Although I'm totally against their agenda... This time I'm somewhat conflicted given the target of this demonstration

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These morons don't get the fact that by cutting back on hydrocarbons will mean the death of millions if not billions....

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In under 2 minutes

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... Carbon Dioxide from Human Activity is a Danger to Humans
FYI: CSIRO is Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization and one of the organizations that was involved in the Wuhan COVID debacle

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Credit to Paul Burgess for his repudiation of climate alarmism. Check out his work here: www.youtube.com/user/BrackenClocks

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This one was created on 08/12/2022
Credit to Paul Burgess for his repudiation of climate alarmism. Check out his work here: www.youtube.com/user/BrackenClocks

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Hello, this is a Cassie-Fooky. I am going to do some bashing of climate alarmists, showing in the process that they do not have a lot of skill reading plots.
We are dealing with people with a fixation. Idiocy, to be precise. But that is OK. You do not want to antagonize clever people: you might be the ones in the wrong!

Some resurces.

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Amelia goes speculative. Although there are some hypocritical attempts to exploit animals to moan about the possible melting of the polar ice cap, nobody has yet gone all the way to claim that the melting of the arctic ice cap would put in jeopardy the animals who must hibernate, irrespective of the of the climate conditions or availability of food, as they will be vulnerable to the other animals. Amelia calls bullshit on this. watch the video!

OMG! We are going to die!

Climate graph. The last 65 million year edition!
CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=466265

Bears do not hibernate if there is food around

Hunters need to conserve energy

Permafrost bad because CO2.

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As usual the BBC are pushing the propaganda instead of facts and reality.

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Dr. John Robson comments on key items from the latest Climate Discussion Nexus weekly "Wednesday Wakeup" newsletter, including how to explain the lack of warming over the last six years and some news from Antarctica about wildfires.

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NASA's James Hansen started the world down a path of madness and junk science on June 23, 1988

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The only real numbers which climate alarmists work with, are the dollars accumulating in their bank accounts.

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We are being not nice to Greg Flatulent, moron extraordinaire... but this is the way things work, doesn;t it? Enjoy! Or cry, which may be better suited to the fact that we are surrounded by imbeciles....The fact that their disphoria prevents them, from, well, thinking, does not change the fact that there is somethign really wrong with their (ahem) thinking....

Video about Israeli scientists using CO2 to warm up greenhouse.

Polar Bears

Other Arctic Gremlins...
Stupid biatch: how does she dare saying that higher CO2 emissions are good for the planet! The common sense of it! Quick, somebody cancel her!
If you have more CO2 there will be more algae! Duh! What next? CO2 emissions being good to the planet? Helllo! Oops! Actually, yes!

The Adelie penguins are going to die, because climate change is going to crate more ice-free space for them, but they will move, and because their older nesting places are going to be vacated they are going to die the death, aren't they! Come on, I am a climate aclimate alarmist, throw me a bone! Not on the head!

Spin about climate change, involving the Adelie penguins.



Oh, my God! Life became extinct in the Cretaceous... not!

Nonsense Vegan shyte about doing the right thing: eating meat!

How Life has never been threatened by CO2.

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The Heartland Institute is an American think tank founded in 1984 and based in Arlington Heights, Illinois. Its mission is to discover, develop, and promote free-market solutions to social and economic problems. The think tank put together a list in 2018 of things that Al Gore got wrong on climate change.

Al Gore has made hundreds of millions with his doomsday claims on climate change. How do all of his predictions look in 2018? Not great.

Climate change is all about control and power.

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Barack and Michelle Obama closed on the purchase on December, 2019 of a 29 acres beachfront Martha’s Vineyard estate for $11.75 million. It has a seven bedroom 6,900 sq.ft. house and a private beach. So much for climate change and rising sea levels!

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