Even in London, Nigs gotta Nog

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Baltimore Nigs , Not too bright

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I'm loving it

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Blacks shopping https://www.bitchute.com/video/7tiBaQIsc28B/
Going to the local Deli in New York https://www.bitchute.com/video/hE0qraSFdDrG/
30% of black men go to prison in their lifetime - https://bjs.ojp.gov/content/pub/pdf/Llgsfp.pdf
Black Americans are incarcerated in state prisons
at nearly 5 times the rate of white Americans.
Nationally, one in 81 Black adults in the U.S. is
serving time in state prison. Wisconsin leads the
nation in Black imprisonment rates; one of every
36 Black Wisconsinites is in prison.
In 12 states, more than half the prison population
is Black: Alabama, Delaware, Georgia, Illinois,
Louisiana, Maryland, Michigan, Mississippi, New
Jersey, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia.
Seven states maintain a Black/white disparity larger
than 9 to 1: California, Connecticut, Iowa, Maine,
Minnesota, New Jersey, and Wisconsin.
FBI Uniform Crime Report (Table 21) Shows
That 13% of the population commits about 50% of the violent crime in America
(when adjusted for per capita they are 5-7 times more likely to commit various violent crimes).
According to the FBI, African-Americans accounted for 55.9% of all homicide offenders in 2019, with whites 41.1%, and "Other" 3.0% in cases where the race was known. Among homicide victims in 2019 where the race was known, 54.7% were black or African-American, 42.3% were white, and 3.1% were of other races. The per-capita offending rate for African-Americans was roughly eight times higher than that of whites, and their victim rate was similar. About half of homicides are known to be single-offender/single-victim, and most of those were intraracial; in those where the perpetrator's and victim's races were known, 81% of white victims were killed by whites and 91% of black or African-American victims were killed by blacks or African-Americans.

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According to Westfield Stratford, the brawl was sparked after an "alleged shoplifting incident" in JD Sports.

The violent altercation then spilled out into the mall in full view of the public.

Footage shows the security guard pinning down one youth to the floor while being surrounded by three others.

One of the alleged shoplifters takes a few swipes at the man behind before landing a kick on his back as shocked bystanders look on.

The brawl then escalates as the security guard launches a punch at the hooded youth on the floor before fending off attacks from the other three.

As he is grabbed by a second, the JD Sports worker pauses to deliver a brutal headbutt to leave another youth reeling.

The group of youths continue to swarm him at the same time with one even picking up a metal stand to hit him on the back.

But despite being significantly outnumbered, the security guard more than holds his own.

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A black musician was attacked while walking along Rua Doutor Faivre, in downtown Curitiba. The crime took place on Tuesday (22), in the week of Black Consciousness, and came to light this Friday (25) after a complaint published by elected councilwoman and state deputy Carol Dartora (PT).

In the post, Carol Dartora, the first black deputy elected in Paraná, made it clear that the case of aggression was due to racism. "Yet another very serious and revolting case of racist violence in Curitiba involving a possible supporter of neo-Nazi and Bolsonarist ideologies". said Carol Dartora on social media.

The attack was recorded by a security camera. In the images, it is possible to see when a white man, armed with a truncheon and a knife, approaches the musician, who walks calmly. Without anything happening, the man starts attacking the musician. The assailant struck several blows with the baton and even ordered the dog that accompanied him to bite the victim.

The victim is musician Odivaldo Carlos da Silva, known as Neno. He had a broken tooth and received several blows to the head, mouth, back of the neck, chest and several bites from the dog.

Some people who were on the street witnessed all the aggression and helped the musician. According to witnesses, there is no doubt that he was the victim of a racist attack. The same man had even been seen calling the musician a monkey days before.

“According to the information, while attacking the musician, the man demonstrated the behavior of a neo-Nazi and said phrases like 'he's a homeless person, he has to be beaten'”, said Carol Dartora in the post in which she made the complaint.

Shortly after the crime, the man was identified by the police. According to the deputy's complaint, he was even taken to the police station, but there is no information if he remains in prison.

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⁣A nig was seen holding a weapon to a subway passenger's head in Philadelphia as the city continues to go through a crime wave after the 'summer of mayhem' which saw over 750 shootings.

The disturbing video, which went viral online, shows the man wearing a black hoodie, stick up and point his gun to the head of a man waiting for a train on the platform.

A SEPTA spokesperson said that no shots were fired during the incident and no one was injured - however the harrowing footage has rocked residents in the crime-ridden city.

