Here is a fast paced improvisation on my cigar box guitar to a 160 bpm drum beat I created in Superior Drummer. I used the twisted kit ezx that is composed of pots and pans and other strange objects to form the drumset. The cigar box guitar is tuned to gdg and the bottom string is a bit brighter than all the rest so it creates an almost mandolin/balalaika sound.

The fast paced mood kind of reminds me of what all the crypto traders and their bots are doing 24/7 as they check their favorite crypto compared to the old world currencies to see if they have hit the jackpot. Thanks for listening :-)

5 months, 3 weeks ago

Just a little jam on my cigar box guitar remembering how crappy 2020 was. Hopefully 2021 will be better but who knows.

This was also a test to see how well my cigar box guitar pairs with amp simulators. For this song I used bias fx stacked with guitar rig 6 to beef up the ratty pickups on this guitar. I ended up losing half the recording because the pickup shorts out if you accidentally bump the knob. Probably need to rewire everything eventually to avoid pops and clicks and no audio.

Thanks for listening :-) Happy 2021 #cbg #cigarboxguitar #blues

6 months, 3 weeks ago

Here is an improvisation that started out as on my Russian cigar box guitar. Later I added a few percussion tracks on my Roland Handsonic ranging from shakers, cajon, udu, djembe and kalimba. I also added some strings via Miroslav Philharmonik and my you rock midi guitar. The final track is some lead on my stratocaster plus with effects via Positive Grid Bias FX. It's a pretty cool software that turns your computer into an axe fx with lots of details to edit.

This song has an upbeat tense feel to it so I named it Through the Storm as it kind of reminds me of a pilot trying to fly through a bunch of thunder and lightning.

Thanks for listening :-)

7 months ago

Here is an improvisation on my cigar box guitar where I had just put newer heavier strings on it as a test. The heavier strings help put out more sound but the action becomes a bit too high and there are less overtones as the tension gets too tight. I'll probably try a new test where I down tune the heavier strings a few steps to see if that brings more character into the sounds.

Once the guitar was recorded I added four tracks of drums via my Roland Handsonic. The final xylophone track has quite a few effects on it via guitar rig 6 and it kind of reminds me of light refracting through some kind of diamond or crystal, hence the name of this song Shiny Diamonds. Thanks for listening :-) #cbg #cigarboxguitar #originalmusic

7 months, 2 weeks ago

Here's another original improvisation on my cigar box guitar. The percussion tracks include a pot drum, xylophone, cajon, djembe and a shaker via my Roland Handsonic. I also added a couple electric guitar tracks on my G&L ASAT. One has a basic distortion on it and the other has a touch of delay and reverb.

The overall feel of this song reminds me of an illuminated pathway in the darkness that leads to a bright spot in the distance. Thanks for listening :-) (pardon the cringy transform effect towards the end lol) #cigarboxguitar #originalmusic #handsonic

9 months, 4 weeks ago

Here is another improvisation on my cigar box guitar tuned in mongolian tuning (f bflat f). All percussion was added via my Roland handsonic which includes some toms, a kick, snare, cymbols, balaphone, and bongoss.

Towards the end of the song I bring in my Fender Stratocaster Plus with Lace Sensor pickups and an interesting roller nut.

The overall mood of the song has an old-fashioned military feel to it like two armies lining up in formation before battle. Thanks for listening :-) #cbg #cigarboxguitar #stratocaster

10 months ago

Here is an improvisation on my six string cigar box guitar tuned to ff bb ff. This open tuning brings a bit of a deeper tone to the small cigar box body. I typically tune it to gdg for the best intonation and tension. With this lower tuning the strings become a bit more loose and it allows for faster strumming with unpredictable bends while playing.

Overall the mood of the song reminds me of a spider trying to mind its web while tons of tiny insects get caught in it. The spider has to zoom back and forth frantically to keep everthing in order.

Thanks for listening :-) #cbg #cigarboxguitar #originalmusic

10 months, 1 week ago

Here is a short improvisation on my cigar box guitar. The cigar box guitar part is only around 2 minutes long so I repeated it then added a few drum layers over it. Some of the drum tracks include cajon, cymbols, woodblock, xylophone and a bass drum. Towards the end I bring in a couple tracks of my G&L Fallout. For the fallout I play inside the pocket of a digital delay at the same bpm for the song to get a nice bouncy note effect for the leads.

I called it a stay of execution because the overall mood of the song reminds me of a criminal waiting for a verdict on their innocence from the court. Thanks for listening :-)

1 year ago

Here's a four track cigar box guitar jam. The tracks start off in order of appearance. Percussion tracks are first, the cigar box guitar acts as almost a cajon sounding drum with a string scratch track as a shaker. Then a deeper rythym track comes in. The lead harmonizes with the rythym and eventually turns into a slide track. All the tracks were one take with some rough sounding errors here and there, hence the name :-). Thanks for listening.

I may try something like this on my Irish bouzouki soon a bit more polished up. #cigarboxguitar #improvising


1 year, 4 months ago

Here's my first new song of 2020. This one started out as an udu drum improvisation. Later I added a few more percussion tracks via my Roland Handsonic. Once the percussion was done I improvised a bass track and a guitar track. There's also a subtle jaw harp track and ambient guitar track. Happy new year and thanks for listening :-) #cbg #cigarboxguitar #bass

1 year, 6 months ago

Here's a song that started out as a jam on my six string cigar box guitar. Later I added percussion via my Roland Handsonic. Some of the drums include a variety of cowbells, gongs and a standard drumset. Towards the end of the song I added a lead electric guitar on my home made knotocaster with Lace Sensor pickups.

The overall feel of the song reminded me of a hidden away moonshine still up in the mountains where no one can find it. Thanks for listening :-]

1 year, 6 months ago

This is a freeform improvisation on my cigar box guitar tuned to gdg. After listening to it again it kind of reminded me of some kind of traveler on horseback taking a long journey somewhere. Thanks for listening :-)

1 year, 11 months ago

This started out as another improvisation on my cigar box guitar. Later I added a few drum tracks with my roland handsonic and a jaw harp track tuned to the key of f. Later as i listened to the finished mix it reminded me of a witchdoctor selling strange spices and medicines to people to cure them of their illnesses. Thanks for listening :-) #cigarboxguitar #originalmusic

2 years ago