People that I've come across over the years that consider themselves atheist or agnostic say things like, "The Bible was written by a group of men that wanted to control and manipulate people using a higher authority than themselves," or some variation of this line. But does this mainstream idea hold up to any real scrutiny? Here's what I'll be showing you today...The Bible is different from any other ancient text because of one reason and one reason alone—the Author is still alive. Not only that, but His arms are wide open, and his desire is to have a relationship with you on a personal level. In other words, don't just believe there is some sort of God. Even demons believe. Rather, choose to really believe IN God, and live to know Him and follow Him. Join me as I discuss three interesting pieces of evidence that showcase the legitimacy of the Bible. I’ll share my thoughts on creation versus evolution, carbon dating methods, Genesis 6 giants, the eternal blessings upon Abraham’s descendants, the destruction of Sodom & Gomorrah, and more…

--> Both documentaries “Identity Crisis” by Jim Staley along with “Sodom and Gomorrah” by Timo Shely are now available on my channel. Make sure you check both of them out! <---

--> Guns, Germs, & Steel - PBS Documentary Information:

“Ian Kuijt is a Canadian archaeologist who specializes in the Stone Age history of the Middle East. His work has focused on a site in the Jordan Valley, near the Dead Sea – a place known as Dhra'. Kuijt is a co-director of the dig, and works with an international team of archaeologists. They’ve uncovered the remains of ancient dwellings that were clearly more sophisticated than any hunter/gatherer shelters. They believe this was a small village, one of the earliest permanent villages anywhere in the world. People were starting to put down roots.”

Full transcript available at PBS.org:
Guns Germs and Steel - Episode One: Out of Eden

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September 3, 2020 - Lynette Bloedow is the owner of Christian Roots Canada and author of a new book on Canada’s spiritual heritage: The Legacy of 25 Scriptures on Parliament Hill. She speaks with Rod Taylor and Peter Vogel about her book and her work in educating Canadians on the spiritual foundations of Canada’s laws and justice.

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