Original LP issue on Soul City 92001 - The Worst That Could Happen (Jim Webb) by The 5th Dimension, arranged & conducted by Jim Webb, released December 1967
Written and produced by Jimmy Webb for the 5th Dimension and their LP “The Magic Garden", the song was more successfully recorded by Johnny Maestro’s Brooklyn Bridge, who enjoyed a top-5 hit in early 1969

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about the current lifestyle on Earth. You are honest and tell them the truth. What would they answer you? Exactly, they would ask you if you are insane and would not believe you anything but would advice you that you better go into a madhouse. That is the problem with the situation. They lock up the embassadors of truth ...

7 months ago

How long do you and you and who else again know about this ....I am a German and know about the numbers of children being abused, tortured and killed in the US since at least 20 years.

You Americans have got no problems to send even your sons to wherever your false jewish God (Jehovah) sends them to kill innocent children, their mothers and fathers. And even if American children get treated like that you do not collectively shut down the TV and destroy them openly on the streets and then bring your guns into severe effect and round the perpetrators up. What is wrong with you? The rest of the Nations are without weapons ...and you use them to watch Pedophile TV. And then you are waiting next for your Savior and write stupid comments that one should read the Jew-Bible-Koran Stuff filled with Infanticide and Genocide? Did you ever read that stuff yourself or did you get "so holy Christian" by watching TV Priests? I can`t believe how degenerate people can get.

So now listen: you restore now your souls and selfrespect. You build up warrior groups and you do what you have to do.

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We Are Legion.
We Are One Family.
We Are One Made Millions,
We Are The 99%.
We Are An Army Of Ideas.
We Are The Voice Of The Voiceless.
We Can Not Be Stopped.
We Do Not Forgive.
We Do Not Forget.
United As One.
Divided By Zero.

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