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A blast struck a COVID-19 test centre north of Amsterdam, Netherlands, before sunrise. Police found an explosive device and say it’s an attack.


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The car park of Hyde Leisure Centre in Greater Manchester is being used as a drive-through coronavirus vaccination Centre

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David Irving Centre Right Cowardice Bitchute Only

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Congregants at Plymouth Christian Centre misdefine the doctrine of the Trinity

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Video shows how to use the student portal and brief about the expected attitude in The Physics Café - leading tuition centre in Singapore.

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The first feature length film exposing tv fakery on September Eleventh, released in 2007 to no acclaim, subsequently immitated but unmatched. Ghengis6199

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German professor Otto Lidenbrock believes there are volcanic tubes going toward the centre of the Earth. He, his nephew Axel, and their guide Hans descend into the Icelandic volcano Snæfellsjökull, encountering many adventures, including prehistoric animals and natural hazards, before eventually coming to the surface again in southern Italy, at the Stromboli volcano.

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ManFoWars.com - January 2017 to July 2018 I publicly filmed solving a huge problem instead of vlogging at home. Why? Don't believe me: BELIEVE YOU and 2 MILLION FRIENDS ON VIDEO. Hate feeling bad? Making it hard to talk? Want to do better? Yes.

PayPal Donations: https://www.paypal.me/manfowars
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Contact: Black Krishna (BK - stage name), 647-781-1580, [email protected], ManFoWars.com

All I wanted was a nice job, people and country to mind my business and enjoy. This happened.

I accidentally created Canadian Fight Club to make far better men than I to help everyone.

Men, women and children run to me by the millions because I talk about what they can't.

Men can privately meet to respect each other more than normal, speak better and act.

Men can restore The Code of The Streets to help everyone and get respect for it.

Women and children will be happy this happens so people will normally act nice.


No one respects acting like pretend lying bitchy sketchy girlfriends or wives, bad-at-being gay guys, or crazy homeless zombies who act stupid; can't explain why; get embarrassed; won't let anyone stay busy, think, look, talk, be cute, nice, or feel happy; get mad when people can't look at or talk to them; avoid family and friends to bother strangers; make everyone do it and can't stop.

For many years people gave confused people good ideas who told others.

Now? Many stop everyone from talking like this.

Still, adults can help them and me do better to promote ways to do better many proved they like.

Also online, like on YouTube, no one's "Gotcha!" point is forcing others to them look ugly, then saying "Please like and subscribe!" Offline? People shouldn't either. Instead of acting like "Hi Bro... I'm Your Ho!" men need stuff like "Reparative Therapy" by Dr. Joseph Nicolosi to stop making it impossible to show and get respect.

Unless irreparably insane: cool guys, nice girls and cute kids will soon enjoy more.

I'm an expert. Here's why:

No one stops me. Why? If they're not polite people won't let each other talk. Instead they drift apart and go from seeing one sketchy person a month to everyone quietly making everyone uncomfortable until it's all we do.

People who never show or get respect also like being ignored. Why? It's the closest many get.

If people are polite? They let everyone talk. Especially to help fix this.

Here's how:

1. Respect artists like Marley, Coldplay, 2Pac, DMX, Jeezy and Kendrick? They help us with this so we keep ours.

2. I'm sorry: but millions of brainwashed lying bitches begging to be broken on video who like being ignored is proof.

3. Kids now act the same and will not listen well to parents with no self-respect. This will inspire adults to keep theirs.

4. 1999's "Fight Club" vs. "The Matrix" = "Men Respect Each Other Offline, Talk and Do Stuff" vs. "Only Online Forever".

5. For thousands of years confident masculine strength and feminine vulnerability helped people feel happy. We still want it.

6. It's not all people's fault, but people have to respect each other to talk and handle whose fault it is and everything else well.

7. Offline: if all even smart people can do is try to force others to see them look ugly? Online: they'll see how no one likes it to stop it.

8. #FirstWorldProblems: The big problem is people won't let each other feel happy. If they keep self-respect? They can and can help others.

9. Men tried laughing sexually harassing and jealously harassing guys, girls and kids. Now? Most cry and are literally dying for something better to do.

10. Men will share ideas offline like "National Insecurity Is A National Security Issue!" to help people stop bothering others, feeling bad and failing to get respect.

My music may also seem old fashioned, but many like it and want "Nice to meet you!" normal, so it's not.

Many artists, intellectuals, journalists, religious figures and others we respect will help us keep ours.

85% of Canadians liked the GO Transit "Better Etiquette" campaign and stuff like it always works.

We clearly see it's still "technically" possible to be a polite patriot and want more.

So, people worldwide can say:

1. Yes, here's questions, support, money, etc., contact info and more above.

2. No, or maybe we'll use your polite patriot cookbook etc. later if we can.

I'm not smart enough to argue with smart people or stupid enough to. I don't want to get in anyone's face about being a polite, patriotic Canadian, or anyone in mine about being rude, lying, un-Canadian trash.

Instead, I won the offline info war. Now, more hardcore polite patriotic Canadian killers will handle nationalism vs. globalism and help everyone feel happy.

We can fix this with bigger balls and unscrambled eggs, get the balls rolling and eggs cited and make it fun.

Please be in touch as you'd like and thanks.



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