Black Pill: Battle From Darkness To Light . I choose the light! July 16, 2021

Here we are in America, on the edge, inches away from communism.

The dominoes are falling. Darkness retreats and truth is brought to light. It's Biblical.

Today's focus: Communist America? Will they win?
Forensic audit updates, Arizona hearing results & upcoming hearing in GA on Monday, We The People are "WINNING!"
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The Freedom Phone Uncensorable Device:

Pennie Fay:

Telegram Chat Channel: https://t.me/joinchat/HStDF-QWzi1kZWY5

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Dinesh D'Souza: Peter Doocy & Jen Psaki

Statements By Donald J Trump:

Dr Kelly Ward Statement:

Previous Headlines:

Bloomberg Hit Piece On Mike Lindell and Internet Influencers:

New UN Report Human Trafficking During Covid:

The government is coming to your house, door to door and going to convince you to take the JAB.. They are the Nazi Gestapo and Stasi Police rolled into one, in America!

They're threatening your First Amendment, Second Amendment, 3, 4, 5 & 6. 10th too! They're bypassing HIPAA. This is unbelievable, but its really happening. It's not a movie.

Fasten your seatbelts! Am reviewing election updates, law and disorderly, breaking stories around the world and at home, while focusing on our children.

Scary Thought: America The Beautiful Gone and Generations Later Ask, I Wonder What Was It Like To Live In The Failed Empire America? Empires Come and Go...

The people involved in Child Sex Trafficking just happen to be the same people trying to take your rights away. The gun grabber's and the speech police and the lying medical "leaders" and the washed out politicians, they are the puppets for the true monster's behind the curtain. Follow the money...

What I do: I bring to light those who are responsible for children's nightmares and I make them accountable. Folks, monsters are real.
I focus on: Government, Murderous Elites, The Illuminati and their connections to Child Sex Trafficking, Satan Worship and Child Sacrifice.

I am and will continue to beat the drum that Fauci Lied and millions died. He is a mass murderer.

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