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We discuss different types of first aid kits, the everyday "booboo kit," the standard Improved First Aid Kit (IFAK,) and the Blow Out/Stop the Bleed Kit. Product Link https://amzn.to/3ihDeB1

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Playing some more Cargo with the RGF clan. I tend to be really good at Cargo, except when RGF_Exile & RGF_PrintedMetal bring out their Pulse Cannons.

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Video"s Original Publish Date: February 8, 2017

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«Repartez dans l'ombre. Vous ne passerez pas!» Merci à Gandalf du Seigneur des Anneaux pour l'inspiration.

Musique: The Road Home par Alexander Nakarada (www.serpentsoundstudios.com)
Licence sous Creative Commons BY Attribution 4.0 License

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Good training

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The speaker carefully demonstrates the actions, and explains the muscles involved in his method of exercising during self-isolation.

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music: Globus - Preliator
live version: youtube.com/watch?v=9qGXqaIhqJc

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Russia 1942 ▶ Battle Of Kerch Crimea "Unternehmen Trappenjagd" Krim Kertsch Керчь Tatar Wall Tatarengraben - Erich von Manstein, Wolfram Freiherr von Richthofen, COS Chef des Stabes 11. Armee Otto Wöhler
German History Archive ▶
Operation "Bustard Hunt" (8 to 19 May 1942) was the code name for the German-Romanian enterprise to conquer the Kerch Peninsula on the eastern side of the Crimea. Prior to this, the German Wehrmacht had been repulsed by Soviet troops after the conquest of the Crimean peninsula with multiple landing operations in the winter of 1941/42 (Kerch-Feodossija Operation). For the planned summer offensive "Fall Blau" it was important that a possible flank threat was removed by the Crimea. For this reason the Kerch peninsula was to be reconquered first and then the fortress Sevastopol was to be taken. The Germans were confronted with blatant mistakes of the Soviet military leadership. Thus they had concentrated the majority of their troops in the northern front advance Kiet-Korpetsch. Due to their numerical superiority, the Soviet troops did not count on an attack by the Germans. For this reason they refrained from building deep defences and lines of defence, and their command posts and artillery positions were poorly camouflaged. The German surprise attack began on May 8, 1942 at 4:15 a.m. After 3 ½ hours the breakthrough through the second line of defence, an antitank ditch, was achieved. The surprise effect was intensified by landing a battalion of Infantry Regiment 436 (132nd Infantry Division) with collapsible assault boats behind the second line of defence. Targeted artillery fire and the operations of the VIII. Air Corps on the command structure of the Crimean front quickly paralysed Soviet troops. After overcoming the tank pit, the 22nd Tank Division was pulled forward. The aim was to advance to the Sea of Azov and complete the containment of the 51st Army. Furthermore, a motorized advance division of the Corps (Colonel Groddeck) was sent eastwards. Its purpose was to connect with the 436 Infantry Regiment, destroy enemy communication links, prevent the establishment of a new enemy line of defence behind the Tartar Trench and secure the eastern flank created by an encirclement of the Soviet 51st Army. It was not the Soviet resistance that stopped the German troops for the time being, but a strong thunderstorm that caused both motorized units (22nd Tank Division and Brigade Groddeck) to get completely stuck. On 11 May 1942 the 22nd Panzer Division reached the coast, thus enclosing large parts of the Soviet 51st Army. The corps that quickly advanced from the west (XXXXII. and VII. around.) removed the cauldron and pursued troops that had escaped from the cauldron along the north coast and in the middle section. Thus all three corps of the 11th Army drove the Soviet troops in front of them. It was not until Kerch that the Soviet units were able to build up a defence and put up a tough fight, because they wanted to evacuate as many units as possible across the Kerch Strait. Kerch was attacked simultaneously from the south and north, the main objective was to capture the port, which was achieved on 14 May 1942 by Infantry Regiment 213 of the 170th Infantry Division. The battles for the conquest of Kerch lasted until May 20, 1942. Some Soviet units entrenched themselves for weeks, moreover large parts of the town were undermined like mines and formed an underground labyrinth of resistance nests.
The losses of the German troops amounted to 3397 soldiers (600 of whom died), 8 tanks, 3 assault guns and 9 guns. Three Soviet armies (44., 47. and 51.) with 21 divisions were destroyed. The Soviet losses amounted to about 28,000 killed, 170,000 prisoners, 1133 destroyed guns, 258 destroyed tanks and 417 destroyed airplanes. Only about 37,000 soldiers were able to save themselves under heavy German air and artillery attacks on the Taman Peninsula beyond the Kerch Strait. In barely 14 days the 11th Army had eliminated the threat on its eastern flank and crushed a triple superior enemy. The fortress Sevastopol was now on its own.

