This is what really happening around us, if we keep indifferent, we will wake up in electronic GULAG, there will be no possessions, no happiness, just a bunch of soulless beings, working like mechanisms , in the forgotten in somebody's attic wall clock

Why the UK Government is SCARED more of the protesters, than football hooligans, criminals,

WHY they see so much danger in peaceful protesters, rather than in those, who bring the REAL threat to the society?

the answer is simple, criminals are part of the plan, protesters can awaken masses, who will stop the PLAN!!!

Thousands of Brave people gathered together, united for this March of FREEDOM, I met some truly amazing people there, some of them spoke to me, shared their feelings, shared their stories, I only asking you to do one thing, Please listen to what these people are saying, they are REAL people, with REAL life stories, What is happening to them, is going to happen to ALL of US!!!

now I comprehend, why they used MILITARY in this Beautiful City, people in Liverpool will not buy the lie the UK Government has been IMPOSING on British people

it was not easy,
there was a HEAVY Police presence,
the police tried to injure people with horses,
the police tried to intimidate people from continuing the MARCH of freedom,
the UK Government brought Military force in Liverpool to control people
To lock people in the homes , and to destroy their lives

My YouTube channel is probably going to be shut down by the YouTube in the near future, I moved some of my banned videos to other platforms:

Please, Join the protest ,we need you ,Evil paedophiles have got all of the money, we have got all of the people, they use all of the money, we need to use all of us to stop them,

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This video of David Icke telling the truth was banned on YouTube, I downloaded it onto Bitchute, please watch it is very important

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Over the years, every institution in the U.S. has succeeded in turning Americans—especially the young—into a quivering mass of jelly afraid of their own shadows.

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The Hill, September 16, 2020

In celebration of Burn Your Mask Day we decided to spread some freedom dust over the shoppers and employees of Target!

Chris Nelson (The Target Guy)


The Hill


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