War is not won by waiting for your enemy to amass their soldiers on your front lawn, then, when they out number you and attack, at that point you defend your family against the Black & Leftist Hordes.

To win, you must take action while you have the numbers and resources to defeat your clear and present enemies or you will be defeated. The time to take action and conquer those who will kill your family and Countrymen is now or they will slaughter
your family in front of you laughing and smiling while forcing you to watch.

The foolish idea that when this time comes, you will simply take "White-Flight" or "Bug-Out" is very backward thinking and it's a losing strategy. You can't take "flight" forever, there will be nowhere to go and prepping for a Bug-Out when they finally do knock your door in is a preparation for failure and cowardess. Don't prep for bugging out, prep for war and take peaceful action while you still can. The items on your list will be pretty much the same but you'll be preparing for success and not failure. Now is the time to put it together and get involved with your most trusted friends and family, there's no time to "lose".

2 months, 2 weeks ago