Filmtitel: Werden wir an der NASA herumgeführt? – Wenn tote Astronauten auferstehen - Video vom 15. Juli 2016 - AUFEN AUF!
Video-Link: https://www.bitchute.com/video/M7xGZY79R88U/
Video-Protokoll mit Fotos: http://www.hist-chron.com/atmosphaerenfahrt/fakt06-Challenger-absturz-fake-1986.html
1. Der Fall von Francis Richard Scobee: Der "tote" Kommandeur wird CEO bei "Cows in Trees" (Chicago)
2. Der Fall von Michael J. Smith: Der "tote" Pilot der Challenger wird Ingenieur-Professor in Wisconsin
3. Der Fall von Ronald McNair: Der "tote" Missionsspezialist wird "Autor"
4. Der Fall von Ellison Onizuka: Der "tote" Missionsspezialist ist im Vorstand für Alkoholfragen auf Hawaii
5. Der Fall von Judith Arleen Resnik: Die "tote" Missionsspezialistin wird Rechtsprofessorin an der Uni Yale (Connecticut)
6. Der Fall von Sharon Christa McAuliffe: Die "tote" Nutzlastspezialistin (Payload Specialist) wird Rechtsprofessorin an der Uni Syracuse
Die Wahrscheinlichkeitsrechnung, 6 übereinstimmende Personen zu finden: 10 hoch -160
WACH AUF! Die NASA ist eine NAZA!

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It comes as a bit of a shock for me to realise that everything in my life has been an illusion and that 'stuff' I've thought for most of my life has been a total lie.
Here's another one.
This video explains what happened during the Challenger explosion and suggests that 'deceased' crew members are still alive. (Frankly, I'm glad about that).
Watch the video and make your own conclusion.
Now, you have to wonder - what about the moon landing? - that's a subject for another video, when I find one that's suitable.

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In this video I show you how to replace the front struts on a 2010 Dodge Challenger SE.

9 months, 2 weeks ago

Changing the rear shocks in this 2010 Dodge Challenger

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Nos journaal fragmenten - Challenger ruimteveer
Nieuwslezer: Noortje van Oostveen, bijdrage van Haye Thomas
Datum van opname: 28-01-1986
Bron: Pal vhs

1 year, 2 months ago

Hier en nu fragment - Challenger
Presentatie: Rene Eijsbersen & Roel Oostra
Met Chriet Titulaer
Datum van opname: 28-01-1986
Bron: Pal vhs!

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What You Haven't Seen @ YT
79.5K subscribers

In July 2017 What You Haven't Seen launched by publishing the complete surveillance camera footage from the crash of Asiana 214 at San Francisco International Airport. In the time since, I am proud to have published hundreds of other significant exclusives, but despite all that, I never thought that I would find this.

CNN has a copy of their Challenger launch broadcast footage. It's available on CNN's own YouTube channel, and it understandably has millions of views. CNN's upload is a 360p video whose content is similar to what you see here — with three major differences: (1) this version is of substantially higher quality, (2) this version doesn't have any CNN branding, and (3) this version continues NASA's feed longer than CNN showed on air.

This is a direct copy of NASA's broadcast feed. It was saved by NASA, and at some point a copy was transferred to the United States Geological Survey on a VHS tape. This video is a digitization of that tape; as far as I know, this is the first time it is being shown publicly.

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Look into it. There is definitely something weird going on.

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The reason the 1986 astronauts did not die in an explosion is because rocket powered crafts DO NOT go into outerspace. In fact no astronauts ever go into outer space, because it is IMPOSSIBLE to go there. Outer space is water, not aether. The rockets & shuttles are simply launched EMPTY on an arc out over the oceans where they splash down, so that is why they are ALWAYS launched from Florida or California. This is also why they never go straight up, because they can't. The Challenger simply blew up by accident, and since no astronauts are ever in the rockets/shuttles/ISS, they simply faked their deaths, gave them promotions into new jobs, and life goes on. No astronauts have been to the moon, no astronauts or ISS orbiting the earth, no satellites orbiting the earth, no rovers on Mars, no space based telescopes, and furthermore, the sun, moon, stars & planets are not even solid objects. Science is Fake, Science is Science Fiction, and Science is a Religion. DON'T BE BLINDED BY SCIENCE.

Note: The Earth is definitely Flat and aliens/UFOs are definitely Real. If you are not fully awake to both of these Truths, then you are not yet CONSCIOUS. What real Truthers now are doing is digging into the connecting dots. Are the ETs all inter-dimensional beings and/or is the earth located on an infinite plane with many more worlds out past the ice walls? Don't be a half awake flat earther that thinks ETs/UFOs are not real, and don't be a half awake ufologist that thinks we live on a spinning ball hurling through outer space. Time to FULLY WAKE UP people and stop fighting each other!!! Follow research, not people.

