People are flocking to the permafrost thawing lands and more diverse agricultural produce is possible there. But we cannot have global warming being good, can we?
On todays video, Cassie-Fooky lays into NASA. After the video on how it was important that wind erosion keeps taking away 120 thousands of phosphate airborne, so that 20 thousand reach the amazon, never mind the rest falls into the sea, Cassie-Fooky has another go at their webpage on permafrost for kiddies. Basically, they are carrying out an early age brainwashing campaign. She combines a number of sources to show that the thawing of the permafrost is overall good, but is presented negatively, even to the point of claiming that a permafrost free land will be more fertile and therefore increased CO2 emissions and reasons. It seems strange that they keep forgetting that a lot of co2 will go into the soil of a more fertile land, but this is SJWs for you, innit!
NAA and permafrost for kiddies
Population in Permafrost regions
An article trying to explain that more fertile land is bad because more carbon dioxide.
The websies we used to find out the vaccination requirements.
Where we got the maps for our composite maps. This is the Benin page. If you change the country name in both the link places it appears, you get the other countries.
Then it is cut and paste, cut and paste....

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From 'Sky News Australia' Alan Jones addresses the growing climate alarmism causing dangerous mental health issues among young people. He exposes how Greta Thunberg's roll in promoting unscientific claims of climate catastrophe and fear, combined with the continued covid lockdowns, that have had a devastating impact on young people around the world.

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