Different people, united to fight for freedom in London on the 02/10/2021,
which was taken away from us,

If we do not fight for FREEDOM

we do not deserve to be free,
our destiny is to be enslaved eternaly
most of us will not even understand
what monstrosity is actually happening in the world right now

so, it's just us, those few people

do we have to fight for those , who agreed to lochdown, who agreed to vaccinating themself?

may be the whole idea of the global reset, is the harvest

Harvest of the corrupted souls
Souls , who failed to understand, that they are HUMANS,

7 months ago

They want to stop car boot sales all over Britain

This video was banned on YouTube, for spreading misinformation, which in particular they did not specify, this video managed to get only 30 views,

Thou Unclean Spirit! Squatting like a toad,
Close to the doorway of my soul's abode,
with eyes, that blink not in their steady gaze,
Seeking to enter in a thousand ways,
Of subtle cunning, searching day and night
With ever keen, unflinching, steady sight,
To find some crevice where to enter in
And make my soul, a brothel of foul sin

Please, Join the protest ,we need you ,Evil paedophiles have got all of the money, we have got all of the people, they use all of the money, we need to use all of us to stop them,

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This video of David Icke telling the truth was banned on YouTube, I downloaded it onto Bitchute, please watch it is very important

8 months ago