complaints sparked the scuffle, showered the workers with booes -- and a few tossed objects.

Some held signs that said “Black $$$ Matter,” and shouted “shut them down.”

ccording to store owner Huiyue Zheng, who was arrested after the fracas along with customer Christina Thomas, the footage shows Thomas becoming aggressive with salon staff following what she considered a botched eyebrow job.

In that video, according to Zheng, an upset Thomas is seen leaving the shop after having one brow trimmed, then coming back with a friend to further argue her case. Zheng claims that when salon employees tried to calm Thomas down, pushing and punching ensued, which led to the violence at the center of Monday’s protests.

The incident was sparked by a $5 eyebrow job gone awry. According to Zheng, Thomas complained that too much hair had been removed from one of her brows, then didn’t want to pay for that procedure or the $14 pedicure she’d just received.

“They didn’t complain about the pedicure,” Zheng said of Thomas and her grandmother. “Then, one of the lady goes to do eyebrows. She j says ‘I don’t like it. I don’t want to pay anything.’So my boss says, ‘`You have to pay.’”

By Shari Logan, Lia Eustachewich and Bruce Golding August 6, 2018 | 4:15pm
Scores of angry protesters forced the closure of a Brooklyn nail salon Monday, throwing bottles and shoes as cops escorted out the owner and a worker in the wake of a racially charged brawl between employees and customers.

The tensions were reminiscent of the black-on-Asian boycotts of nearby Brooklyn businesses of the early 1990s, which were followed by the deadly three-day riot in Crown Heights in 1991.

4 years, 1 month ago

Rebuffed Fella Jumps, Stomps, Smashes Girls Car at Gas Station- Undeniable Truth reviews and gives commentary on news with headlines "Woman Attacked By Stranger At Nashville Gas Station"
[link and excerpts below]
By: Sarah McCarthy
Posted: 1:54 PM, Aug 1, 2018
Updated: 6:37 PM, Aug 1, 2018
NASHVILLE, Tenn. - Bailey Cantrell was sitting inside her car at a Nashville gas station parking lot early Saturday morning when a complete stranger violently attacked her.

According to a report from Metro Nashville Police, a man approached Cantrell while she was on the phone and asked for her phone number. Cantrell rebuffed his advances twice. The third time, she told the man she would not be interested in exchanging numbers because she identifies as a lesbian.

That's when the man launched himself onto the hood of her car, kicked in her windshield and proceeded to drag her to the ground.

Witnesses on the scene said the man is new to the Nashville area and stays at the Rescue Mission.

Cantrell met an officer there a day later in hopes of finding the man, but said the officer did not offer to help track the suspect down.

antrell obtained video of the attack from the Kwik Sak, which has since gone viral on social media. In the comments, she has been criticized for her reaction — particularly when she is seen getting out of the vehicle to confront her attacker.

"I could see absolutely nothing out of my windshield," she said. "I was in shock and there was glass in my eyes from where all the glass hit us, so that's why I got out of the car."

Cantrell lives just minutes from the gas station but has since moved back into her parents' home in Hendersonville, where she feels safer.

4 years, 1 month ago