Aka Anthropophagus or The Grim Reaper, whatever the case, this is most certainly not delicious.

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The Cinema Snob continues his look back at one of the more controversial exploitation films of all time.

This Movie Review was released on March 19th 2013 by Brad Jones.

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It's The Cinema Snob's 200th Episode!!

This Movie Review was released on March 11th 2013 by Brad Jones.

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The infamous religious propaganda film about Jeff, a guy swept up so hard in rock and roll that his very soul is on the line. When his pastor challenges him to give the records a rest, he begins to learn the sinister intent behind Satanic groups such as the Eagles, Rush, and so on. This curiosity gained notoriety in the early 2010s, when it was featured on The Cinema Snob's DVD-R Hell showcase.

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Musical March in September comes to a close as The Cinema Snob takes a look at the sequel to Breakin' with the familiar subtitle.

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First uploaded 6/27/2012 according to the website. This version has Spanish subtitles.

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Wouldn't you trust the word of someone named Dr. Francis B. Gross?

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Brad Jones in character as the cinema snob of Stoned Gremlin Productions, talks about the 7th 1988 Friday the 13th installment. Originally posted to dupetube on May 13th 2016.

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The Cinema Snob celebrates Friday the 13th by reviewing The New Blood.

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