Consumer Watch season finally, two songs 4 fun (edit reload).
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"Jeez, shucks, and good lord, I knowz I can't sing. They call me Mr Middle-age Mediocre, but I don't pay it no never mind coz I always got a bottle of 12 year old single malt, praise the lord."

3 months, 1 week ago

Onto this topic and concern, my open and public complaint to Microsoft and the related companies about their Xbox services over the past 5 years. I complained to them in the past privately, now is time to spill the beans. Every gaming company is now trying to use subscription services, all thanks to Microsoft Xbox. Thanks Xbox. You fucking did it.

Microsoft 'Halo 4' sales hit $220 million on launch day:

Halo 2's PC launch instability was unacceptable, and Halo 3 can't repeat it:

Xbox Live Down Again: Store & Chat Both Broken:

Xbox One hardware falters, but software and services are bright spots:

Xbox chief's sudden exit reportedly due to upcoming Microsoft reorganization:

JFK Consumer Bill Of Rights:

Xbox live gold price increases and should be down back to normal price not increased(Community Forum):

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5 months, 4 weeks ago

A Dance Performance by Suzana Phialas
“Once upon a time the working class had nothing to lose but its chains; but now it has been absorbed within capitalism, is a prisoner of consumerism, and its articles of consumption own and consume it.” – Michael A. Lebowitz

Choreographic Direction By Suzana Phialas
Dance / Performance By Rania Glymitsa

8 months, 4 weeks ago

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It's quite possible you may be consuming some pretty toxic messages coming out of Hollywood. A group of people so detached from reality AND at the same time, they promote themselves as paragons of decency. Can you smell the anus in your face?

If you're not queer, white-hating and part of the collective retardation afflicting our nation, and world, you are not alone. Now I may be a transsexual, however I'm far from "onboard" with the insanity which is being pumped out in day-time television and all this pandering.

You be you. Unless you're under the age of 18, then you be who your guardian says you need to be until you can make an informed decision about who you are. You young ones, hear me. You have a whole life AFTER your childhood and teen years. Go be a kid and leave the adult stuff to the adults. It's better that way.

Kids, if someone is making you feel uncomfortable and trying to get you to have sex with them. Call the police THEN tell your parents. Stop sexual predators from hurting you and other kids.

9 months, 2 weeks ago

Apple has been directly slowing down older models of iphone claiming for batteries which is a lie to make you buy the new iphone

9 months, 3 weeks ago

the nature of the consumer robots of J.O.G (jewish occupation government)

1 year ago

Short programs about the value, functionality, build and warranties of a variety of products. solisworx.com (The instagram account appearing as water mark is no longer live. All photo galleries can be accessed through solisworx selecting the 'gallery link.'9)

1 year, 9 months ago

Apple did finally have a repair program and changed the keyboard along with a battery, as well as the screen when open screen back light failure occurred, both post warranty. So, fair is fair and despite the inconvenience, and being forced to get a PC notebook in the interim period; I appreciate it and am thankful.

2 years, 1 month ago

#45 The Western Tradition / A New Public
Public education and mass communications created a new political life and leisure time.

2 years, 1 month ago