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Suitable for ages 13+: Facts about IQ, race, and life.

Nixon and Democrat Dr. Monynihan, a former Urban Affairs Advisor, then UN Ambassador, and finally, a Senator, discuss differences between the IQ averages of Blacks, Asians,and Whites, proven by endless research, & life outcomes.

At the time of this recording, they discuss the confirmed findings of Dr. Herrnstein, and earlier peer reviewed facts published by Dr. Jenson, and then pledge...."we cannot talk about this publicly."

In the United States of America, those with similar IQs, achieve similar academic, career, financial, and life success
....regardless of:
Race, money spent per student, school district, college degree, or SES born into.

"Systematic racism", debunked.

IQ is set at conception, and beyond a basic diet, cannot be increased.
IQ, like height, can only realize its potential, set at conception.

IQ cannot be increased via any method:
Including by self-esteem, Head Start pre-school, education, diet, exercise, or unearned jobs and promotions.
Meta study link 1:
Mainstream Science on Intelligence & IQ: 52 PhD Signatories with Biography


Meta study link 2:
Education, IQ, Income & Crime - Factors & Solutions


These documents are publicly searchable by name on Google.

Example: Ratios at 145 IQ

1 in 3.5 million Sub-Saharan African Blacks (no White DNA)
1 in 300,000 American Blacks (average 20% White DNA)
1 in 1,000 American Whites
1 is 50 Ashkenazic White Jews

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