Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson of UK Column at one point of the Freedom March in London.
Support the people with integrity!!!
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Ad Nuis, 1 oktober 2020

Waarom horen we niets van onze cabaretiers? Ze hebben altijd hun shows vol met kritiek. Politieke- en maatschappelijke kritiek. Politici zijn blij wanneer ze genoemd worden, want dan voelen ze zich relevant. Maar nu is het stil.

Deze video is geproduceerd door Café Weltschmerz.

Onze gesprekken kunnen politiek incorrecte inhoud bevatten. Wij beroepen ons op de bij wet geregelde journalistieke vrijheid als fundament voor een pluriforme samenleving en hygiënisch democratische processen.

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Ascending the central staircase to the top of Devonport Column in Plymouth

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Artist: "Tollund Men"
Song: "Looking For Love"
Album: Looking For Love b/w Chains Of Desire (2012)
Label: Bleak Environment ‎– 016


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Originally Published on 27 Nov 2013

Ian R Crane reports LIVE from Barton Moss, whilst screening the video of the first arrest of the campaign on the previous day.

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I am not a fan of Westmonster

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With Dr. Graham Downing
START – Mandatory vaccination to be forced through in the near future…?
12:54 – Metal nanoparticle contaminated vaccines: why size matters
14:35 – European Forum for Vaccine Vigilance: efvv.eu
15:54 – Brexit – no exit: Donald Tusk visits Theresa May
20:54 – Matt Hancock reports government to support failing mainstrem media
26:01 – BBC: Far-right ‘moving increasingly online’ but again...no evidence
30:40 – Hope Not Hate CEO: who is Nick Lowles…?
35:17 – Who funds Hope Not Hate…?
38:02 – Guardian ‘far-right’ article: written by Hope Not Hate head of research
39:58 – Hope Not Hate splits Britain into tribes…classic divide and conquer
42:15 – Hope Not Hate linked to Muslim extremists and Franco-British Council
46:30 – British government complicit in creating division within society
46:48 – British government is protecting those that fund terrorism…

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One criminologist who speaks for majority of newspapers regarding Edward Heath pedophile case.
In case you don't know. Edward Heath was the prime minister of Britain from 1970-1974.
I'm 100% convinced there's a huge cover up.

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