Should women be the boss? Should men be boss? Should there be some of both? I explain.

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An examination of Boss Design in games with a focus on the purpose of Bosses and what makes them good or bad when it comes to implementation.

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Cliff Notes:
0:28 What are Bosses For?
1:46 What is Good Boss Design
2:06 Narrative Boss Design
3:35 Quick Time Events in Resident Evil 4
5:00 Narrative Boss Fight Placement
6:05 The Skill Testing Boss
6:24 Top Down Design vs. Bottom Up Design
7:57 Puzzle Boss Design
9:19 Devil May Cry and Viscerality
11:01 Arkham City and the Puzzle Boss
13:04 Cram Bosses
13:50 Castlevania Lords of Shadow and Cram Bosses
15:26 Kingdom Hearts 2
16:27 Kirby 64 and the Crystal Shards
19:20 Starfox Adventures Dinosaur Planet
22:17 Tradition in Boss Design
22:45 Rinse and Repeat Methodology
25:14 Bomberman 64
30:14 Diddy Kong Racing
32:50 Snowboard Kids 2
35:01 F-Zero GX
37:12 Boss design and overall game design coherency
37:41 Arkham Knight
46:37 Recap Boss Design
48:29 Recap Good Boss Design
49:10 Visceral Vs. Cerebral
49:37 Definition of a Good Boss
50:25 Sign Off

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