The man, sitting on the ground in a white hat as he took a sip from a water bottle, seemed to shrug off the potential threat as a bystander recorded the incident.

Spokespersons for both the police and transit say that no arrests have been made and the event is still under investigation.

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I have sympathy for her. They probably don't have resources there that provide much assistance. She sounds foreign. If it happened in the un-United States, we're all exposed to this madness now. The USA will soon be on par with Mexico as far as how dangerous it is.

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A fistfight broke out during an interview on social media star Adam22’s No Jumper podcast between guests Suspect and Kelpy after the two got into a heated argument.

Interviews can get heated on Adam22‘s No Jumper podcast, but it’s not often they break out in a fistfight on camera.

During a recent episode of the No Jumper podcast including Adam, rapper Almighty Suspect, and Lil Kelpy, things got quite heated between the guests.

After a considerable amount of insults were thrown at each other, Suspect triggered a fight after spitting in Kelpy’s face, and reigning blows upon him.

No Jumper podcast interview turns into fistfight

On November 23, No Jumper posted the three-way interview which didn’t even last ten minutes. During the video, Suspect took offense to Kelpy’s outfit in their previous interview where the 19-year-old wore a pimp black fur coat, likening wearing it to blackface, even calling it a “costume.”

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Tisk tisk tisk, it would seem these 3 black folk have run a foul of the jewish community and hey who hasn't if they have been critical of jewish behaviours?

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Subhuman POS

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⁣⁣"If I judged them by the content of their character, they would BEG me to judge them by the color of their skin."

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⁣Charleston White is known for his controversial interviews. His antics reached new heights during his sit down with Chicago’s DJ U Go Crazy. In the interview, White continued to diss late Chi-Town rappers King Von and FBG Duck. Things took a turn when DJ U chimed in to check White on his raw commentary about the slain rappers.

But the Youtube comedian wasn’t pleased. White pulled a gun on the host while asking for his money back. “B*tch, give me back the money then, h*e, Charleston yelled. “I ain’t have to help not one of you. My momma ain’t gotta bunch of kids that died. B*tch, I hope y’all h*es bury y’all babies. F**k y’all pain, b*tch. Give me back my godd*amn money, h*e. Or suck my d*ck b*tch.”

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⁣A woman was attacked in front of her toddler at the welfare office. The woman with the toddler gets punched several times while she's lying on the ground.

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DOTHAN, Ala. (WTVY) - According to Dothan Police, Vincent Lamar Oliver Jr. has been taken into custody on charges of Capital Murder.

He will be detained at the Southeast Alabama Diversion Center, with no additional information being released regarding him due to court order restrictions.

DOTHAN, Ala. (WTVY) - Dothan Police have identified a suspect in the weekend murder of two women.

According to an updated press release, Dothan Police are looking for 14-year-old Vincent Lamar Oliver Jr. While Alabama juvenile privacy laws typically do not allow the release of juvenile information in criminal cases, courts have issued an order allowing Oliver Jr.’s information to be released for the sake of public safety.

Oliver Jr. is wanted for two counts of Capital Murder for the killings of 21-year-old Jasmine Danielle Bean and 20-year-old Ja’Lexius Lashon Wells. In addition, Oliver Jr. has active juvenile pickup orders for two counts of Attempted Assault First Degree and one count of Discharging a Firearm into an Occupied Vehicle.

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Master Thieves At Work!

1 week ago

"Hey! I'm just here to get a haircut. If I wanted to see some ugly bitches covered in even uglier tattoos shaking their asses...I'd go to a strip club.

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When Blacks go on a shopping spree (no sound in this video).

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A Black woman tears up a deli in New York and gets hit in the head with an aluminum can.

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Yeah most of England's gun and speech rights were lost in the 1960s, although the rot actually started with Public Order Act of 1936 which made wearing any political uniform in public a crime. However, English speech and gun rights basically remained alive in a very crude and restrictive form until the 90s and early 2000s. 1996 for guns when handguns were toally banned even for license holders, and 2003 for speech when the Communication Act 2003 made it a criminal offense to be "grossly offensive".

The Terrorism Act 2006 was the final nail in the coffin for English free speech when the offense of "encouraging or otherwise inducing the preparation, instigation or commissioning of acts of terrorism whether directly or indirectly" was created, so that anyone saying anything in public that sounded like approval of political violence, whether real or imagined, became liable to prosecution and up to 15 years imprisonment. It also gave the British Government the right to outlaw any group it felt was "concerned" with terrorism regardless as to whether any crime had actually taken place, and it gave the British Government the right to declare any other group created subsequently an "alias" of the former, based solely on the British Government's own subjective opinions.

