monarchy now
end: banking trade lawyer judge stock market fed debt interest mortgages shrinks nurses(new docs partly nurse first 10 years)
romans has palaces 2,100 years ago, use tek to get rid of scarcity esp in housing and vacation rentals which max $20/month
use robots
big far apart houses for all government print money out of nothing and use to build and manufacture mass produced cities
archlinux.org and free software like picolisp.com
baby only if man wants it and first man must live with and fuck the women for a year to make sure he loves her, if after that he signs willingly then baby
no more subgroup talk in any medium only citizen rights no civil or xyz rights delete title 9 and caselaw and law schools and firms
hand palmprint vote on paper with your face printed and votes and address drivers lic# etc and all votes counted nov3 and stored until next election
usury bullshit all gone
no unions
no civil rights only citizen rights
no subgroup fake history bs
slavery was non productive the mercantilist factory engineering north came down and forced democrats to let go the slaves and no one even agreed to bring slaves over to usa those ship master should have been burned for treason same as ships moving africans to europe now
stop all ships and deport all refugees and illegals starting with mediterranean burn funders and NGO for treason and trace money burn soros for treason
no more funding rebels
no more lying media
baby permit in africa recolonize if needbe ceratinly south africa until white genocide stops
landmine border
building department hire apprentice and research thier own and make concrete and steel etc. and use robots
move medical under engineering and engineering under building/manufacturing
end big tek and media all stolen money by usury by ad money scam
delete paypal and credit cards no one is middleman on money, money is province of government
delete banking
make everything here
no asset in this state owned by anyone outside it or any foreign state
freedom is freedom from the bankers and liberals want monarchy since democracy and capitalism are usury
gun freedom for world
citizen responsability to stop violations of citizen rights by force including violence and riot mobs and theft
death penalty for theft
trains and thorium atomic as kirk sorensen flibe.com shows see youtube
fund engineering research plan9 from bell labs greenarrays.com forth cuck moore and if we can rmox from u kent and transputer david may ocam-pi
delete big tek and burn treasonuos big tek people for treason and usury same as media
land mine border and cahrge other countries for defense and to deport illegals
europe for example should pay half gdp for defesne of NATO since USA pays 22% gdp and NATO is like 10x what each european nation would be able to provide defense wise
charge world for all stolen tek
charge china for kung flu
charge those who cause problems for the fix
security not to molest citizens but no rito mobs ok to shoot riot mob looter in leg if they flee police and police also use tranquilizer darts
all artificial scarcity gone and no billionaires doing usury
fewer richer people
no worry by usury bankers to import voters and more people to push up rent
life easy and fun
no antiwhiteracism bs
no antimalebs
again no subgroup talk and no shrinks no useless makework jobs like counselor or insurance goon
all engineers/docs
burn spike or deport bad people
rent 20/room/month
criminals all deport to safe zone in africa
all unpleasantness gone

8 months, 3 weeks ago