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Bit of clarity

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Wait for the sale

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The truth is out there

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Stand up and be proud of who you are

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I call this Project "Cell Division" and I do not refer to the Vaccine but to the actors who are playing the whole shit and accuse, guess who for that shit? ................

One Part of the Dwarfs support the Vaccines ...the other ones, like him here, give you important informations (you could find herein and by plenty Gentiles already and which could not get hidden anylonger anyway). But they will not forget to inject the long finger on those who will be and are already called Amalek by them.

Do not fall for it again. To give you some security: No Nazzzzzie ever supported Abortion. In the opposite they awarded Mothers and Parents for each child with financial support. I am by the way no Nazi nor National Socialist but I am a German and this sums these days in the Propaganda up to the same thing. I prefer pretty much the Constitution of the United States of America but would add some more Social Sense to it because I do not like to devide Individuals from Communities. The one cannot live without the other.

So this division between the Individual (me me me me over everyone else style) and the community is not healthy and as we can see now it is deadly. Heavy armed Americans cannot defend themselves allthough being heavily threatoned. And what is the reason: because they got heavily "individualized". The balance between the Individual, the Family, the Community and the State had been the strength in National Socialist Germany and indeed all of Germans history: a strong racial and tribal sense and responsibility for each other. So these both poles (Individual rights and the rights of the tribe) must be harmonized somehow in any future society.

However, for the use in the current situation: use this jiddish drivel for the responsibility for your own fortune: Use jewish Law, if two Rabbis say this or that, I can stay neutral out of it. Use it. Conquer their dribbling of the tennisball.

please take as antibody this video

Do not let them get away with the worldwide democide they are orchestrating.

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In a world that is trying to steal our time and energy, clearing distractions is a necessary skill to succeed in improving and focusing thoughts.

1. Get Away and Turn Off
2. Walk/Exercise/Stretching
3. Sleep
4. Improve Diet, Nutrition, and get some Sunlight
5. Avoid Chemicals
6. Meditation

Video: Stop Reoccurring Life Problems

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Speaker - Council of Time - Michael

Genesis 24:27 "As for me, the Lord has guided me in the way."

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