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Earn outstanding profits offering discounted medical services and telemedicine. Full training and support for beginners, I am a certified cash flow specialist that provides health discounts such as dental, vision chiropractic services of providing telemedicine through Ameriplan. I am inviting businesses and workers effected by the covid-19 outbreak to an online Zoom meetings. The Coronavirus is going to affect your business... it's wreaking havoc on the global economy, and it will impact you. - We will share how to survive! Contact Me (248) 884-7775

Fear of sales fear of selling. The nucleus to your success won't be your idea, your execution, or your value proposition: It will be your ability to SELL IT! Selling is the act of persuasion: You convince someone of value, and in return, they give you money, time, or an investment. I can help you overcome fear. https://williamjaroske.jumpstarttosuccess.com/

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