Colin Flaherty author of Don't Make the Black Kids Angry - Fellas Bursting With Christmas Spirit Celebrate/Blow Off A Little Steam At The Mall with a riot at Pensacola - Cell phone video documented African american crime violence large uncontrolled brawl gang fight punch kick stomp melee destroy property knocking over and ruin everything community dysfunction wildly out of proportion
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Colin Flaherty author of Don't Make the Black Kids Angry commentary news - Zoolights Chaos: Video shows kids mob store near National Zoo, attack employees - The fellas riot EVERY DAY. Yet few call it that even though the video shows it. Today lets look at Washington, Indianapolis and Brooklyn - African american crime violence shooting chaos attack assault community dysfunction one big hot chocolate mess shoot each other up let out fight

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Colin Flaherty author of Don't Make the Black Kids Angry commentary news video Panic in Philadelphia? No, 500 fellas rampaging through the streets is just business as usual. Not even worth a mention in the local paper. The Roller Rink Rolling Thunder closed early then the little fellas went to the street to cause mayhem attack couple assault crime violence property damage destruction throw rocks at cops closed several stores malls walking dead due to black teen violence wildly out of proportion Media Fantasy Is Just some Teens Acting Badly. Reality 500 Fellas Riot The Streets

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Colin Flaherty author of Don't Make the Black Kids Angry commentary video documenting large scale black mob violence happening everyday so so often but no one is connecting the dots except you and me. Others are in complete denial deceit and delusion regarding the black crime hostility dysfunction fighting aggression unruly bad behavior damage property in mall schools stores roller rink etc.

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Colin Flaherty author of Don't Make the Black Kids Angry commentary news video on riots violence chaos fights brawl bullying disruptions in schools restaurants need to close there doors when the teen fellas are let out of school

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Colin Flaherty (Author of Don't Make the Black Kids Angry) Commentary News Video "Police cars damaged as sometimes-unruly crowds mass in North Philly" "Black outrage is loud and palpable, but how constructively is it channeled these days? | Perspective" dmtbka

Apparently responding to a social media messages, hundreds of teenagers and young adults massed in North Philadelphia late Sunday and some in the roving crowds turned unruly, damaging at least six police cars.

No arrests and no injuries were reported after the crowds dispersed early Monday.

Police Commissioner Richard Ross told reporters are Police Headquarters Monday morning that 600 to 800 people gathered in the area of Sydenham and Jefferson Streets about 11:30 p.m. and that most in the crowds were peaceful.

Still, some blocked intersections and others damaged patrol cars after police moved in to disperse the crowds.

Police said at least six police cars sustained damage, including smashed windshields, dented hoods, trunks and roofs and ripped out door mirrors.

July 1, 2019

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Colin Flaherty (Author of Don't Make the Black Kids Angry) Commentary News Video on police involved shooting at riot fella pulls gun and tries to run over cop in Memphis. dmtbka denial deceit delusion chocolate city crime violence

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Colin Flaherty (Author of Don't Make the Black Kids Angry) Commentary News Video "Some arrests made as large groups of teens gather on Mag Mile" "Arrests For Brawls, Phone Thefts After 500 Kids Descend on Downtown Chicago, Police Say" black mob violence crime criminality assaults
April 17th, 2019 11:03PM
CHICAGO (WLS) -- Police said as many as 500 teens, many broken into groups of 50 to 100, congregated in Millennium Park and Michigan Avenue Wednesday evening.

About 30 people were arrested, mostly Chicago Public School high school students, police said. Police had some administrators come downtown to apparently identify some of the students involved.

The arrests were made for fighting, trespassing, disobeying police and harassing people, police said. No serious injuries were reported.

April 18, 2019
Social media, a warm night and spring break for Chicago Public Schools all combined to draw hundreds of teenagers downtown for the evening Wednesday.

It’s a perennial issue in Chicago as summer comes: Teens connect with hundreds of others within seconds online and congregate in the Loop and along the Magnificent Mile, sometimes resulting in chaotic encounters with officers trying to contain the crowds.

Officers in the downtown and Near North Side districts over the years have used a variety of tactics, including directing the teenagers onto trains and buses that carry them out of the area.

But such strategies have raised concerns about the rights of teenagers who aren’t causing problems, especially when most sent away from downtown are black and from the South and West sides.

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Colin Flaherty (Author of Don't Make the Black Kids Angry) Commentary New Video of large scale black teen juveniles mob violence large fights brawls shootings dysfunction at mall schools basketball tournaments rap concerts bars nightclub fellas and their never ending riots the require mass police presence arrests

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Colin Flaherty (Author of Don't Make the Black Kids Angry and White Girl Bleed A Lot) Commentary News Video "Rhema Shuts Light Display Off Early After Fight" black mob violence Christmas holiday riot attack large fight assault beat down drag to the ground by hair disperse crowd with pepper spray
BROKEN ARROW - For the first time in nearly 40 years, Rhema was forced to shut off it's famous lights display early Saturday night.

Broken Arrow Police had to use pepper spray to break up a large fight between teenagers.

Police said they had to combine shifts in order to control the crowds.

A video sent by a concerned parent shows a girl being pulled to the ground by her hair, and repeatedly punched by another person. Another video shows a wider view of a different fight.

Police said at one point there was a group of 100 teenagers roaming the campus, causing problems.

"Parents need to be careful and know what your kids are doing," said Catoosa resident, Marita Hoover.

Police eventually recommended Rhema leaders shut the lights off two hours early to help clear out the crowd.

Rhema Associate Pastor, Bill Ray said they've never seen anything of this magnitude happen in the 37 years they've put on the lights display.

Sunday, December 2nd 2018, 6:32 PM CST
Updated: Sunday, December 2nd 2018, 6:37 PM CST
By: Taylor Newcomb

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Colin Flaherty Commentary Video on past articles on supposedly disparities in racial treatment and discipline juxtaposed and compared with recent news story "14 juveniles detained, 3 officers injured after police break up large fight on Broad Street" Black mob violence "Riotous Condition" Approximately 150-200 School Students Fighting in Philly
Tuesday, October 16, 2018 06:01PM
HUNTING PARK (WPVI) -- There was a large police presence Tuesday afternoon in the city's Hunting Park section.

Philadelphia police were called to Broad Street and Hunting Park Avenue just after 3:30 p.m. for a large fight in the area.

Chopper 6 was over the chaotic scene, showing police attempting to corral and several people running; at least two people were seen being placed in handcuffs.

Police said upon arrival the situation deteriorated into a "riotous condition" with approximately 150-200 school students fighting.

According to officials, at least 14 juveniles were detained and/or arrested following the incident.

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