I know 5 minutes is excessive for this type of video (heavy on the portraiture with not much action), but the day will come when this "memory" will be precious to me (i.e. after she's all grown up, when/if her eyes ever improve, after she passes away, etc.)

It's also very useful to me to get some closeup video of her eyes in the bright light...

PATTY PAWSITIVITY is so sweet, she closes her eyes whenever I pick her up & she is so shy, she turns away whenever I try to look closely into her face.

The amazing thing about PATTY PAWS - being blind - is that she spends so much time looking around trying to see (as you can see in this video).

PATTY gets around very well considering her very limited visual ability - she can see "lights & shadows," as the vet says - but in certain low-light conditions it's possible to accidentally "sneak up" on her & startle her into a panicky leap of fright.

I'm learning to say her name & speak reassuringly as I approach her & hold out my hand for her to sniff before trying to pet her. She, too, is getting used to this routine & the "startle events" are becoming less & less frequent.

Also, LITTLE MISSY (black tuxedo mama cat) is hilarious in the background trying to keep her head up & her sleepy eyes open LOL! 😴🤭

Re: The ending. It's all fun & games until I get a dozen or so razor-sharp claws embedded in my knee = YEEOUCH! 🙀😿😹


3 months, 4 weeks ago