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⁣Watch as this horrid excuse for a human go on a racist, anti-Asian rant right in front of her young kid.

At one point, the woman tells the Asian person to eat a dog with rice.

All this in the most woke city in America, Seattle.

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An African officer shoots a smack talking civilian in the leg with a shotgun, moments later you witness the civilian limping away as blood starts to pool in the back of his jeans.

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Popular Jamaican dancehall artist Buju Banton's banned 1992 song "Boom Bye Bye" promotes shooting male homosexuals in the head, says women are the finest of God's creatures (agreed), and ridicules the perverted impulses of male sodomites, saying to shoot male homosexuals in the head with automatic pistols and Uzis, LOL.
This song was (and still is) wildly popular amongst Jamaican and Caribbean black men and women, and many other diaspora blacks, but has been mostly pulled of jewtube by the 2020s (gee, I wonder why), but I will translate the full lyrics from Patwa to English later when I have time.
Meanwhile, FYI "batty bwoy" = the Jamaican patwa equivalent of "faggot."
Jamaica is legendary for its homophobia, including populist mob violence against "LBTQ+" activists attempting to invade the island, often backed by jewish "human rights" lobbying. If people want to protect homos from violence on humanitarian grounds, let's help the homos expatriate to Israel or some other pit of sodomy rather than letting them spread their perversion amongst gentile nations and prey on our innocent Gentile children.

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Black Teens Girls Brawling Against Black Adults In Boston In Front Of A Squad Car.
complete with ghetto narrators

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"Roy Nicholson was later arrested approximately one mile away and was found to be in possession of a loaded firearm, marijuana, and more than $3,600 in cash. A pink backpack found on a sidewalk nearby, contained approximately 200 grams of marijuana and plastic baggies. Officers had observed the pink backpack in Nicholson’s car during the earlier attempt to arrest him."

Nicholson faces a mandatory minimum sentence of five years in prison, and up to a $250,000 fine.

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No sympathy, no screaming bitches. Apparently, he'd pissed everyone off.

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Whew !! Good thing he shot him in the head. No vital organs were harmed.

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Auditions for 'South Central Baddies
"So talented and so brave". I'm sure the show will be a huge success amongst the targeted demographic. After watching them folks get hungry, time to hit the Waffelhouse...

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The babylonian fake jew plan is to breed us out via migration. In the bible this is talked about in revelation. A miracle will occur which will kill the non people of God. This miracle will upset the fake jews seed of satan allot. Then they will openly make war on Christians to kill them. Both of these are in your bible and not far from reality now.

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Back in 1984 a nig was put into the Lincoln County Jail here for breaking into a Watermelon Stand. Another thing they like is RC Colas and Moon Pies. Then there was this one nigger that would sneak into the stables at the Tennessee Walker Horse facility and stand on the rear of the stalls fucking horses late at night. And another nigger was caught by his grandmother in Nashville fucking a goat in the barn. They were each given 5 year sentences for Crimes Against Nature.

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Perhaps before you play with the gun on camera you should make sure the safety is on. At minimum do that! Based on this though, its best you avoid guns entirely. You probably won't hit anything anyway

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know why they keep doing this kind of shit? cuz no one is stopping them

2 weeks ago

Black guy gets his ass beat probably disrespected one of them

2 weeks ago

Security video from a Georgia jail shows a detainee being pushed against a wall by guards and repeated punched in the head and neck after five deputies come into the man's cell.

An attorney for the detainee, 41-year-old Jarrett Hobbs, released the video Monday. Civil rights attorney Harry Daniels said authorities should pursue criminal charges against the sheriff's deputies in Camden County who swarmed Hobbs after he was booked for traffic violations and drug possession charges Sept. 3.

“It’s undeniable that Mr. Hobbs was approached by jailers and he was assaulted, punched multiple times in the back of his head, kneed in his head and dragged out of his cell,” Daniels said. “This is a brutal beating, a brutal attack.”

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2 weeks ago

It say Komedy written on the video , so I assume its a piss take , well I hope it is

2 weeks ago

Not talking about all of them, that would be illogical. But until they start repairing the family unit, having a Mother & Father raising them under one roof, this is they only thing they bring to the world. A future for them is incarnation............... I feel for this guy, they took what he obviously worked hard for & is probably the means of his livelihood.

2 weeks ago

Maquedius Dashad Bain, an assistant coach at South Broward High School, is accused of having a sexual relationship with a girl between the ages of 12 and 17.

