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49 year old pharmacist dies six days after getting COVID-19 vaccine https://www.bitchute.com/video/PPxY95UARBoH/
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Quote: "The article posted in Italian is here: https://www.secondopianonews.it/news/cronaca/2021/01/23/farmacista-si-vaccina-e-muore-ausl-vaccino-non-centra-ma-veramente.html
Here is the article put through Google Translate: Pharmacist gets vaccinated and dies. Ausl: "Vaccine does not matter". But really? by DINO GRANATA -23 January 2021. Miriam Gabriela Godoy, the pharmacist who died after the vaccine. A 49-year-old pharmacist, Miriam Gabriela Godoy, from Porto Corsini, a seaside resort on the Romagna Riviera, died last Wednesday after receiving the anti-Covid vaccine. The Resto del Carlino and Ravenna News report it explaining how the woman died from an illness. The pharmacist had been vaccinated on January 14th. The next day she went to work at the pharmacy and felt ill. Urgently transported to the Bufalini hospital in Cesena, the lady died a few days later, Wednesday 20 January. The woman, who leaves 4 children, was not performed any autopsy to ascertain the real causes of her death. Among the colleagues - writes the Carlino - in recent days someone has worried because the woman had recently received the anti-Covid vaccine when she felt ill: in this regard the Ausl specifies that "there is absolutely no correlation between the vaccine and what happened to the woman ". But really ?, one might say. And how do these "experts" of the Ausl to assert it without having carried out any autopsy examination, and therefore have in hand proven evidence that it was not the vaccine that killed the poor woman? A very sad story, like so many others, studded with many mysteries and omissions."

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