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I realize the TRUTH may be hard for many to swallow but it has to be told in order for people to wake up. This is the most explosive video evidence to date and will have the sheep shaking their heads in disbelief as to what they have been corralled into.
Why are these criminals still walking the streets? Your answer is in this video and it may come down to exactly what happened to John Lennon .... assassination by the people.
THE WORLD'S TOP SCIENTIFIC EXPERTS AND DOCTORS are stepping up and coming forward with shocking Whistleblower Revelations on the deadly experimental injections.
You are basically being used as a lab rat to find out how long it takes to kill certain individuals by using different combinations of lethal injections.
Hundreds of thousands are already DEAD and is being covered up by the Complicit News Media, criminal politicians and Health officials.
"THEY KNOW EVERYTHING" as Doctor Jane Ruby and Dr. David Martin testify to.
Verterinarian Peter Daszak, a British Zoologist, implicates himself in these crimes when he says "Investors will respond if they see PROFIT at the end of the process"
Anthony Fauci planned this whole thing back in 2015 when he handed over billions of dollars to the Wuhan lab for research into developing a man made virus that would attack the human lung in a way never seen before.

LINK to Rumble for Slow Connection issues

3 months ago

A short but powerful "awakener" to watch / send to those who's considering taking the experimental jab!

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