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congratulations. by watching and understanding the above video, you should now be be free of this terrible affliction.
a disease that has poisoned the minds of white society as early as the judaea/roman wars of 70 ad - if not earlier.
a war, which in ((( their ))) eyes - never ended.
the jews and their media always lay all of the worlds' tragedies ie. ( wars, genocides, conspiracies etc.) on white european shoulders, when actually if you research a little, you will find that this parasitical clique of bullshit artists are the true culprits.
brilliant video by omnifi media that gave me back my stiff upper lip !

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White People are Proud-To-Be-WHITE without having to give an explanation.

2 years ago

A mixed race, Indian, Philippino etc race non white man praises the white races beauty, kindness and says it's the best race in the world and non whites should accept it.

Leave a like if you're white and proud

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