At the intersection of modern scholarship and Native knowledge is a new vision of the Americas and the people who built it.
-From Cavɛs to Cosmos
-Naturɛ to Nations (53:30)
-Citiɛs of the Sky (1:47:00)
-Nɛw World Rising (2:42:45)

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Inquires into the mystery of the unknown builders of ruins discovered by the Navajo Indians 300 years ago. Considers questions such as who these people were, why they disappeared, and where did they go.

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A 2016 Smithsonian Channel History Documentary narrated by Eric Meyers.

Embedded on a canyon floor in New Mexico are the broken ruins of ancient structures, buildings constructed over 1,000 years ago by the Pueblo civilization of Chaco Canyon. For over 300 years, this community grew and prospered under the leadership of a shadowy elite.

But something happened that led to claims of bloodshed, human sacrifice, and even cannibalism.
What happened? Our team of experts visits the remarkable landscape that this ancient civilization once called home to see what caused its swift and violent demise.

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Cosmography 101 Class 20 with Randall Carlson, from May 2008. Chaco people had sophisticated knowledge of subtle astronomical and lunar cycles.


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A profile of Richard Wetherill and the modern discovery of the historic cliff dwellings and ruins which occupy the Four-Corners region of the United States, including Mesa Verde, within the Mancos Valley of Southwestern Colorado. Also documents Wetherill and his observations of Grand Gulch, the Hopi Tribe and Chaco Canyon.

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Insights into the Chaco World Using New Tech

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Scientific findings associated with human remains found at chaco archeological sites suggest cannibalism occurred in the american southwest.

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Examines archaeological theories about the rise and fall of Chacoan culture, which flourished 900 years ago in the area of Chaco Canyon, N.M

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Original video - https://youtu.be/nxZExeEK4Qs

Anasazi – “The Ancient Ones” *We are learning that this term is perhaps derogatory and no longer accepted as commonly used*
From beginning of class – two things that you have to have with this research and study into the Mysteries: an attentive ear, and a retentive mind, for God is in the details…
Geographic orientation on maps of the American Southwest (National Elevation Dataset)
San Juan Basin, Chuska Mountains, Four Corners, Rio Grande, San Juan into Colorado River
Maps and satellite images of Colorado Plateau and Chaco Canyon in northwest New Mexico
(National Geographic TOPO! series maps; Chalk Butte Inc.; Landsat 7)
Three components of their system: roads, outliers, signal towers
Roads extend out from north end of canyon; What constitutes a road?
Aligning “dead straight”; reflecting ponds to keep your bearings
Fajada Butte; Pueblo Bonita
Meaning and pattern encoding into the construction; A Temple?
Southern wall marks lunar alignment; built with slight angle
Utilizing astronomical software to identify rising and setting azimuths
Convex angle on wall - hunch that it represents movement of Earth during 12-hour period
Subtle inset angle engineered into southern face of Great Pyramid
Satellite image of main constructions in Canyon
Have to get info on purpose from “The ones who came before”
Concavity on north and south faces of the Great Pyramid
Image of inset on south face with aligned shadow
Earth’s movement along orbital path could explain angle of wall at Chaco
Recognizing the sophistication and extraordinary undertaking required to engineer Great Pyramid
Probably with Sphinx dating back to antediluvian times
Pueblo Bonita was much larger/higher than what remains now
Excerpts from National Parks Guidebook for Chaco Canyon culture overview
Trade of corn with Mexico – and what else?
Chaco people’s Sophisticated knowledge of subtle astronomical cycles.

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