Guided democracy & The Illusion of Choice -- Based on the ideas of Noam Chomsky, I will explore the concept of guided democracy where the bewildered herd vote correctly. We look at some examples from Walter Lipmann and Edward Bernays.

A Guided democracy functions as a de facto autocracy. Such governments are legitimized by elections that are free and fair but do not change the state's policies, motives, and goals. In other words, the government controls elections so that the people can exercise all their rights without truly changing public policy. Under guided democracy, the state's continuous use of propaganda techniques prevents the electorate from having a significant impact on policy.

Media, Persuasion and Propaganda

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Chomsky schools Marr on how mainstream media acts as a propaganda outfit...

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Cómo los medios de comunicación no se dedican a informar, sino a fabricar consenso en complicidad con los poderes de turno.

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In Manufacturing Consent: The Political Economy of the Mass Media (1988), Edward S. Herman and Noam Chomsky formulated the famous propaganda model. This model, in their words, "traces the routes by which money and power are able to filter out the news fit to print, marginalize dissent, and allow the government and dominant private interests to get their messages across to the public. The essential ingredients of our propaganda model, or set of news 'filters,' fall under the following headings:
1) the size, concentrated ownership, owner wealth, and profit orientation of the dominant mass-media firms.
2) advertising as the primary income source of the mass media.
3) the reliance of the media on information provided by government, business, and 'experts' funded and approved by these primary sources and agents of power.
4) 'flak' as a means of disciplining the media.
5) 'anticommunism' as a national religion and control mechanism. These elements interact with and reinforce one another."

This video addresses the first filter: the size, concentrated ownership, owner wealth, and profit orientation of the dominant mass-media firms. Here's a link to "The Propaganda Model in the 21st Century" by Joan Pedro-Carañana, which I cite in my video:


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A film about the noted American linguist/political dissident and his warning about corporate media's role in modern propaganda.

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Noam Chomsky analyzes the coronavirus pandemic in the context of neoliberal capitalism's failures, climate change, potential nuclear disaster, and Donald Trump's authoritarianism.
Source: https://youtu.be/kwN5BV8vZUg

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How did the United States — the richest country in the world — become the worldwide epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak, with one person dying of COVID-19 every 47 seconds? We spend the hour with Noam Chomsky, the world-renowned political dissident, linguist and author, discussing this unprecedented moment in history, and its political implications, as Senator Bernie Sanders announces he is suspending his campaign for the presidency. Chomsky also describes how frontline medical workers and progressive organizing are giving him hope.
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Source: https://youtu.be/zRvqkUoiKJo

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By Alfred S. Originally uploaded on May 31, 2014

Original Description:

9-11 Gatekeepers and the role they play in suppressing the truth. Dialog with Noam Chomsky. Controlled Opposition is also briefly covered. This video is to help you to understand how the Gatekeepers and the Controlled Opposition protect the official lies of 9-11.

In the last 20 minutes of the video Alfred answers questions about the political predicament we find ourselves in as a result of the deception of 9/11 - and what we can do to try and rectify the global problem we all face.

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Latest video: A Dissident speaks out:

When I made this video I was still suffering from residual contamination from a lifetime of indoctrination. Here is where I made my confession about this indoctrination:

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Noam Chomsky - The Jewish Lobby

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Noam Chomsky interviews and debates with William F. Buckley in 1969

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The mainstream media present the facts correctly but set the agenda by how they frame the news story. They decide which facts to present and which facts to leave out. They also decide what to focus on and what is considered morally acceptable and what is not. I might do a video on agenda setting but this one is quite light and short. Usually they break down a story into two sides of an argument, even if multiple sides exist. One is ridiculous that almost everyone will reject it and the other is framed to make logical sense. Fake news is not the biggest problem we face as most news is not fake but framed and that is a lot harder to spot.

Vibrator prize for Spanish squash champion spurs sexism debate

Squash club apologises after awarding vibrators to female winners of Spanish club tournament
Sexism Definition

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3 years after the first Internationalism or Extinction talk
Noam Chosmky returns to Arizona University to give a talk on the state of the world in 2019.

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The TDS Death Panel, Mike, Alex and Sven discuss Trump's order to pull troops from Syria and Noam Chomsky's sudden change of heart on US foreign policy.

From TDS383: Nunnadis Mattis - 12/21/2018

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Chomsky's political writings have largely focused on the two concepts of ideology and power, or the media and state policy.One of Chomsky's best-known works, Manufacturing Consent, dissects the media's role in reinforcing and acquiescing to state policies across the political spectrum while marginalizing contrary perspectives. Chomsky asserts that this version of censorship, from government-guided "free market" forces, is more subtle and difficult to undermine than was the equivalent propaganda system in the Soviet Union. As he argues, the mainstream press is corporate-owned and thus reflects corporate priorities and interests. Acknowledging that many American journalists are dedicated and well-meaning, he argues that the mass media's choice of topics and issues, the unquestioned premises on which that coverage rests, and the range of opinions expressed are all constrained to reinforce the state's ideology. He states that, although the mass media will criticize individual politicians and political parties, it will not undermine the wider state-corporate nexus of which it is a part.] As evidence, he highlights that the U.S. mass media does not employ any socialist journalists or political commentators. He also points to examples of important news stories that the U.S. mainstream media has ignored because reporting on them would reflect badly upon the U.S. state, including the murder of Black Panther Fred Hampton with possible FBI involvement, the massacres perpetrated in Nicaragua by the U.S.-funded contras, and the constant reporting on Israeli deaths while ignoring the far larger number of Palestinian deaths in the conflict between those two nations.To remedy this situation, Chomsky calls for grassroots democratic control and involvement of the media.

Chomsky considers most conspiracy theories to be fruitless, distracting substitutes for thinking about policy formation in an institutional framework, where individual manipulation is secondary to broader social im..

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Chomsky on Language, thought and interpretations of reality.

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Excerpt from an interview with Professor Noam Chomsky on Democracy Now, recorded July 23, 2018.

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