An important talk explaining the illegitimate spiritual origins of politician consciousness, how that leads to tyranny, and how truth surfaces in the form of ridiculed but true subjects like the flat earth and mudfossils.

Alan Wrightson has the spiritual rank of an Avatar of God, with similar characteristics to an old Hindu avatar called Datatreya. He was born in Worcester, UK in 1970 and grew up in Redditch. He studied under a deceased Gurdjieff and two living Sufi saints, Idries Shah and Omar Ali-Shah. After leaving them behind he spent time with deceased Adiparashakti Meher Baba.

Afterwards he achieved realization alone in 2007. On annihilation and entry into the Brahman he attained the rank of Shiva due to his destroying creation. On leaving the Brahman he created the planes of consciousness and the material universe, attaining the rank of Brahma. On completing his return to normal consciousness he became Vishnu or God incarnating in the universe, the same rank as Jesus.

11 months ago