Jesse Suave and I went to Friendship Park in the evening of November 15, 2018 where the Caravan demonstrations have been taking place. There we ran into a member of the Oceanside Pascoli gang and his family. They were enraged that I was carrying an American flag and wearing a USA cap.

You can understand why this guy is frustrated, he said he's a chief in the Pascoli gang in Oceanside and was probably looking forward to getting new gang member recruits from this caravan. Part of the reason Tijuanans are turning against the caravan, is they know most of them are likely to end up being stuck in Tijuana and they think it will add to their already terrible crime problem. There are still many Haitian refugees in Tijuana from two years ago.

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Enrique Morones arranged a cross border wedding in San Diego for a major cartel drug smuggler with the Border Patrol in attendance. This news report is from December, 2017. Morones is founder of the Border Angels, a far-left, open borders organization.

One of Morones' coworkers, Hugo Castro, was kidnapped by "organized criminals" a few months earlier while apparently on a trip to help bring fake asylum seekers to the US border. So, it is believed the group has had connections to smuggling cartels for some time.

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