7 minutes to awakening - This video will scare the crap out of you and changed everything watch with caution as this is not something to be mocked ❤ love my Facebook and social media family take this as you will but be WARNED !!Putting this out there no I do not go through church but I believe in this as I seen it when I was a child of you don't want to be woken up or you have a tendency to get frightened easy or you simply don't want to hear the truth and would rather continue to live this lie you are calling a life don't press play as you life will never be the same again

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In the book of Revelation we're told an angel throws Satan into a bottomless pit and seals him in for 1000 years. Can we locate this pit on earth? Is this event past or in a future end times scenario like the Christian Science Fiction doctrine "teaches"?

Join Joseph Cortes of Faith Cometh By Hearing ministries in this fascinating three part hunt for the Bottomless Pit using Biblical and secular sources to zero in on it location.

All 3 parts here:
https://youtu.be/xB8FVgDd3DE Part One
https://youtu.be/nHjmraziJys Part Two
https://youtu.be/nHjmraziJys Part Three

This video is part of an extensive series called "The Last Days". It can be found in the "Teaching Center" video section on the TeachingFaith.com website. Click here to go to it: https://www.teachingfaith.com/the-last-days

Keep in mind, this series is presented in the order they were recorded, the archives are in chronological order, which means it's best to start with the first and journey your way through up to modern day, as Pastor Cortes is still adding new segments.

This lecture and 1000's more are available in the Teaching Center video archives at: https://www.teachingfaith.com/video-sermons

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Entitlement is a bottomless pit, because many people who demand certain rights and benefits will never be satisfied when they actually get what they asked for.

Clip is from The Andy Griffith Show, Season 3, Episode 21, "Opie and the Spoiled Kid" (Feb. 18, 1963) - "Entitlements Explained" - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yhQaZTo0YnM&t=11s

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