Gnomes have always been the "Inquire Within" mascot so its only fitting that I start making some! I recently got my grandfathers old carving kit and have been going to town on practicing. Since I have proceeds from my music and merchandise go towards reforestation I decided to have my mini Gnomes do the same.
From my website https://inquirewithinofficial.com 20-40 Trees will be planted with each Gnome.

From my Etsy account 1-40 will be planted depending on which size is purchased. https://www.etsy.com/shop/TerraGnomes

Each Gnome sold is unique, no two will look alike; I try to style the Gnome based off of the features of the stick it comes from.

Music is from my newest album; "Meditation For The Devil"
Available at: https://inquirewithinofficial.com/
Every album sale plants 10 Trees!
Every 1000 Spotify/ Apple streams plants 1 Tree!
10 Trees planted for every merch sale ($10 or more)
Learn more about how we are planting trees at: trees.org/sponsor/inquire-within/

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