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Hospital News:

Doctors and nurses are not the only workers at hospitals, and Lt. Matt Nicley is a prime example.
He’s the officer in charge of the public safety department at Atrium Hospital in Middletown.
“We handle any type of criminal complaints that may come in,” said Nicley. “We also assist staff with any issues that they might have.” He said there are not enough officers.
“Last year with COVID, a lot of the police academies were shut down and there weren’t any new recruits coming out,” Nicley said. “The second part is a lot of the government agencies are experiencing retirements so they’re recruiting a lot of our good officers to go there.” The problem was made evident at the hospital’s most recent job fair. Chairs sat empty for job interviews in both medical and non-medical fields.

In fact, organizers said just 12 applicants showed up in person, while the hospital had almost 100 open positions.

Jeanna Severt, the human resources director said, to keep hiring they’ve had to get creative.

“A way for us to both retain here and guide people our way is to provide tuition and a really good tuition benefit," said Severt, "There is (also) a giveaway that we’re doing and that includes free childcare.”

That means tuition and possibly childcare could be paid to work at the hospital, but Nicley is still waiting for more applicants.

“With our short numbers, it’s hard to get people trained quick enough, so when we’re able to bring the experienced folks over, it’s a big help,” said Nicley.

More information on the job openings at the Atrium Hospital may be found on the hospital’s website.


Doctors and nurses are also overworked, thanks to chronic staffing shortages made worse by a pandemic that drove thousands from the field. Many are struggling with depression and post-traumatic stress; others are mourning at least 3,600 colleagues who won’t be around for the celebrations.


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"The David and Rebecca Barron Center for Men" series:
Video 1 of 3 https://www.bitchute.com/video/yyymsqc7SD1N/
Video 2 of 3 https://www.bitchute.com/video/08KtLeJZIXdi/
Video 3 of 3 https://www.bitchute.com/video/d4RRBHb0xJL5/

It is Sunday September, 19. The year is 2021. This is Gregory Hillman, your publishing house owner. I am providing this report to all of your publishing house affiliates, contractors, and listeners today so that the ongoing problems at the Barron Center mens' shelter in downtown Cincinnati can be exposed and solved. This is the second report in the series.

Today while I had removed my clothing to take a shower, a female with short fake blonde hair came into the mens restroom and shower area. She did not knock on the door to announce she was coming in and the door is left open 24 hours a day. She and the other females who work at the desk offering some personal care items can easily see directly into the restroom which is only for men since it is a mens' shelter. The mirrors in the restroom allow these females to see the private parts of men while they use the urinals and other restroom facilities. This female was not wearing a mask when she came into the mens' restroom even though it says that masks are required inside the mens' shelter on the doors, windows, and other areas. She was fully clothed wearing skin tight blue jeans, a white shirt with black writing, and a black zip up sweat shirt. She wears excessive black makeup around her eyes, she appears to be Caucasian, and appears to be in her 40s weighing around 210 lbs. Once she was completely inside the mens' restroom and shower area, she asked why I was not wearing clothing. I responded by telling her that I was taking a shower. There was another older black man showering at the time, his dry clothing and bags where in the shower area, and the other shower nozzles do not work on the other side of the shower facility. She told me to put my clothing on while I was waiting to shower. I put my shorts on and a few minutes later she left the restroom and shower area. Then after waiting about 50 minutes for the black older man to finish putting on his clothing, I went into the shower area, removed my shorts, and took a shower for about 15 minutes. I put my shorts back on right after getting out of the shower, put the rest of my clothing on in the dry area just outside of the showers, and went to lunch. The same female who was in the mens' restroom was in the lunch room area where we pick up a tray of food with out a mask on along with another female who was wearing a black cloth mask. I scanned my mens' center card and went in to pick up my tray. There were at least four trays available but the lady with a black mask on put her arm out and asked me to wait. I waited a couple minutes and she said it was now O.K. to get food. I picked up the last tray as demanded by the person who did my intake, sat down, and ate the food which included two bags of chips, green grapes, and miniature chicken nuggets.

After lunch I went outside to the internal courtyard and sat down to dry and comb my hair. A few other men spoke to me and told me about a St. Vincent de Paul thrift store where clothing and sunglasses can be purchased for around $0.50 and $0.75. They left and an older black man sitting about 30 feet from me loudly asked if I had lost* something. I said no. He then told me not to look at him and appeared overly agitated. I finished combing my hair, took a sip of water from my container, and went inside the facility.

