I finally located some of the Series 2 tan slime eggs. The price is still $9.99 per egg. I grabbed the five they had. Later on I found out there are codes on the bottom of the eggs that can be used to identify the different eggs. The codes are below and on screen after each egg is closed. The egg containers are the same mold in tan plastic. This time we have purple, green, red, brown, pearl and gray aliens. I do not much care for the dark brown pretzel colored face huggers. If there is a third set hopefully they will consider making them colored more like the movies. The figures are also the same mold in different colors. I was really not expecting the pictured white alien to have parts that looked like more of a pearl color to the hard plastic parts. At one point I thought the leg broke off of one of the later aliens as I was assembling it but it seems the joint at the knee sits on a post it does not lock in. The slime in these eggs is a little different than the last set of eggs.

The slime is orange blue and green. It is much more slimy and harder to manage. This new slime seems to spread and stick to everything. The slime in the first set was colored differently, it was not just translucent. If there is such a thing, the first series slime seemed like a more premium slime that could be used to pick up droplets or slime stuck to other things and was not as messy.

The codes to identify which figures are in an egg are on the bottom of the egg as i point out in the video. The codes are engraved in the plastic. You may need to hit the light just right to be able to read the codes. I have included the codes below. I hope you enjoyed this 30 minute video of slimy aliens. Thank you for watching.

154097TC purple green
154096TC red brown
154094TC pearl gray

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3 months ago

I ran across these Mega Construx Black Series Aliens at Walmart. In the store The eggs caught my eye immediately. I did not even notice the rest of the stuff from the line on the hangars and shelf at first. Priced at $9.99 I was not sure what to expect or how many types of aliens there might be so I picked up eight just in case. I thought for sure the glow in the dark alien was going to be some kind of chase and maybe it is, but I pulled all three without opening more than three which is always nice. It turns out there are only three types. The eggs are hard plastic with a plastic heat shrink covering the break in the egg where it opens. That heat shrink needs a tab on the serrated strip. The heat shrink was on there so tight It was kind of tricky to get a grip on it.

Opening the egg I found it has a nice rubber gasket to keep your slime fresh. There are also dimples on the bottom egg part so you can display your aliens on it. The instructions spoil what is in the egg slime. The slime packet is made to look like the surface inside of the alien egg. There is a much better tear tab on it too. After I dump the aliens in to the bottom of the egg digging through the slime and trying to clean up the parts was a bit of a chore. I did not hate handling the slime and removing the parts and It was not as messy as I expected. The gold slime did seem to leave behind gold flakes.

These little aliens figures are great. There are more points of articulation than I expected. The various ball joints that I had to assemble have a wide range of movement. The arms have hinged elbow and shoulder joints that can rotate. The hands can rotate and the knees have hinges. Combined with the ball joints these little things can get in to all kinds of positions. Also included with the aliens are a couple of face huggers. One flat face hugger and one with the fingers together that I assume fits on the head of mega human figures. I like these tiny aliens and I am on the look out for the new tan eggs set. I may take a look at the rest of the line if I can still find any of it.

I hope you enjoyed the video. Check out my ongoing playthrough of Alien Vs Predator Extinction at the link below.

Thank you for watching.

4 months, 4 weeks ago