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Michelle Caruso-Cabrera becomes latest primary challenger to Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

The 14th District (NY) Primary is May 23rd, 2020

In the video I talk about the announcement and my thoughts about the viability of Ms. Cabrera along with what I think it would take from a Democrat to unseat Alex in the primary.

Link to the archived article: http://archive.ph/3uLiA

You can find me on Twitter @DoseofSarcasm1

This video is also on youtube:

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#NASAlies challenger disaster, wakeup, must see!

Mirrored from Markksargent's YT channel: https://youtu.be/ZLVrxAa09_M

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"Le 28 janvier 1986, le monde fût témoin de l’explosion de la navette spatiale Challenger au dessus des côtes de la Floride, 73 secondes après son lancement du Kennedy Space Center. La mission annoncée était l’étude de l’approche de la comète de Halley que l’on pouvait voir depuis la terre,.entre 1985 et 1986. Cette mission avait également l’objectif de démarrer un programme «  de profs dans l’espace « qui fût d’abord présenté à Ronald Reagan.en 1984…"

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Which one is the better budget muscle? A 2019 Dodge Challenger GT AWD or a 2014 Chevy Camaro 2LS?

We go into an in depth review on all the important metrics, from cost, comfort and of course, the fun parts. Acceleration or Handling? Looks or performance? Which outclasses the other?

One is a new car review, the other a long term test after 25000 miles. Both are loads of fun, in a fun video!

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When Astronauts Rise From The Dead - https://justpaste.it/7j0aw
The Challenger disaster (January 28, 1986) was operating as a NASA propaganda tool to lobby for more fake space projects with taxpayer funding. The mathematical probability that these 6 findings are mere coincidence is essentially ZERO at 10 (-160).

This criminal hoax is like the hundreds more in our history. (ie: 9/11, Sandy Hook) and required the participation of CIA MEDIA, Universities, corporations, military, certain members of congress, intelligence agencies, presidents, elected and appointed officials and the bureaucracy of certain career state and federal employees.

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Bilder der NASA Astronauten die noch am Leben sein sollen. Sie sollen also nicht in der Schuttle drin gewesen sein. Rumor von deutscher UFOlogenseite ist dass anstatt Menschen die Schuttle eine Giftbombe fuer eine der Wohngegenden der deutschen UFO Piloten gehabt haben soll.
I thought I better preserve this video here on BitChute in case it totally disappears from YouTube. "They" follow my blog and my channel and destroy YouTube videos that are listed there. Here is a new link. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PxqhU6nEy6c

2 years, 6 months ago

Warum die Challenger vernichtet wurde: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mSVW3a4QO14
Per Press report, Challenger had on board a "green box" that contained capsules that are deadly within 2 seconds. Rumor has it that there was a planned attack on a Nazi UFO base. All American and Russian astronauts are officers of the air force so they are considered as combatants in this [secret] war. Columbia also shows all indications that it was shot down.

As I usually remember to quote on my video, the UFOs can be seen flying in the ORIGINAL videos but only if viewed in a speed of 25% or less! Use stop and go in a fraction of a second. And don't blink because they are that fast. As far as birds go, in the distance, birds do not fly that fast, only if they are near the camera.
Wie ich normalerweise auf meinem Video erinnere, kann man die UFOs in den ORIGINAL-Videos fliegen sehen, aber nur, wenn man sie mit einer Geschwindigkeit von 25% oder weniger betrachtet! Verwenden Sie Stop und Go in Sekundenbruchteilen. Und nicht blinzeln denn sie sind sehr schnell. Was Voegel betrifft, weit weg fliegen Voegel nicht so schnell, sondern nur wenn sie ganz nahe an der Kamera sind fliegen sie blitzschnell ueber die Leinwand.

Laut Pressebericht hatte Challenger eine "Gift Box" an Bord, die Kapseln enthielt, die innerhalb von 2 Sekunden tödlich sind. Gerüchten zufolge gab es einen geplanten Angriff auf eine UFO-Basis der Nazis. Alle amerikanischen und russischen Astronauten sind Offiziere der Luftwaffe und gelten daher als Kombattanten in diesem [geheimen] Krieg. Columbia hat auch alle Anzeichen dafür, dass es abgeschossen wurde.


Deutsch-English - To Part 1 - Teil 1
Video where I got the pictures captured from:
Video wo ich die Bilder davon machte.
More information about German UFOs here:
Mehr Information ueber deutsche UFOs

2 years, 6 months ago