From a Box Set C-60 cassette.1988. A Private release. Limited Edition of 500 copies. Comes complete with erotic art booklet. Recorded at Inner-X-Studio 1984. This song is one of John Zewizz's dark whispering songs.The tracks on this release are both Songs and instrumentals. One of the most desired cassettes by people collecting SleepChamber. All tracks were recorded in the same month (Aug.1984). The music on this track shows up on the SLEEP OR FOREVER HOLD YOUR PIECE LP (1990) in a short one minute piece between songs. BAND: (John Zewizz,Malcolm Smith).
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From the VHS tape "23 EAZY PIECES" (1984). Video by John Zewizz. This VHS-video compilation is an international electronic music collection produced by John Zewizz. The VHS contained groups such as P16 D4, NURSE WITH WOUND, MERZBOW, WOMEN OF THE SS, SLEEPCHAMBER, CULT OV THE WOMB, HIDIOUS IN STRRENGTH, HUMAN FLESH, and more. Early Industrial music sure was popular in the 1980's. This collection is a reflection of the efforts of many underground bands. You can find some of these videos around the internet.
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Recorded at Inner-X-Studio 1983-84. (Track listing Below) This is one of the most popular yet rare early cassette releases. It is a perfect example of the different styles of music that SleepChamber was releasing. A mixture of songs and instrumentals. All of it is experimental by nature. Much like the styles of bands like TG and Cabaret Voltaire. John Zewizz does not deny that he was influenced early on by Cabaret Voltaire. This release was what put SleepChamber on the map for being a band that was not only interesting but constantly evolving.
Not only was SleepChamber releasing a different kind of musical format but they were also performing much of this music live. When most Industrial bands were still releasing cassettes SleepChamber was performing to mixed crowds this music. Zewizz claims that it was not easy in the early days. "People just stood there staring at us, they never new what was going on or what to do. It was kinda a gas. In Boston we were labeled as 'Anti Music'. I just went with it. You can't control your audience. They pick you. You don't pick them". This release is a gem for many reasons. Mostly because it gives you the map of traditional SleepChamber music. BAND:-(Richard Gellar, Malcolm Smith, John Zewizz, Larry Van Horn)

WIKIPEDIA~ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sleep_Chamber
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TUMBLER~ https://www.tumblr.com/blog/view/johncrowthings

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From the 1986 cassette "AT THE MOUNTAINS OF MADNESS". This is one of the better Industrial soundscapes by Briley.
Before joining SleepChamber he had about 6-7 cassettes released. Jonathan Briley without doubt a very interesting musician. Without any formal music training-(Like John Zewizz)- he is very able to mix these walls and streams of chaos to form his own piece of expressionism. When he uses lyrics he seems to be a Philosopher of the dark politics.

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From the 1987 cassette FROM THE MOUNTAINS OF MADNESS. Jonathan Briley joined SleepChamber in 1986 but before joining the band he released around 10 cassettes in the 1980's. His vocal tracks being the more popular and most powerful. This rare cassette is the hardest of all of them to locate. Released on John Zewizz's Inner-X-Musick label.
Jonathan Briley was one of the main members of SleepChamber from 1987-1992. before he left without explanation.

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From their only cassette released. !983 early Industrial Electronics. DOKUMENT was Malcolm Smith & Jessie Last. The video was done by an unknown fan. Only 10 copies of their C-45 cassette were personally released by them. John Zewizz later released their cassette in 1984 on his Inner-X-Musick label. Malcolm Smith also joined SleepChamber in 1984 and remained a official member through live performances and album releases till 1987. He was replaced by Jonathan Briley in 1987. Malcolm appeared on SleepChamber albums from the first self titled LP and also played on SEXMAGICK RITUAL LP. Much like the music of THROBBING GRISTLE-(TG) DOKUMENT was an experimental Industrial style of music. John Zewizz also was known to assist them in Live performances. A vinyl LP was released in 2019 by VINYL on DEMAND in Germany called "Kum de Profundis". It includes the full cassette release. DOKUMENT was one of the most popular 80's underground Industrial bands from the USA. In the flow of the cassette days many bands were releasing their music on cassettes to a large waiting market. The major label market killed the trading and sales of cassettes by the 90's.

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