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4 months ago

Temporary body storage services for the next 4 years in case of an excess death situation.

They know people will die from the covid death vaccines in the coming years, and are preparing for it.

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5 months, 1 week ago

THE BODY BAG COMPANY IS ASP Medical https://www.aspmedical.com/products/cadaver-bags-kits/

6 months, 1 week ago

Tim Ray interviews Pamela Rea Schuffert, investigative journalist for 25 years, over what FEMA’s role is in the takeover of the United States government. They also delve into why FEMA had set up camps for the sickly and had millions of body bags in their possession.

Direct Link - https://uimedianetwork.org/beyond-the-vaccine-with-celeste-solum

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10 months ago

Hundreds of thousands of body bags being shipped plus England quarantine hotels with high security and a nurse was stabbed here in Scotland plus more dead in Italy vaccines.


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FedEx Shipping100's of 1000's of Body-Bags across the US .. most likely in preparation of mass deaths as the Government gets ready for mass roll-out of Covid-19 vaccines and Biden's 100.000.000 vaccines in first 100 days in office.
Take into consideration that this is just one FedEx facility.
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