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🧩 What is covax "shedding"? How does it work?
🌿 Gerard Bini is a building biologist with acute intuitive senses that have been honed over many years of practice. Having known him since 2014 I've been meaning to have him on the show for some time now, and finally he joins me to discuss graphene ox!de and its impact on the human biofield.

Graphene ox!de has just landed on the research community's radar since it was identified as a key ingredient in the cooties-19 [email protected]

Gerard's specialty is reading bio-energy and geoelectrical fields, working with his own harmoniser technology to neutralise toxic electromagnetic influences (including toxic human bioplasmic fields).

His perspective clashes in some key ways with that of many in the industry whose technology doesn't address the charge quality of the EM fields in question, nor the issue of human biofields. Gerard fills the holes left in the discussion.

For starters, the human biofield is negatively charged, while graphene oxide carries a positive charge - along with our electronic devices which generate a harmful positive charge - but that's just the beginning of the story...

🧩 You'll Learn:

* The difference between the biofield of a corpse and someone who had the C-19 jab;
* What shedding REALLY is, and...
* HOW it works
* How the cooties-19 jab affects the human biofield
* What Gerard discovered by "reading" the biofields of TV personalities who had the needle
* How to avoid and neutralise the "shedding" (and what about mindset?)
* How concerned do we need to be about 5-G
* The hidden truth of 5-G street lights
* The energetic difference between the new C-19 [email protected] and the more established ones
* The difference between someone who's had the C-19 needle VS someone who has just been "shedded"
* How EMF pollution influences the meridian system
* Geopathic stress and houses as resonant cavities
* The underrated importance of toxic HUMAN biofields
* Death imprints,

...and much, MUCH more.

This is an interview I've been waiting to have for several years now - and I suspect you will enjoy it as much as I did (provided it's approached with an open, informed mind).

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Virginians influence operations and death-jab campaign.
Don't buy this "Boss Hogg" moonshine they're selling?!
There is no going back after you have taken the jab.

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We firstly speak to Nick Dearden, Director of Global Justice Now. He discusses Boris Johnson’s cutting of the foreign aid budget, the use of British aid to fuel privatisation and big business, the need for the UK to pay reparations to countries which have been the victims of the British Empire, how UK foreign aid has been used for soft power and inappropriate ventures, the need for global wealth redistribution and how foreign aid needs to be reformed globally to stop funds being used only to benefit big business and promoting neoliberalism, vaccine apartheid and the disparity between the global south and global north, how big pharma is making life and death decisions on who lives and who dies in the Coronavirus pandemic, the failure of COVAX and much more!
Source: Going Underground on RT

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Man's aunt express his thoughts and emotions after his young aunt nearly killed from Covid Vaccine (Wuhan virus vaccine). Globalist elite wants to inflicting pain and suffering upon us.

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Corporations have stepped beyond lobbying governments. They are integrating in policymaking at the national and international levels. Decisions historically taken by governments are increasingly taken by secretive unaccountable bodies run by corporations says Nick Buxton describing The Great Corporate Takeover mapped by people's movements and scholars.

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This episode is a deep dive into the crisis of truth and quality control in science and, particularly, the field of medical science. Or should that be "science"? The social and economic ramifications of this crisis are very real and they are unfolding now in devastating ways that affect many millions of us. Truth is too often inconvenient to the vested interests that fund research and buy the advertising slots in mass media. Instead of seeking truth, too many scientists simply seek funding and the furtherance of their career. This barely covers the sickening reality, but don't just take my word for it though - see what the insiders have to say.

You'll learn:
* How dissent is stifled and suppressed in science and medicine
* How much fraudulent and fake material gets through the "peer review" process
* How easy it is for hoax papers and fake authors to get published in major journals
* How "experts" stifle progress towards truth
* Why mainstream medicine is so corrupt
* Which part of the 7 level hierarchy of medical evidence has been used to justify global lockdowns and the destruction of the fabric and cohesion of society
* Why many "scientists" are incentivised into using poor methods
* How "peer review" actually serves vested interests by censoring inconvenient truths...
...and MUCH more.

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Dr Tedros mentioned the passing away of Peter Byass & sending letters to all members to sign the COVAX agreement. A brief look at those issues plus a short video of the lancet countdown. Very unusual times, but they are sharing a lot of information with the world. Please do no take the vaccine that they want to give to the entire world. Stay vigilant and research. God bless
Source: https://youtu.be/OGeUFpSuD20

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