12 Year Old French Girl Raped Murdered Dismembered And Put In A Suitcase https://www.bitchute.com/video/JL1DHBHKLmEI/

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Russians refer to niggers as "ghouls" because they commit crime without a sound and move like zombies.

2 weeks, 2 days ago

Figure from the 1980s exposing Zionist influence in the United States. Unsure of his name or the exact details of this particular engagement.
Another interesting piece of evidence. Was he silenced?

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Just some great diversity for you.

2 weeks, 4 days ago

Bring your bananas. 🍌🍌🍌

2 weeks, 4 days ago

Blacks are so stupid they think they can fly to Wakanda now.

2 weeks, 4 days ago

Not sure what sparked it, but considering the group fighting, could have been over a bag of Flaming Hot Cheetos!!

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She has a natural grill...lol

2 weeks, 6 days ago

Why do you eat so much chicken?

2 weeks, 6 days ago

Why African-Americans Are Deemed The Minority Group In America

3 weeks ago


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"Antisemitic" black leader Malcolm X talks about how based truth-telling blacks like Farrakhan, Kanye West, and (until he bent the knew to the jew slavemaster) Kyrie all try to speak truth, then get put down by the jews sending their "house negroes" who serve their jewish slavemasters to put them down.
To learn the truth about the jewish role in the enslavement of the black Africans, how jews undermined the developing black American economy, and how they try to turn us Gentiles all against each other, see "The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews" book series.

3 weeks, 3 days ago

Giga-based black hero Farrakhan warns his people and all us Gentiles not to take the satanic jew vaccine, versus effeminate yapping rat-faced zionist cockroach Ben Shapiro trash talks on blacks, the black community, and "antisemitic" hero Louis Farrakhan.

3 weeks, 3 days ago

Black Man Admits Blacks Never Built Shit

3 weeks, 3 days ago

As the cover image suggests, this film, simply put, is "the story of a gang of drug dealers, the wire tap that caught them, and the devastated lives they left behind". The candid, voyeuristic nature of this film provides us with a raw glimpse into the feral biospirit of the black race. The viewer is given unprecedented, 24/7 access into the lives of a group of niggers via police surveillance cameras that have been installed throughout their house to capture the entirety of their highly illegal day-to-day activities.

The film and surveillance footage takes place in the summer of 2005 in Rockford, Illinois. The film depicts how black crime can spread from larger, urban cities like Chicago to smaller, Whiter towns like Rockford. The black neighborhoods in the film are shitholes infested with black crime, murder and dangerous niggers.

Over a thousand hours of footage is captured on the surveillance cameras in the house. All types of illegal happenings are recorded with the niggers in the house completely unaware. Countless drug deals of crack and heroin occur, the gangs smoke weed and play with guns, and occasionally smack around their bitch.

The film is an intimate portrait of how black crime from Chicago ruined the neighboring city of Rockford. Gang members, drug dealers and police members are interviewed on the horrible, detrimental effects that blacks have on their community.

****Note: If you see a documentary film on my channel that you like and want to upload to a seperate channel or platform, feel free to do so. But please do so without stealing/ plagiarizing my original, written content I have included in the description***

For a playlist of ethnographic documentary films exploring non-Whites in the third-world, click the following link: https://www.bitchute.com/playlist/bGOsuIzkCHYS/
For a thorough playlist of dozens of documentary films debunking the mainstream, Jewish narrative of the Holocaust, click the following link:
For a thorough playlist on documentary films exploring Whites in Africa, from farm murders in South Africa, to the anti-White atrocities of Zimbabwe's Mugabe, click the following link:
For a playlist of Jewish lies, propaganda and hit-piece documentary films, for research and educational purposes or satirical, comedic viewing, click the following link:

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She's sure breaking a lot of hearts.

3 weeks, 4 days ago

Funny video featuring people who probably got shot the same week this was made.

3 weeks, 4 days ago

Authorities are investigating a robbery at a Deerfield Beach store that began with an argument over change. The incident happened around 6 p.m. on Oct. 24 at Tony's Market at 5105 North Dixie Highway, Broward Sheriff's Office officials said. One suspect had gone in the store to buy a cigar but he became unhappy with the change he received from the cashier, officials said. The two got into a verbal fight but the suspect left the store. A short time later, the suspect returned with five other people. Surveillance footage showed the suspect jump over the counter, grab the cashier and throw him to the ground before holding him down, officials said. While the cashier was being held down, the other suspects also jumped over the counter and stole about $8,000 before they all the fled the scene, authorities said.

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