Inside the facility all of the men except for one of them are watching a football game at 2:41 p.m. except for two men. One of the two men is focused on a client computer and the other man is using his touch pad device. The only people who appear to be working at the mens' shelter are three middle aged females who are focused on their cell phones and walking around aimlessly.

The man who was focused on a "Client computer" is now sleeping next to a sign that says, "Computers are limited to (30) thirty minutes per client" and "Client Vesta Computer." There are not enough seats to use the other two non-working computers and about 10 men are standing up to watch the football game because there are no seats available. I am sitting on the ground using the computer near an available outlet. Next to me is a room labeled "Laundry" but no one is using the laundry room which charges money to wash or dry clothing. For the last hour or so, there has been a black man getting his hair cut in the Laundry room but he is no longer there.

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The weathermen got it wrong... Massive snow here in Cincinnati 🤣 We've only had 8 snowfalls since 1916 of 8" or more... we already have 8 1/2 here and it's not even finished!!! Can't wait for my neighbors to wake up to this surprise!!! #DoYouWantToBuildASnowman My sister doesn't believe about the measurement I took at the end of this video and it's #hilarious when she finds out I was right!

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With thanksgiving just around the corner here in Canuckland and in the US in a few months I figured I'd put up this classic.
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Music by Roshni Richardson
Visuals by Roshni Richardson

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HorrorHound 2019 is in Cincinnati, Ohio. Bryon Lape joins the World Class Bullshitters in the Friday fun.

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David Irving's Real History Conference highlights - Cincinnati 1999. Ten speakers (listed below) with multi-faceted presentations relating to the Second World War. Valuable overview of revisionists, and how they work to attack official lies. Restricted from Youtube; so I've put it here.

[1] David Irving (website fpp.co.uk) introduces Real History - What it is - Personal Account of the Idleness and Cowardice of Official Historians (12 mins). Lives of Hitler and Churchill, notes on fake documents in British archives (cf. Joseph Bellinger in this video), murder of Himmler are just a part of his oeuvre.

[2] Bradley Smith - Keynote Speech: Memory - Inviting Students to Ask Questions of 'Survivors' and 'Holocaust Authors' (10 mins) Bradley Smith - RIP 2106 discovered holes in the 'Holocaust' story in 1979, reading Robert Faursson, and became an activist from age 50.

[3] Peter der Margaritas - What Rommel Did on D-Day - Reconstruction of One Day, and One Mistake (11 mins)

[4] Joseph Bellinger - The Death of Himmler - Reconstruction of Interrogation and Killing of Himmler (16 mins)

[5] John Sack - 'Eye for an Eye' - Hollywood Writer's In-Depth Investigation of German Prisoners in 1,255 Concentration Camps (9 mins). The 'eye for an eye' suggests revenge, a typical Jewish lie.

[6] Brian Renk - contra Christopher Browning - Account of Part of Critique of Browning's Testimony on Supposed 'Final Solutuion', Mass Deaths at Auschwitz, etc (10 mins)

[7] Doug Collins - The State of Freedom of Speech in Canada. Doug Collins, RIP, a lawyer from Canada, took part in the 1988 Trial of Ernst Zundel, the first trial in which 'Holocaust' evidence was challenged (15 mins)

[8] Russ Granata - Report from Carlo Mattogno, a Significant Revisionist from Italy (11 min)

[9] Germar Rudolf - The Making of a Revisionist - German Chemistry would-be PhD Who Investigated the Zyklon-B / Cyanide Story and Was Forced to Become a Full-Time Revisionist (9 mins)

[10] Charles Provan - Massacre at Dachau - Prosecutions in Concentration Camps during WW2, not of course filmed by Spielberg! - US Soldiers in Dachau at the Close of the War (14 mins)

Technical Notes: This is a smaller file conversion from the original. My VHS videotape had tracking problems, which I've covered up with the subtitles. Apologies for the interlace problem. All the cuts, editing, exactly as on the tape. The titles are slightly changed - to zoom in. First published by 'rerevisionist' on 12 Feb 2011. My website http://www.big-lies.org has more on David Irving. With permission of David Irving.

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