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PHILOSOPHY IN TIMES OF WAR. Bhakdi: "kinderen vaccineren: erger dan genocide"

The translation of Bhakdi's latest book is almost ready. Two more weeks and then it's here, so we went to Kiel to interview him about this latest book. It really became a humiliating conversation about vaccinating children. More than 30% of the vaccinated people will have to deal with blood clots. And now they want to do this to the children. Children in the US and Europe are already being vaccinated, and many children are facing dire consequences. They keep it under the table. It shouldn't come out.
We can't get a better warning than this conversation! "The Germans are cowardly and stupid and the Dutch have forgotten to be Dutch!"

Corona Unmasked

Dutch: https://www.deblauwetijger.com/product/reiss-en-bhakdi-corona-ontmaskerd-pre-order-nu-en-ontvang-direct-een-gratis-hoofdstuk/
German: https://www.amazon.de/-/nl/gp/product/B094R67RX4/

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As staggering under-reported death tolls and political tensions rise, USA opens 15 quarantine centers on Air Force bases around the country. Mainstream papers such as The Guardian admit COVID-19 could infect up to 60% of the population, killing tens of millions. Scientists in China and HK suspect the virus could have originated as a bio-weapon, leaked either accidentally or on purpose. The World Health Organization is accused of corruption and of deceiving public health officials.

We freely release all sources as "CORONA-unMaskeD Part 2", the story and ongoing investigation of the largest pandemic in 100 years.


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