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Distributed By: ANIMAX
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Hayate Ayasaki's misfortune continues to hand him the short end of the stick. Now settled into his routine at the Sanzenins' mansion and Hakuou Academy, the butler continues to work as hard as ever in caring for his young mistress Nagi while studying the school's grueling curriculum—all on top of trying his best to survive the multitude of troubles that life relentlessly pushes onto him.

The unintentional chick magnet's life is far from quiet, forced to deal not only with Nagi's yet unnoticed infatuation with him, but also the evergrowing string of accidentally seduced girls—most notably, the exceptionally plain Ayumu Nishizawa, a friend of his before he became a butler, and the diligent Hinagiku Katsura, Hakuou's student council president. While one struggles to gain his affection and the other desperately tries to deny her own, both the girls are going to make the boy's life a little more complicated than it already is.

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Short video, just some moments from Titanfall 2
If you like wallrunning, shooting, and giant robots, mixed up with space-age sci-fi combat
Then Titanfall 2 is a great game to check out-

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Well, I'm glad he taught me that, I keep dyeing by using melee. :D
Game: No More Room in Hell

Video's Original Publish Date: February 10, 2014

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You need to find the right knife, that works for you.

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full show here,
Pentagon says veteran suicide is deadlier than combat
5 Nov, 2019 06:46

Smog is overtaking New Delhi, India, while Canadian water in is worse than Flint in some places. Boeing may be bouncing back from their plane crash controversies. The Pentagon has released a report saying that veteran suicide takes more lives than active-duty combat.

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Un jeune célestin incel veut devenir viril. Il a reçu des menaces : pour vivre il va devoir devenir viril ou mourir. C'est sans compter sur un petit kikoojap des internets.

Merci à ces auteurs pour leurs extraits de vidéo :

Drapeau français au vent -Pierre Desouche

La serie Les Lascars 18 baston de regard

The Honkler - Prince of Zimbabwe

Et à John Viriliteam bien sur ;)

#viriliteam #combat #papacito #formation #gratuite #choc #censure #kikoojapsolide

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Footage from Africa Addio
Music : John Edmond - Rock 'n Roll Rhodie

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Here's the raw, uncut version of my play through of mission four! This version is a Bitchute exclusive since the cutscenes in the game are copyrighted.
Hope you all enjoy.
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It's the next installment of my crusade against the filthy Erusian scum! Come along with me as we shoot those bastards down!
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Here's the next chapter of the Man Vs. Ace Combat 7 saga. Hope you enjoy!
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Here's the complete, raw, and uncut mission for your viewing pleasure.
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Here's the raw, uncut footage of Ace Combat 7, Mission 2 without commentary. Hope you all enjoy!
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I also have a youtube channel. Links above, check it out!

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And here I am joking around while playing me some Ace Combat 7. Here's the full, uncut version because youtube is oppressing me and assuming my MIR-200 gender.

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Here's my first video ever in my first let's play ever. It's Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown, Mission one! Let's go shoot some Eruseans.

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You might want to turn the sound down before viewing this. The sound effects are...worse than usual today...

Other than that the game is pretty good...for two players only for the maximum enjoyment again... :(

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Suicide in the Trenches
by Sigfried Sassoon

*** new edit ***

video by
William Schaeffer
copyright (c) 2016, 2019


The footage was all obtained to use for free as part of a promotional campaign for the Royalty Free image bank Pond5.com .
I love history and am creatively indebted to them for their generosity.


LOOK at those pictures of trench warfare, and troupe maneuvers. Is THAT the future you want for your sons and daughters? Is THIS the glory of war?


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