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"Pitbull On His Music Journey, Uncle Luke's Impact, Working With Lil Jon And More | Drink Champs"

Sept 27, 2020:
Relevant part regarding covid, as posted above, is from 97 - 102 minutes (whole live video is near 3 hrs long, only some 5 minutes was discussed the "covid" scam, and only he spoke about it).

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Douglas bickford 870 333 0942 [email protected]

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The real story behind the Cov19 plan-demia.

Interview to the well known researcher David Icke at London real headquarters in London,a live stream with more

than 1M people watching.

The infamous atrocity against America and the world.

If this video doesn't wake you up, I dont know what will !

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Whether it's politics or religion, the world ultimately divides itself into two sides, and during this coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic, the world is dividing itself more than ever in the hopes of choosing the best political candidate to lead us to safety. Whether it's Left vs Right, or East vs West, you pick the side that lines up best with your political ideologies. But deep down, you know that neither side represents the ideal political system, and that you will always be left with one problem or another, regardless of who is in power. So what do you do? This video will show you.

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Registered nurse thrown out of the city council for warning others of the dangers of vaccines

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COV19 - Total Fraud in the numbers

Just.....WOW!! Wanna Open the World Back Up_ Share THIS!!

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This video covers the end times prophesy in regards to the Mark of the Beast tracking system using the 5G network and the VR implant with wireless 5G Mark of the beast in forehead, the Image of the Beast, Synagogue of Satan and the New World Order and how it relates to the war on the saints and the 1260 days.

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Obama Pandemic

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Prof. Francis Boyle Update on Coronavirus Bioweapon Travel restriction

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Coronavirus Growing Pain. (Australia's Cov19 Food Security + Water Rights). 60Min

Shared for those to promote Constitutional Right to water from rivers for irrigation.

Australian Constitution
100 Nor abridge right to use water
"The Commonwealth shall not, by any law or regulation of trade or
commerce, abridge the right of a State or of the residents therein to
the reasonable use of the waters of rivers for conservation or

Coronavirus Growing Pain. (Australia's Cov19 Food Security + Water Rights). 60Min


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Videos are popping up all over YouTube, talking about COVID19 and the end of the world. Certainly there is a connection between the novel coronavirus and the last days, which we can learn by studying Bible prophecy. But it's not as obvious as most people assume. We know Jesus listed diseases as one of many "signs of the times", but YouTube prophets have taken that fact and falsely stated that the link between the coronavirus and the end times has to do with the rapture coming soon, or the destruction of all life on Earth as a result of the virus. This video exposes other false prophecies, and later explains what you REALLY need to know about the relationship between COVID19 and the end times.

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Save & Share Before It's Deleted

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This video exposes the NAZI's depopulation agenda from the Vatican who are running the CIA and actively moving to Genocide the Population. This also shows the murders and assassinations of people who know of this information since world war 2 including JFK assassination. This also shows how the bible prophesy is coming to pass through this of the 3rd and 4th seal of Revelation. They are locking down people in houses and cutting off finance to starve out the population and round up anybody who dissents during the process into FEMA camps. The Vaccine solution will be tied to the Mark of the Beast Global ID implant tag with vaccine record.

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該視頻介紹了與新的大流行冠狀病毒作鬥爭的簡單方法。 這部影片在中國各地流傳開後,便已從youtube中刪除。 全世界的人們都在學習這些簡單的技術以及等離子能量的力量。





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