Elites Profit from Ukraine War as the World Suffers

U.S.-led West fuels Russia-Ukraine crisis, leaving pain for all

Amid the Russia-Ukraine crisis, the U.S.-led Western countries have delivered batches of lethal weapons to Ukraine and imposed sanctions on Russia, risking perpetuating the regional conflict but leaving the world to foot the bill

“The entire world is run by the Khazarian mafia Luciferians run the world. Not a sector of our society is untouched or corrupted by them. Freedom? Not today. The world does have hope. How? Nationalism is on the rise. Ordinary people do not know or realize that is what they are feeling and seeking, but it is. They want to be left alone. They want their kids to have a nicer life than they had. They want peace. This scares the Khazians more than anything. We will get there, but we can never quit or give up.” - UncleGrumpy


6 months ago

Graham Phillips - Azov Battalion Truth - Mariupol People Speak!

Residents of Mariupol about Azov battalion

Very informative video. So different to what the lying, filthy and owned by jooos mainstream media dishes out every day.

Graham Phillips

6 months ago